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Nokia Lumia 1520

Screen Sensitivity Issue Status in Cyan (1520)

I see that Cyan is rolling out in some countries now. Could anyone confirm for me if the screen sensitivity issue is fixed or still occurring please? This issue often used to...

30 2 min ago
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WP 8.1 DP multiple start screens in the app switcher

I am facing an issue often on my Nokia Lumia 720. On holding the back button, all the apps running disappear and the screen blackens. Then after a few seconds multiple start...

8 2 min ago

Delete app data

There should be option to delete app data.. Please vote for this...

10 3 min ago
Windows Phone Games

Gameloft Ryan's Massive Gameloft Thread

Hey WPCentral! After hearing from a couple of the Mods it seems that having a comprehensive Gameloft thread was appropriate. I'll be doing my best to fill this with any and all...

932 3 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Vote for adding support for File picker/FILES to add attachments in native email app

I guess each one of us face this issue. No support for attachments other then images while replying or forwarding a mail in native email app. Now that Windows Phone 8.1 support...

1 4 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Tutorials about windows phone 8.1 IKEV2 VPN setup

14 5 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

WP 8.1 Start Screen Official Thread and Backgrounds

Let's begin collecting an sharing! And by April 2, hopefully we'll start showing off our amazing Start Screens! Here is my collection. Feel free to use them. They are all...

995 6 min ago
2 7 min ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

Why 2015 might be THE year for Microsoft.

After reading the article Nadella reaffirms Microsoft's commitment to a unified operating system | Windows Phone Central I cant help but think, how amazing 2015 could be for us. A...

23 8 min ago
1 13 min ago
0 16 min ago
Developer Spotlight

WinGym: Be Strong

Hello, dear friends. We have finally localized our app (from Russian), so you can enjoy our application. Unfortunately, the lite version (WinGym Lite |...

7 19 min ago
Windows Phone Games

The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay is now compatible with 512mb ram devices!!!

4 23 min ago
Windows Phone Games

Newly Discovered Games!!!

I have been really feeling the absence of a thread/forum on wpc in which people tell about newly discovered games they have found in the WPStore so I have decided to make one.Plz...

641 25 min ago

Lets introduce ourselves...

i didnt see a thread for this, thought it would be a good idea, especially since there are some passionate people in here and things can get heated... i post daily and dont know a...

442 26 min ago
Windows Phone Games

Pako People!

This game reminds me of Blast Corps. Do you think that work on mobile? Anyone know of any similar games to Blast Corps on WP?

2 27 min ago

Greetings from the Sunshine State (Florida, USA)

Greetings from Miami. I have been a smart phone user since 2010. My first one was an Iphone. I'm not going to lie, it was great, but when it came time to replace it I didn't feel...

2 28 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1020

Should I Buy 1520? I have 1020

Hello. As you see on the title, should I buy lumia 1520 or wait for McLaren? I have 1020 and I am happy with it, happy with windows phone. What should I do?

9 31 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Cyan rom

So, we can Update to CYAN using NSU, right? But we need the ROM. Now that CYAN is available, can't we just flash the ROM? We can change the language etc. so thats not the...

26 32 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Terrible review from TechRadar

Nokia Lumia 930 vs the competition: does Nokia finally have a great Android rival? | The Phone Show - YouTube Just watched this "review" of the Lumia 930 by TechRadar....

87 32 min ago
7 33 min ago
Lumia 530

The 530 will be a MASSIVE flop, what are you thinking MS???? Only 512 MB RAM!!!!!

I don't know what Microsoft is thinking, but they should include 2GB of RAM, an octacore processor, 1080p and a 50mp camera and price it for AT LEAST $50 otherwise this thing will...

97 35 min ago
Nokia Lumia Icon

Orange and Green backs

From what I understand, the Icon and 930 are practically the same phone. What are the chances of us seeing some 930 backs to change over our Icons? Would love to get my hands on...

46 35 min ago

Where is my Cortana?

