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Samsung ATIV S Neo

NO MMS after 8.1 DP preview ATT

ok. so everyone posts about the ATIV S neo on Sprint, BUT what about us n ATT netwrok i did the the 8.1 update ( with the new folders- nice) but i cant rec MMS. i can send with...

11 2 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Track WP8.1 + Lumia Cyan Rollout!

Hi all! In a bid to prevent thousands of threads and posts asking when your country has received Lumia Cyan or Windows 8.1 for your Lumia, I thought I'd put it all here (with...

4655 3 min ago
The Marketplace - Buy, Sell & Trade

WTS 1520 (RM-940) yellow unopened with unlock code

Item Description: RM-940 from AT&T Price: Not firm on price, but would like to get at least $400 for it. I'm not expecting to get retail. Condition: Brand new, unopened Shipping...

0 3 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Skype issue

Hi guys! Not really sure if this one has been raised already.. Skype background task seems not working properly. Notification, live tiles doesn't provides information that you...

0 4 min ago
Nokia Lumia 520

Lumia 520 User Media

So, let's see them. What pictures can you get with this phone?

53 4 min ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

A special request to all Windows Phones users.

1. If you love or like this platform stop complaining and use the platform as is. 2. Use official apps over third party apps more frequent. 3. Don't be cheap support your...

73 4 min ago
HTC One (M8) for Windows

No Notification LED...WHY ?

Why does the new htc one m8 for windows not have a notification LED ? The Android version has one and WP8.1 Update 1 supports them as far as i know ? What were they thinking...

30 5 min ago
Nokia Lumia Icon

Icon gone crazy

So my phone has basically gone crazy, earlier I was playing tenctacles entrer the mind and tho phone got super hot and the phantom touches began like crazy, i soft reset the phone...

2 5 min ago
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cannot browse the destination folder

Hi guys, recently I noticed a problem in my nokia Lumia 520. My phone is running wp 8.1 developer preview. When I download files from apps like torrex pro, when I click select a...

4 5 min ago
Nokia Lumia 720

Lumia 720 Philippine Users

So I will give WP a second chance. I have I bad experience on a Lumia 800 before ended up returning it after 7 mos. I just got my red Lumia 720 today at Nokia Store, SM Annex...

452 6 min ago
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Garmin GPS replacement app

I've been using Garmin nuvi gps' for a long time now, lived having a dedicated unit. My current device is the nulink 1695, but it seems att has started turning out the lights. I'm...

17 8 min ago
Nokia Lumia Icon

Official 8.1/Cyan for the Icon?

Here's the transcript from a chat I just had with a Verizon sales rep. Take it with a grain of salt as these people don't always know what they're talking about. Me: Quick...

186 9 min ago
Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 (GDR1)

Error 8018830f or 80188306 FIXED!

Windows mobile power user today claimed that error 8018830f or 80188306 is fixed now. Anybody is feeling the same? Share your experience here. Lumia Cyan Error 8018830f update...

62 10 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

When am I going to get 8.1

I have a Nokia Lumia 929 with Verizon. I read that 8.1 was released to that phone around July 15, 2014. It's August 27th now and I still have 8.0. Do I have to do something to...

7 11 min ago
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41 Megapixel Lumia with Snapdragon coming in early 2015

Yes because in December We will get Update which will make Snapdragon 805 Work on Windows Phone and Only Snapdragon 805 can handle 41 Megapixel fine 801 and 800 Can't.

46 12 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Keeping your WI-FI on can help you save battery?

I always turn off Wi-Fi to save battery but today I noticed this. Keeping WI-FI on can help you save battery life? Is it true? Have...

15 13 min ago

Your UK Experience of Cortana

So, If you're in the UK and you're on the Developer Preview it looks like you should have access to Cortana now. Use this thread to post your experiences (good and bad) of Cortana!

150 14 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Back up phone as recovery point possible?

Is it possible to back up the phone "image" such that I can restore back to a previous version if possible? Particularly, I'd like to backup while on my current firmware in case...

1 14 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

SOLVED - Lumia Update for Windows Phone 27AUG14

Just got a Lumia Update for Windows Phone, can anyone confirm what this is? Lumia 630, on WP8.1 Update 1 Dev Preview

9 15 min ago
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Are you happy with your Surface Pro 3? Thinking of buying one, but...

I'm thinking of buying a Surface Pro 3, but I'm a little worried, given page after page of complaints with various problems/issues/defects. I understand that a forum is likely to...

0 16 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Icon vs 1520 vs 930 for Virgin/Bell Canada

Posted this in the wrong forum previously so sorry about that. Currently using a near dead ATIV S caught in the reboot cycle, tried everything to fix it but to no avail....

0 20 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

NSU flashed wrong FW to my Lumia 920

:unhappy: Guys, today I just connected my lumia 920 (8.1 DP, FW CV EU-CZECH) to PC and I got message from Nokia Software updater, that I can update my phone. I accepted it. Then...

