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Nokia Lumia 1520

Screen Sensitivity Issue Status in Cyan (1520)

I see that Cyan is rolling out in some countries now. Could anyone confirm for me if the screen sensitivity issue is fixed or still occurring please? This issue often used to...

11 3 min ago
Samsung ATIV S

Expecting Samsung Ativ S firmware update?

Since there is no thread for samsung users expecting the update i decided to start one and hear your opinions on what will the update bring. We already saw how cool new options on...

102 9 min ago

The Official "ADD FOR DESTINY" thread Welcome fellow WPCentral users and thank your for enlisting! I think it's that time again! Another major multiplayer release! On this page...

23 10 min ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

So what made you pick a windows phone in the first place?

Hi guys/girls just wondering why you decided to have a windows phone rather then an android or an iPhone? We all have a reason and here's mine. When my iPhone died I couldn't...

200 10 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Have Windows Phone updates improved or degraded performance?

Hi, everyone. To those of you who have used the Windows Phone platform for a long time, I would like asking a few things. Moving up from one Windows Phone to another did you over...

0 10 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Transfer data to iMac

Hi Just received my Nokia 930, its a GREAT phone, but the OS has ALOT of catching up to do. But thats a seperate discussion. HOW THE F do i transfer data to and from my Mac onto...

0 10 min ago
General Tablet Discussion

Post your start screen theme!

Post a screenshot of your current windows 8.1/rt start screen theme!!!

4 11 min ago

Cortana News (Coming from the inside) (OP being updated)

I plan to update this post with news and information from the inside (Microsoft) that I am allowed to share that is not really being publicized. 05/14/2014 Build 8.10.12382 has...

985 12 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

I refuse to go back to PROD from Developer's Preview to get Cyan

I personally think the information here has been inconsistent. However, if the actual path for millions of USA Developer Preview users to go Cyan/Official 8.1 is to go back to...

40 13 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

My 930 due in later today

Well I have finally pulled the trigger & ordered a 930. Despite all the short comings as reported I still went for it. As I don't see any real flagship Window phones coming...

15 15 min ago
Developers Corner

Textile converter needed

I'm writing an app for Derpibooru for Windows Phone. Their image description system and comment system leverages Textile. I need a Textile to html or RichTextBock converter....

0 16 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

WP 8.1 Start Screen Official Thread and Backgrounds

Let's begin collecting an sharing! And by April 2, hopefully we'll start showing off our amazing Start Screens! Here is my collection. Feel free to use them. They are all...

987 17 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Three UK 4G and the Nokia Lumia 930

Hi everyone. I made my shift from the iPhone 5 to the Nokia Lumia 930, and on the whole the 930 is absolutely fantastic, I'm very pleased with it. I got it from...

48 17 min ago
Ask a Question

Internet Explorer running in background when not allowed

I am a big fan of the updated Battery Saver app with the new options for filtering, but it has highlighted what I have suspected for a while: Internet Explorer is by far my...

0 19 min ago
Developers Corner

How to create table structure in windows phone 8 app?

I want to create report of students in windows phone 8 app. there are 3 row and 4 columns structure is like as follow student1 student2 student3 ...

1 19 min ago
Nokia Lumia 810

Lumia 810 - EOL - What about Firmware updates?

Any such phone for which a carrier has declared EOL, why cant Nokia update its firmware and continue to provide updates in future? My understanding is it can be de-branded if a...

1503 20 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Those who went from a 1520 to a 930...

Have you been happy with the switch? Would you recommend it? I'm fully aware of the spec differences between the two, so there's no need to point those out. I like my 1520,...

3 22 min ago
The Marketplace - Buy, Sell & Trade

WTS Microsoft Surface RT 64gb with type keyboard

Item Description: Microsoft Surface RT 64gb with black type keyboard Price: 260 Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: N/A Condition: Excellent condition. Sparingly used, well...

21 22 min ago
Windows Phone 8

SMS not restoring completely

So i just got the Lumia 1020, i've set it up using a backup and as a new device, but my sms messages only restore up to 18/12 last year, my most recent sms have backed up...

11 22 min ago

Picked up a LG G3

Anyone have questions about wanting to get this and previously having a WP let me know. It pretty impressive. The screen speaks for itself but is really useless if you're not...

1 22 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Track Windows Phone 8.1+Lumia Cyan rollout here!

Hi all! In a bid to prevent thousands of threads and posts asking when your country has received Lumia Cyan or Windows 8.1 for your Lumia, I thought I'd put it all here (with...

1316 23 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

NHL Gamecenter. On its way?

NeuLion (who make the app for iOS and android confirmed in a tweet to me that an app for WP was 'in the queue' when I enquired last month. Fingers crossed it'll be here in time...

