Content from Tom Clancy's The Division will come to Xbox One first

New footage from Tom Clancy's The Division was shown off on stage at E3 2014 today. The game takes place in New York after the outbreak of a deadly virus, released during a holiday-timed attack. Players take on the role of an agent of the Division, sent to aid and protect civilians, attempting to stave off the collapse of modern civilization.

New content for The Division will come first to Xbox One. The game is expected to have a richly-detailed world running on Massive's new SnowDrop engine. You will fight roving bands of enemies that take advantage of the chaos caused by the outbreak. You will be able to play either solo or with friends. The Division will be available in 2015.

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z8er says:

Want this game so bad.

Xsled says:

This is probably my most anticipated title right now. Excited for the Master Chief collection too!

This game looks amazing

Sick game! Can't wait!

ChrisFricke says:

I'm very interested in this game but don't want to let myself get over-hyped. There's not much else that has my attention like this title though...

JoeDizzle33 says:

I can't wait for this game. This is a possible game changer for future games.

anirban130 says:

Finally after demise if tom Clancy I never felt I would see this series again, holy god its here, please release it for PC also

os1019 says:

Please live up to the hype.

Wow. The dialogue is amazingly natural

swizzlerz says:

Looking good. So many games.. Not enough hours in a day. I think there will be less cod multiplayer repeats in the future!!!!

The video is private?

This game is not only looking great but the gameplay looks great.