Connecting the dots with the Windows Phone puzzle game Pop The Dots

Pop the Dots

Pop The Dots is a puzzle game for Windows Phone that has you connecting dots of the same color to reach a scoring goal within a set number of moves or under a time limit.

Pop The Dots has over fifty free levels with the option to unlock more levels through an in-app purchase.  The puzzle game has a casual feel to it and Pop The Dots isn’t a bad choice to pass the time with.

Pop The Dots
Pop The Dots Main Menus and Level Objective

The main menu with Pop The Dots has options to jump into the game, access the game’s settings (sound on/off) and unlock the full range of levels via in-app purchase ($2.49).  The purchase will also eliminate the ad-support.

Depending on the gaming level, you will have to achieve a predetermined score in a set number of moves or set time limit.  You also have levels that challenge you to collect set numbers of the colored dots within a move or time limit.  Game play is the same regardless of the challenge.

Pop The Dots
Pop The Dots Game Screens

You have a series of dots on the screen where you must connect the same colored dots to remove them from play and earn points.  Dots must be adjacent and can be connected by dragging your finger horizontally, vertically and diagonally dot to dot.  The only limitation is you cannot move back over an existing connection.

Once connected, the dots disappear, points are earned (or credited to your dot count) and new dots are added from the top of the screen.

While Pop The Dot isn’t a complicated game to play, meeting the challenge for each level gets more intense the further you advance through the game.  It is a fun game and I like the variety of challenges scattered about the gaming levels.  Pop The Dot is a nice gaming choice when you need a little help passing the time.

Pop The Dot is a free, ad-supported game available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  You can get rid of the ads and unlock all the gaming levels through a $2.49 in-app purchase.  You can find your copy of Pop The Dots here in the Windows Phone Store.

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azarighty says:

Vicious games forcing you to pay and also have ads,reminds of a greedy app too shame

WPCrook says:

This is how gaming has been since at least 2007 now, when microtransactions really started to appear more often than they should have. In other words, they should never have appeared at all, but unfortunately this is what game developers big or small (but in particular it's developers on a mobile platform) are succumbing too these days. Having to pay $2.49 for the rest of the game? What a disgrace. What has happened to the days of pure hard work and the honour in fighting your way to the top? Developers are bloody greedy, and I for one won't be paying that price for those levels! Long live ye olde days of gaming haha

AngryNil says:

You mean the days of $80 titles, arcade machines and few indies? Yeah, screw this greedy developer for charging less than a cup of coffee for the full game. Obviously should give it to you for free to demonstrate "hard work" and "honour". Hope you're already volunteering to do the same at your workplace.

WPCrook says:

Wow, you've really taken my words out of context lol. $80 for a title? How much do you spend now? I still spend about £45-50 for a new title which equates to about $80 or so (may be a bit off). The point I was trying to make is that some developers these days just want to rake in more money than they used to, and you're forgetting that it's not JUST indie developers that do it, it's well-established multi-million dollar developers too! I mean, Turn 10 for example, how difficult have they made it in FM5 to acquire all of the cars in the game? Very. Little subtle differences now where you don't earn as much per race, or you don't win a car online anymore etc. I should have put my words better however, not all developers are "greedy" per se, it's just they seem to want to encourage a model that most of us hate. But why should I have to pay for unlocking the rest of a game? Just charge a base price, or offer a level pack for a price.. I dunno, like I just posted below, I don't like it when I feel I'm being left no option other than to cough up money to carry on playing.

AngryNil says:

The context is that you are acting real entitled. There was no such thing as a $2.50 game in your "olde days of gaming". The market is so cutthroat nowadays that such a price can be considered to be "bloody greedy" and dishonourable. If your profession was commoditised in the way that mobile software has been, you'll be singing a very different tune.
Established studios are greedy? No more than any other business, because that's what they are. But that's besides the point. We're on an article about an indie title which will likely produce less than a dollar a day for its developer, so let's stop and think before throwing out such loaded words, shall we?

Edited to be less rude.

WPCrook says:

You can be as rude as you feel necessary, it won't offend me lol. You're right; I have taken this way out if proportion and have completely missed the point. I put my hands up, I jumped the gun a lot in my first comment lol. I don't consider $2.50 to be a cutthroat price, nor do I feel it should be any lower if that is what the developer(s) feel it should be. I was talking about something completely irrelevant in my ramblings haha. I have nothing but praise and positivity for the way commercial software has been commoditised, particularly on mobile platforms; it is easier now than ever to get the things we want, and it's only hopefully going to get better. The game in question here? Its price is understandable, and what the developer is offering is fair, I agree. Business is business, why should I complain when somebody wants to make a quality return on a time-spending, energy-sucking investment such as this? I wouldn't have a clue where to begin lol

AngryNil says:

Nah, you're a fellow human being. I'm defending developers because I feel that they are often left unvalued, but hurling insults your way just for having a different opinion would be stupid on my part.
I can understand where you were coming from, because there are many games which do try to nickel and dime you with microtransactions, and it especially sucks when you're already paying the AAA prices of $80 or what have you. I'm as nervous as anyone else on those and I highly prefer being able to own the entire package with one payment, done.
But here, you can do just that. One payment and you have the full game without ads.

WPCrook says:

I'm genuinely glad that we're on the same wave length regarding microtransactions; not all games are terrible with them, but some, as you rightly said, will try to leave your wallet running dry before you can remember what a dollar used to feel like between your finger tips. I understand where you're coming from too; comments like mine were undermining the purpose of the price being there... I was being foolish which is why I owned up to being at fault haha. I've actually taken the plunge and downloaded the game and, I must say, it is actually quite fun lol. You should do the same if you haven't done so already!

Jazmac says:

Well said AngryNil.  Well said sir.

oddom says:

I love having the option to help the developer to squash ads..at least they offer the option instead of forcing the ads on you without any choice otherwise.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

WPCrook says:

I absolutely agree with supporting a developer... I've paid loads out to developers for their apps, games etc. in order to help make their content better. I just don't like microtransactions, and I suppose in all fairness having to pay $2.49 for the other half of the game is not terrible, I just hate it when I feel a developer is putting a financial barrier between me playing and progressing. One thing that does annoy me a lot however is that I have to pay nearly $4.00 for the same thing... Why?! Why should I have to pay nearly double what Americans have to pay?

rahulrambhat says:

Why can't they come up with more original games??? All are copied the base idea from flow free just like temple run

jay5353 says:

I want chain reaction game from matt-entertainments plz.

76keith says:

Horrible game, even worse sounds.

Data Arc, please make this game available here in Brazil! I can help with it.

oddom says:

This game looks exactly like dots on iOS and android except they made levels and the option to move diagonally. That's actually a pretty cool addition in my opinion.

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