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With Cortana as a HERO FEATURE Does Windows Phone Really NEED a Flagship Device to Create MindShare?

490714825522032641 7341973420 With Cortana as a HERO FEATURE Does Windows Phone Really NEED a Flagship Device to Create Mind-Share and a "Halo Effect?" This is a long post...

21 2 min ago

Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Whenever Bluetooth 4.0 LE in WP8.1 is mentioned, it comes with comments regarding needing the Cyan firmware update to work. Seeing as the 8x isn't Lumia it won't be getting Cyan,...

4 2 min ago
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Should I trade SP3 for the Macbook Air?

I just got an sp3 as a warranty replacement for an sp2, I kinda want a MacBook air, would it be a wise decision to trade my sp3 for one?

41 5 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Kickoff new live lockscreen wallpapers!!

Okay i just been toying arround with the new lockscreen animation. The rotating wheel is fareout my favorite. Stil getting used to create some wallpapers. So here is a small...

187 6 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520


I just want to say that of all the smartphones I've owned, and I've had many, including all the major operating systems, WP 8.1 on the 1520 is the best I've ever seen. It is far...

2 6 min ago
Nokia Lumia 520

How do I downgrade to PORTICO GDR1?

Hello. You might ask why would I do such a thing! Well, because of the post processing bug that gives the images a tint of yellow\green. It was first introduced in the amber...

1 7 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Who Uses A Cases? Why?

This may be silly but I'm curious to know who uses a case for your 1520 and If so why? Which one? The 1520 is so big that wanted to get a case to protect it. I got a Red...

4 7 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Anyone having problems accessing one drive pics/vids? (520 Win 8.1)

Its on the title, sorry for bad grammar :/ If any one has the same problem or a solution let me know please. I need this for college next week. :cry:

12 7 min ago
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WP 8.1 on Lumia 1520

Updated to 8.1 on my lumia 1520 over the weekend. Now I do not have access to my calendar. The icon is still there but the application will not open. Also cannot download calendar...

6 8 min ago

HTC 8x WP8.1 developers preview

Hi all, has anyone installed wp8.1 preview on the 8x? just wanna know if you've experienced any serious problems or if all is hunky dory?? thanks

16 12 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

Todays App Updates Thought i'd make a wee thread to add all the latest updates to apps we get. Just so we can share the latest info with each...

7512 13 min ago
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Need a light, new laptop for Grad school

Hi. I'm starting grad school and need a new laptop - something light and fast. I have had 3 Acer laptops in the past, that I have been really happy with, with one excursion into...

0 16 min ago
Windows Phone Games

Gameloft Ryan's Massive Gameloft Thread

Hey WPCentral! After hearing from a couple of the Mods it seems that having a comprehensive Gameloft thread was appropriate. I'll be doing my best to fill this with any and all...

1006 21 min ago
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Is Microsoft Complete for $150 worth it?

I got a SP3 for school and was wondering if the Microsoft Complete is worth it for me. Thoughts?

12 22 min ago
Nokia Lumia 822

incoming calls dont link to contacts

This just started over the weekend. For some reason, incoming calls have their number displayed but I no longer get the contact info displayed from my contacts. I didn't change...

0 24 min ago

HTC W8 to launch before the end of September

HTC's next Windows Phone is coming to Verizon with an awkward name

0 25 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

New Applications For Windows Phone

I thought there wasn't any thread for all new released/ported applications for windows phone so here it is , post new application with its link in this thread :smile:

283 25 min ago
Phone Wars

If you HAD to leave WP 8.1 who would you go to?

I am moving on from Windows Phone, and can not decide who to move to....iOS or Android. If you absolutely HAD to leave WP, which would you pick? I want iOS, but its so...

238 27 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Official 1520 Cyan Thread

Lumia 1520 has started receiving Cyan update in Finland, India, UK, Taiwan, Hungary and US(At&t). I want those who have received the Cyan update on their Lumia 1520 to report the...

66 27 min ago
Nokia Lumia 630

From Moto G to Lumia 630.

Hello. I never found the perfect mobile OS. I used WP 7, WP 8 (with the Lumia 820), iOS, webOS, Blackberry and Android. Lately I had the Moto G from Motorola. The phone was nice...

20 27 min ago
Windows Phone Games

Newly Discovered Games!!!

I have been really feeling the absence of a thread/forum on wpc in which people tell about newly discovered games they have found in the WPStore so I have decided to make one.Plz...

656 30 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 - Laggiest phone OS of 2014.

No doubt Windows Phone 8 was great OS. It offer very smooth user experience but it lacks features But now We have almost the the features we want but now OS is not offer...

176 31 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Unlocked ATT On Tmobile

Will att rm 940 unlocked will get lte on t-mobile ??

