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[New app] Free Music Downloader and Player

7383073831 Free Music Downloader and Player is a unique music downloader and player for your favorite songs. This app allows you to download music for free from web. Fully...

1 1 min ago
Windows Phone 8

How to pay via wp for apps?

How can you pay for apps via windows phone? I know you can pay via paypal or credit card, but are there any other options via which I can pay for an app or game?

2 4 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Kickoff new live lockscreen wallpapers!!

Okay i just been toying arround with the new lockscreen animation. The rotating wheel is fareout my favorite. Stil getting used to create some wallpapers. So here is a small...

274 4 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

What are the reactions of friends, family and acquaintances about your Lumia 930?

My friends are really positive about my 930 when they see it. Especially they are amazed about the design, camera and the screen! They also say that it looks a lil bit like an...

44 4 min ago

How to use twitch app on xbox 360 outside US?

Hey guys,i got a xbox 360 and i would like to know if i can twitch app to work outside us

5 4 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Track Windows Phone 8.1+Lumia Cyan rollout here!

Hi all! In a bid to prevent thousands of threads and posts asking when your country has received Lumia Cyan or Windows 8.1 for your Lumia, I thought I'd put it all here (with...

2010 5 min ago
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Cyan on 1320 and a question about roms

So it's clearly my first post here, I've no idea whether it's the right place to ask or not. Today, Cyan is released globally or at least in EU. My 1320's rom is Hungarian, but...

0 6 min ago
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Lumia 720 screen broken :(

My lumia 720 got broken today morning but touch pad is working in good condition :) Display has got many cracks :( Nokia care costs about Rs 7200 /-. I've the warranty bill but...

0 6 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

I can't find Lumia 930 anywhere to purchase?

My current carrier (TELUS) has a thing against selling many Windows phones and its not showing on the Nokia Canada website Is it exclusive for some carriers or something? I...

1 12 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 930 Bugs and Defects

Did you just find a new bug/defect in your Lumia 930 ? If so, post in this thread. Below is an overview of some of the terminology you may come across: Soft Reset: By...

309 15 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Who here uses a case and why?

This may be silly but I'm curious to know who uses a case for your 1520 and If so why? Which one? The 1520 is so big that wanted to get a case to protect it. I got a Red...

16 15 min ago

This is unblieveable.. I think we need to make some noise let them hear us!!

hi everyone.. as a wp user.. i have had more than enough waiting.. and i think you too.. i mean what the hell is stopping Instagram from updating there app.. last update was...

9 19 min ago
Samsung ATIV S

Expecting Samsung Ativ S firmware update?

Since there is no thread for samsung users expecting the update i decided to start one and hear your opinions on what will the update bring. We already saw how cool new options on...

136 20 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Lumia 930 not shipped with Headset

Hi Guys I don't know if it bothers anyone that the 930 doesn't come with a headset in the box.... Good news i found a slip of paper in my box saying if you need one please put...

4 21 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Nokia's take on battery life: It boggles my mind

Nokia Lumia 1520 running WP8 with Lumia Black is the BEST performing phone/phablet device on the market. After the recent WP8.1 updates and one certain AAWL article (Windows Phone...

1 22 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1320

Official 1320 Cyan Thread

Cyan Update is out for Lumia 1320 Via Indian Rom Download link Here] * If you flash Indian Rom you will lose your 4G You can download and flash it if you can't wait...

17 23 min ago
Nokia Lumia 925

Lumia 925 battery discharge at 8% / Hour on idle

Hey all, This is all on my Lumia 925 running 8.1 Cyan. (not developers preview but the actual shizz) Just Wondering if seeing a 8% average battery discharge is normal, when the...

16 23 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Weather lock screen & live tiles not updating

Hey all, So just picked up a Nokia 930 with 8.1. So far so good in terms of the OS coming from an iPhone quite impressed how smooth and well polished it is. However my love for...

3 27 min ago
Nokia Lumia 920

Pictures/Videos taken with your 920!

Lets see those pictures and videos!

4095 27 min ago
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Please help me to make sure my Surface doesn't have any problem

Hey guys, I just bought a Surface Pro 3, but since I'm in Iran, there's no Microsoft warranty. And seller only provides 48-hour return. :straight: So, I want to check everything...

5 29 min ago
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HD Wallpapers of Smartphones

Hi Everyone I wants to know where to get hd wallpapers for our phones currently my image source is rose flower wallpapers widescreen , Widescreen wallpapers, Download rose...

1 32 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Nokia Software Recovery Tool Not Detecting Phone

I've looked everywhere in the forums for an issue with the Nokia Software Recovery Tool, but a lot of people have been getting problems with their phones for downgrading from DP...