I recently rolled back to Wp 8 for the cyan update and after all the hassle and trouble, Cortana is missing on my phone. Yes, i have kept my region to US. i am running 1520 with a...

1 40 min ago

Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Whenever Bluetooth 4.0 LE in WP8.1 is mentioned, it comes with comments regarding needing the Cyan firmware update to work. Seeing as the 8x isn't Lumia it won't be getting Cyan,...

1 45 min ago
6 47 min ago
39 48 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

Merrill Edge / Merrill Lynch

Anyone heard any rumors our info regarding an app for investments through Merrill?

3 52 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia Software Recovery Tool: what is this 0x80131500 error??

I've search the web and there's a quite a few comments regarding the 0x80131500 error showing up when trying to Flash your phone, but I haven't found any actual solutions to get...

3 53 min ago
Nokia Lumia 625

Lumia Cyan Update

Hey guys, I got the Lumia cyan update and WP81. I am gonna walk-though it. hope this will be a help to you guys. By the way I am from Sri Lanka and obviously I using a Nokia...

15 59 min ago
Nokia Lumia 620

Lumia 620 stops responding.

Lumia 620(WP8.1 DP) stops responding when I am in a hot area(such as Delhi). I have to restart the phone(or it restarts automatically). In my area it works almost fine(stops...

2 1 hour ago
Microsoft Surface for Windows RT

Surface RT display wake up

About once a day it will occur that when I press the power button to wake up my Surface RT the display will not come on. I can press the Windows button and feel the vibration so I...

2 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

My 1520 can't check for updates

I've been pressing the "Check for updates" button frequently in anticipation for Cyan, but suddenly it's not working right. The "Checking for updates..." message will appear, but...

2 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 625

My Lumia 625 got Cyan Update

About hour ago my Lumia 625 (Thailand) got Cyan update via OTA Does Anyone got it?

27 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 925

Official 925 Cyan Thread

Now that there are at least a few people who have gotten the Cyan update through OTA or flash, I wanted to start a thread for people who have the update to let us know if they...

306 1 hour ago
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0 1 hour ago
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0 1 hour ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

If you're having battery issues, overheating or delayed power button wakes, try these!

I'm basically compiling some interesting stuff I've found hunting through these boards because it appears every Windows Phone I've upgraded to the 8.1DP (except the 520,...

21 1 hour ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Windows phones cannot render web pages properly

compared to Android and IOS, Windows phone can't render a webpage properly. For example: images appear half in Facebook mobile site. Then the images in YouTube are not sharp....

70 1 hour ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

HERE Drive and 8.1

So I'm hoping this is just because we don't have the Nokia side of WP 8.1 yet but I used Drive for the first time on Saturday since I loaded the 8.1 preview when it came out and...

25 1 hour ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

So what made you pick a windows phone in the first place?

Hi guys/girls just wondering why you decided to have a windows phone rather then an android or an iPhone? We all have a reason and here's mine. When my iPhone died I couldn't...

215 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Miracast: How is it working for you?

I have a LG 47LA660V-ZA and my 1520 with Cyan is working pretty well projecting to it using Miracast. Anyone else tried it yet?

3 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Changes from dev preview to cyan

Have you noticed any change in cyan over dev preview. Now I can see a small arrow whenever a network activity is on. Over the Wi-Fi symbol.

31 1 hour ago
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should i really consider hanging on windows phone

Recently I used OneDrive,Skype,and other apps on android made by Microsoft.They are really awesome when compared to apps in windows phone is and one of my friend my friend said...

4 1 hour ago
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

SP3's On A Plane

Sitting on a flight right now using my SP3 and realized a couple of things about the difference between an SP3 and a laptop while flying. Using it with the type cover - With a...

35 1 hour ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

Seeing if I can move to windows phone.

So over the past month or so I've been mulling in my head if I could move to windows phone without losing what I love using my iPhone for. I did use a 925 with 8.1 dev preview for...

9 1 hour ago
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