5 20 min ago
Windows Phone 9

Windows phone 9.0. who's excited?

Yesterday, The verge reported that microsoft is going to reveal Windows phone 9.0 on 30th September. And also hinted that we can expect multi windows on screen to work more like...

138 22 min ago
HTC One (M8) for Windows

Battery comparison HTC M8: Android vs Windows Phone

I don't know why I couldn't find anything about this in the forums but guys at Slash Gear have managed to get both, Android and Windows Phone versions of the HTC M8, and they're...

6 24 min ago
Nokia Lumia 920

What uses more battery - wifi or mobile data

I'm talking about when you're not actually using the internet, but you leave either wifi or mobile data on all the time. Which would use more power?

10 24 min ago
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Flight mode not getting off after upgrading to 8.1 in nokia lumia 1520

Hi' I am using nokia lumia 1520 where the flight mode is not getting off after upgrading to WP8.1. When I am trying to Off flight mode forcefully Wifi is getting on...

1 24 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

WP8.1 Live Lockscreen Wallpapers

Okay i just been toying arround with the new lockscreen animation. The rotating wheel is fareout my favorite. Stil getting used to create some wallpapers. So here is a small...

507 25 min ago
1 26 min ago
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htc 8x

I have htc 8x .. Im wondering when it will release for some countreys(not exatcly the time) ? I live in israel

0 28 min ago
Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 (GDR1)

Not able to download new languages (Speech) after update to 8.1 DP

So, I flashed my 920 with official cyan yesterday, updated to the latest DP (OS 8.10.14157.200, released yesterday). When I tried to download new Speech languages English (UK) or...

43 30 min ago

Hello from southern Illinois

I just joined today after lurking awhile in the forums. My name is Lloyd, 70 years old and retired from the tech business. I've been gradually moving away from Apple gear for...

3 34 min ago

has any of you actually won anything from Bing contests?

They are offering xbox Ones, Surfaces, and Lumia phones all the time! I see peoples names and city, state at the end of these contests, but I have not won any of it. I'm...

4 38 min ago
HTC One (M8) for Windows

If you got One tell us what you think

I know it's early but if you have the One for windows please give us your impressions - is it worth the hype - what phone did you have before etc etc Thanks in advance for any...

64 38 min ago
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Wp 8.5

What if i say, there is no 2 GDR updates for WP8.1 and that's the reason why MS changed DP name from WP8.1 update 1 to just WP8.1 update and planning to launch WP8.5 after WP 8.1...

1 38 min ago
Windows Phone 8

Fitness Trackers

What fitness trackers can I use with Windows Phone 8? I now there is a Fitbit app. Any other apps or compatible trackers?

8 41 min ago
Carrier Discussion Lounge

Cheap prepaid data sim service in England

Hi Folks, I am coming to London next week for couple of days, business purpose. In general I have need to be constantly online. What operator has best prepaid data service plan...

4 42 min ago
Windows Phone Games

Hexacon [Windows Phone 8.1] [Windows 8.1] [Universal]

Hexacon Hexacon | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States) 78648 My new puzzle and skill game is finished. The Windows phone 8.1 version is already available for...

0 44 min ago
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Anyone in the Salt lake city area wants a Lumia 1520?

I have a new 1520 that a friend gave to me just the day after I bought a 930. Anyone wants it for 400 ?

3 45 min ago
The Marketplace - Buy, Sell & Trade

WTB/WTT: Want to Buy or Trade for Lumia 1020 US Unlocked

Item Description: RM-877 T-Mobile US LTE-compatible Lumia 1020 Price Range: depends on condition, up to around $325-350 Condition: decent - no major issues or better Payment...

13 46 min ago
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Nokia lumia 520 virus?

Hello I was browsing the web on my Nokia Lumia 520 and a pop up came up saying I have (4) virus on my phone, at that point I clicked "OK" and it started to take me to other...

5 46 min ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

Threshold is aptly named

Because I think this release could also be a threshold for MS as well. Since they've chosen to eschew running 2 separate OS's for computer and mobile MS really does need to get...

5 47 min ago
Windows Phone Games

Newly Discovered Games!!!

I have been really feeling the absence of a thread/forum on wpc in which people tell about newly discovered games they have found in the WPStore so I have decided to make one.Plz...

735 48 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1020

LUMIA 1020 battery drains heavily

My lumia 1020 battery's draining so heavily ( 94% - 8 hrs remaining ) i tried doing the soft reset, disabled all the background apps, turned off the settings, at last even did a...

51 48 min ago
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Lumia Cyan update for Preview User

I have developer preview for my Lumia 1020 and today I received the Cyan update. After I installed it, there was a developer update available that I swear I already installed a...

4 50 min ago
5 51 min ago
Nokia Lumia 730

Lumia 730 Price

Does anyone know or has an idea of what the 730's price will be. Just throw them out there please.

8 51 min ago
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