0 23 min ago
Nokia Lumia 625

After 8.1 update mobile internet and wifi not working

Hi, after yesterdays update to 8.1 internet in my lumia 625 is not working. When i'm trying to turn on wifi i'm getting error and even when i'm trying to surf using mobile...

3 24 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Lumia 930 faulty camera (low light)?

Received my 930 yesterday and I thought the camera would be better than my Lumia 920. I made two low light videos to compare the two. Do you think I have defective camera in my...

19 24 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Swipes registered as taps - Widespread issue?

I'm experiencing a major issue with how swipes are being detected as taps on my 930 - resulting in massive frustration while navigating apps horizontally. It doesn't happen in all...

18 24 min ago
PC Gaming

Movies on Steam

Where do I find the few (one?) movie I own (got as a promotion) on Steam? I finally got a hankering to watch something not on Netflix, and can't find this brave new world of Steam...

2 25 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

BBM beta is up!

Download! BTW, feel free to post your PIN 7CE99131...add my PIN. I just created a WPCentral Group. Let's see how big we can get it! Group growing FAST! EDIT: So the group...

220 26 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Lumia 930 overheating!

I have had my Lumia 930 since Friday and unfortunately it's going back to tomorrow. Initially during the initial set up & installing apps the handset got very very hot....

186 26 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

What are the reactions of friends, family and acquaintances about your Lumia 930?

My friends are really positive about my 930 when they see it. Especially they are amazed about the design, camera and the screen! They also say that it looks a lil bit like an...

4 26 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Lumia 1520 Bugs and factory defects

Here we will start a list of the confirmed factory defects and bugs. Please post your bugs and defects in this thread. Once we establish a pattern we can start a list. Bad main...

588 27 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Terrible review from TechRadar

Nokia Lumia 930 vs the competition: does Nokia finally have a great Android rival? | The Phone Show - YouTube Just watched this "review" of the Lumia 930 by TechRadar....

77 27 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

I really want one ... BUT so many issues!?

Hi all Well i really love Windows o/s, the smoothness is second to none so please talk me into buying a 930 lol Over the years i have had a few different windows phones and my...

58 32 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Issues POST cyan/8.1 update- Lumia 1520

I updated my Lumia 1520 to official Cyan update around 12 hours back. I am noticing following . 1. Battery drain - fast battery drain on 1520 even though background tasks are...

2 32 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Claim Lumia 930 Wireless Accessory Kit

Claim Accessory Kit HERE Nokia Lumia 930 Free Accessories Pack Promotion terms and conditions The accessories kit offer applies only to purchases of the Nokia Lumia 930...

11 36 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Guide: Setup a personal VPN for use with WP 8.1 and a Raspberry Pi

I've written a guide for advanced users on setting up and configuring a personal VPN to use with Windows Phone 8.1 for encrypting data over cellular & wifi with a Raspberry...

1 37 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Video streaming/playback.

Hi all. First time Windows Phone owner and enjoying it so far. Picked up the Lumia 930 on launch day in the UK. Anyway, picture quality on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, youtube etc. all...

0 38 min ago
Nokia Lumia 925

NL 925 Takes a tumble. Charging case saves the day

My NL 925 fell from a 7ft high shelf onto a concrete garage floor. Just slid off the shelf and jumped onto the floor. It landed on the corner. Fortunately it was wearing a...

1 38 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

What apps are "must have" on a WP?

I've just ordered a brand new Nokia Lumia 930 which will be my very first cell phone running Windows Phone. This after I've been using Android since the HTC Wildfire was brand new...

0 40 min ago
Ask a Question

photo comments cannot be visible

why i not able to see photo comments for my posts in people hub and fb app on L720

5 40 min ago
13 41 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 930: User Reviews

Did you get your lucky paws on one of these? Share your opinion here! Want an opinion? Feel free to ask it here too!

116 41 min ago
Upcoming & Rumored Devices

Nokia Lumia 1525

According to evleaks, there is going to be a 1525 on T-Mobile. Would you consider it? I have an unlocked 1520 on T-Mobile, but may seek out and get the 1525, so that all bands...

51 42 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

What would be the best PAID apps do you recommend?

I want to make a selection of paid apps that Valam worth the download

6 42 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

Todays App Updates Thought i'd make a wee thread to add all the latest updates to apps we get. Just so we can share the latest info with each...

7454 44 min ago
Developer Spotlight

[App] Conference Calleague

Hi All! My latest app has been released, and yes I meant to spell Calleague with an "a" :) I know there are several conference call dialer apps out there already, but mine...

35 45 min ago
Ask a Question

where can i find quiet hours?

Hi all, i have just bought my new L930 last week UK spec unlocked Sim free and have tried to set up the quiet hours function but i cant find it anywhere? i have been through...

3 45 min ago
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