13 34 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1320

Got 8.1 Update for 1320...28July2014...11:30 P.M. India

Updating my Lumia 1320 to WP 8.1 :D:grin:

36 42 min ago
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Can You Write on a PDF or Powerpoint and Import Into OneNote?

I am thinking about purchasing a Surface Pro 3 for my son for graduate school. He says that quite often the professor will give them a copy of a powerpoint or PDF and he would...

19 43 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

1520 disappearing apps after 8.1 update

After downgrading to 8.0, and doing a clean install of 8.1 Cyan, apps are disappearing from my 1520. More info... I did not restore from backup, instead I did a clean install...

3 44 min ago
Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620 Battery Life

Hi all, this is my first forum post. Well I have the Nokia Lumia 620 and I love it, except for the fact the battery life is really poor lately. This problem didn't occur until...

7 44 min ago
Nokia Lumia 620

Do I switch from Lumia 620 to 630?

Hey. I've been using Lumia 620 for 10 months. And since the Lumia 630 has released people have given good reviews about it. So I was wondering if it would be better to switch to...

20 45 min ago
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Import pictures to word in windows phone 8.

Please help me. Is there any way to import pictures in word?

2 45 min ago

The Official "ADD FOR DESTINY" thread Welcome fellow WPCentral users and thank your for enlisting! I think it's that time again! Another major multiplayer release! On this page...

75 46 min ago
Samsung ATIV S Neo

A strange answer from Samsung regarding 8.1

As we all know 8.1 is here and it's looking like those of us on Sprint are gonna get the shaft again! Microsoft says ask the carrier Sprint says ask Samsung and Samsung...

4 49 min ago
0 50 min ago
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Local Scout 930 missing info?

Just got the Lumia 930 and still using my Lumia 920. I noticed on the 930 when using LocalScout that it dosen't show as many locations as the 920! For example the 930 only found...

1 51 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Windows Phone Workplace

Hey guys, I'm looking into getting my company to adopt Windows Phone as the corporate smart phone. I'm looking at the 'Workplace Account' How do you get that working? What do...

2 53 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Lumia 930 Local Scout showing less!

Just got the Lumia 930 and still using my Lumia 920. I noticed on the 930 when using LocalScout that it dosen't show as many locations as the 920! For example the 930 only found...

1 54 min ago
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Htc windows phone power button problem

I have a windows htc 8x. The screen is smashed so I can not take the phone apart and by power button has lost it's 'springyness' and therefore my htc keeps on turning in and off...

1 54 min ago
Phone Wars

Can't decide between 1020 and 925

Hi Been using a 720 for a while now but feel I need sum beefier specs. Can't decide whether to get a 925 or a 1020. Just getting one for a year to tie me over till next contract...

1 1 hour ago
Windows Phone Apps

Facebook : features, discussions, rants, issues, solutions

Your thread - to talk whatever you want about Facebook on Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8. Doesn't matter what model you own, come here and talk, share, keep it on topic.

1016 1 hour ago
Windows Phone Games

Gameloft Ryan's Massive Gameloft Thread

Hey WPCentral! After hearing from a couple of the Mods it seems that having a comprehensive Gameloft thread was appropriate. I'll be doing my best to fill this with any and all...

1020 1 hour ago

HTC 8x WP8.1 developers preview

Hi all, has anyone installed wp8.1 preview on the 8x? just wanna know if you've experienced any serious problems or if all is hunky dory?? thanks

18 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 930

930 Free Wireless bundle Uk

Just wondered if anyone knew how the wireless bundle would be getting to us? I mean do we get it with the phone? Do we have to wait a while? Or do we have to claim for it via...

95 1 hour ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

About search function

Well when I heard that now you can use the search button to search from the phone,I was excited as on my old sgs2 it worked nicely, not to mention iPhone 3gs. Went to search and...

2 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 925

How can I filter FB names from my phone book. Nokia says not possible...

Hello and thank you all for your help already! After the update my phone book under Phone, now contains about 200 names instead of my normal 40 or so. The supervisor at Nokia Care...

5 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 520

Battery Saver Always On

I've had my 520 for a week now. It is my first smart phone. And my main complaint is battery life. Seems to be a very common complaint. Per an hour of research on it, top...

9 1 hour ago
BBM on Windows Phone

BBM Public Release Date

For those who couldn't get in on the beta fun, keep your pants on - July 31st is the date.

5 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Manufacture dates perfect vs. bad Lumia 930's

I'm going to have my L930 replaced for the second time today... An idea I had was to ask people who have a perfectly functioning L930 and who have a bad one to state the...

5 1 hour ago

Voice of Lara Croft- Cortana UK

Hello Guys since they are planning to have English accent behind Cortana let them do it right! So how about Keeley Hawes (Lara...

3 1 hour ago
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