0 34 min ago
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Can you sync browser tab, photos, music, app data, passwords, etc with Windows phone 8 and windows 8

As the title says, can you sync them between windows 8 and windows phone 8? Or Do both devices need to be windows 8.1? I'm wondering if I should install windows 8 Or 8.1 on my...

0 35 min ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

What do you think about Microsoft's advertising?

Do you think that they are starting to do better at advertising or do you think they have been good at it?

22 36 min ago
Nokia Lumia 925

Battery life for those who have Cyan on Lumia 925.

I wanna know how the update improved your battery life!

24 36 min ago
Nokia Lumia 925

Freezing Problem with Nokia 925

I bought a full price, new Nokia 925 in March and had freezing problems early on. I sent it back to Nokia for repair in May. All they did was reinstall the software, check some...

6 37 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Anyone know which country\carrier ROM allows you to change your search provider?

Hey guys, my UK o2 930 doesn't allow me to change my search provider from Bing to google. I want to change my rom to allow me to do this, I know some of you rocking a 930 can...

9 38 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

What really happens when I roll back to WP 8.0?

I've looked around but haven't found a thread about it yet but what gets affected if I decided to roll back from DP to WP8.0? I've read that I would lose my app data,...

18 39 min ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

My Titan II has tapped out=(

For no apparent reason, my HTC Titan II shut off yesterday and wont turn back on. The charging light doesn't come on when I plug it in, so im guessing either the battery is bad or...

8 40 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 Lockscreen app

As most of you have seen, the new lockscreen is out. There have been threads about it, but mostly, they have been about "spreading the news". I want to make this thread to...

16 41 min ago
Nokia Lumia 625

Issues with 6snap

I really like 6snap, however I've run into some issues with it recently. When I try to import contacts I'm presented with a blank screen that does not allow me to do anything. Is...

5 41 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

"Resuming" and "Loading" Issues

This is my 2nd Lumia 1520. The first one had 8.1 dev preview and my current 1520 has the Cyan update. With both phones I keep getting "resuming" and "loading" when I unlock my...

4 44 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Track Windows Phone 8.1+Lumia Cyan rollout here!

Hi all! In a bid to prevent thousands of threads and posts asking when your country has received Lumia Cyan or Windows 8.1 for your Lumia, I thought I'd put it all here (with...

1962 45 min ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

Wp marketing & advertising sucks!

WP marketing & advertising sucks! I've said it time after time, since the early days of the platform.. WP doesn't, and never has had, sufficient, and consistent marketing, and I...

1 46 min ago
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Facebook Beta hidden in Store (1520 on 8.1)/can't download error 80073Cf9

I originally had a 1520 on 8.1DP. I then downgraded using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to 8.0 so I would get the official upgrade to 8.1 and the Cyan firmware. All of my...

5 48 min ago
Windows Phone Games

Heroes of Order and chaos players ! [windows Chat Room]

Hello everyone ! Heroes of order and chaos is a great moba which is available on Android/apple and now on windows 8.1 currently alot people plays hoc (heroes of order and chaos)...

0 48 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Just picked up my lumia 930

First impressions: -Dat screen! -Feels quite sturdy, got some heft, doesn't seem to have any loose buttons. -The green was really bright in the sunlight but is subdued...

1 51 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Lumia 1520.3 w/ AWS, 700Mhz and QI

Nokia Lumia 1520.3 (Unlocked) (Black) Is this the Unicorn Lumia 1520?

1249 53 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Cyan improve battery life

My battery life improve significantly... From one day and 8 hours in 8.1 DP to one day and 20 hours in Cyan. Anyone having same feature?

5 55 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

1520 disappearing apps after 8.1 update

After downgrading to 8.0, and doing a clean install of 8.1 Cyan, apps are disappearing from my 1520. More info... I did not restore from backup, instead I did a clean install...

2 57 min ago
Nokia Lumia 630

Pictures and videos shot with the Lumia 630

Post some great images or videos captured by your Lumia 630 in this thread.

9 57 min ago
Nokia Lumia 920

Have the 520, eBay has the 920 for $140. Good buy?

I have the 520 (two actually since I dropped one and was not sure I could fix the other) and found this deal on Slickdeals on a factory referb 920, unlocked, 32gb, and red or...

27 1 hour ago


I don't understand why my Skype contacts and my Microsoft account contacts don't merge like facebook and other apps every time I go into Skype I have 2 of everyone .

0 1 hour ago
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wp8.1 apps resuming and loading

hi, i thought wp is different from android, after a year and a half, my wp is starting to slow down, openning took 2-3 seconds, a lot of loading , resuming, even ie, while reading...

4 1 hour ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Photo Backup - Application used to backup photos from social network to Onedrive

73551 735527355473553 Photo Backup is an application that helps you backup your photos from some of popular social network sites like Facebook, Flickr, 500px, Instagram ... to...

2 1 hour ago
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