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920 Owners on AT&T - Let's go public

I posted this on the ATT Community in a thread where 920 owners are screaming for cyan. Of course, no response from AT&T. Let's take this PUBLIC. We may not be a huge number, but...

24 1 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Broken screen, new phone?

Ok, so about a month ago i dropped a stone on my Lumia 1520 (don't ask how) and it broke my screen. Even though i can still use it, it is very annoying and i wanted it repaired,...

2 1 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

MS screwed up again, Android gets HERE with more features !

Great, Samsung Android phones will get The HERE maps and drive apps with more features (like alternative routes) in the future ! MS did not buy HERE I know but why ? Fact is, the...

57 3 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

ProShot camera app.

I don't know how to put words to describe. this was taken in a very very dark room. everything is taken without flash using Spider Podium (sorta Tripod). Default camera app,...

1641 3 min ago
Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 (GDR1)

Any One get an update today?

So I'm using WP 8.1.1, already downgraded to get Cyan and already have the most up to date dev preview. This morning though, I get a "Lumia Update for Windows Phone". Anyone else...

12 4 min ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

Hyperlapse video

Hyperlapse: Technology that can dramatically smooth motion in first-person videos | Next at Microsoft IMHO, this would be a great addition to Photosynth apps, perhaps even as a...

9 6 min ago
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Xbox Music on Windows phone 8.1

How can we create and save playlists on windows phone 8.1? I'm using a Nokia Lumia 820. When I create playlists the songs get deleted from the playlists, by some means I don't...

3 7 min ago
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Yahoo messenger

Can anyone tell me how can i get yahoo messenger for my Lumia 520 is there any alternative for yahoo messenger

2 9 min ago
General Microsoft News and Discussion

Let's Solve this Google vs Microsoft War ( because we're the ones losing :p )

And by we I mean us windows phone users . I don't care who started , I don't care who's wrong and who's right , all I know is , I'm tired of WP/W8 being treated as a second class...

82 11 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

Why the 930 uses last year's processor, and a smaller 2420 mAH battery!

I was so slow, but now I realise why the new July 2014 uses last year's slower 2013 Snapdragon 800 processor, and a smaller 2420 mAH capacity battery. It's actually because the...

21 12 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Email using exchange, problem.

I have 5 email accounts and all work fine accept one which is my work email using exchange. It works fine when I'm connected to my work WiFi but any other time I either get an...

3 14 min ago
Nokia Lumia 830

Lumia 830 specs leaked, Sept 4 announcement?

Plenty of Lumia 830 news today. Was hoping for a bigger display on this (rumored to be even smaller than the Lumia 730), but it'll be cool to see a premium camera on a mid-range...

136 14 min ago
Nokia Lumia 720

Is there any way to fix your position.

Updated to cyan with lumia 720. Microsoft map better than here and i uninstalled here maps. but both maps even gmaps shows my position incorrect 30m away or behind real...

5 18 min ago
Nokia Lumia 630

Space issue

Hello guys. I am new here :) I want to ask, why is my 630 using 3.62GB for the OS? before the update it used 2.5GB and my mother's 520 after the update still uses 2,5GB. Is it...

6 21 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Kids Corner - Deleted Apps

Having a problem with the Kids Corner since 8.1. Any game that has been deleted from my phone that was previously selected to show in kids corner, still shows the tile with no way...

0 21 min ago
Microsoft Surface 2

just one thing before i buy into this device

Hi! :-) i own a hp deskjet d2460 printer and just wanted to know what will happen if you connect a printer that windows 8.1 RT does not support.? considering a surface 2 really...

7 28 min ago
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Lumia 920 - update to 8.1, lost my calendar

Yesterday, updated my Lumia 920 to 8.1. Problem: I lost my calendar! from the screen and the phone. It was cynked with Microsoft outlook 2010 Mail is working but not the calender

6 30 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

When will update 8.11 reach lumias?

Does anyone have any news?

7 39 min ago
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Apps that you badly want or want an update on WP

Basically I'm creating this thread so that people can put all the apps they want together at one place :) My list: Clash of Clans (ik there is Cloud Raiders but my 8 friends...

8 39 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

Vine updated soon?

With the new photos of the Nokia 730 and 735 showing a different wide tile for Vine, does anyone know if a much needed update is on the way?

1 43 min ago
Nokia Lumia 930

930 Free Wireless bundle Uk

Just wondered if anyone knew how the wireless bundle would be getting to us? I mean do we get it with the phone? Do we have to wait a while? Or do we have to claim for it via...

145 43 min ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Track WP8.1 + Lumia Cyan Rollout!

Hi all! In a bid to prevent thousands of threads and posts asking when your country has received Lumia Cyan or Windows 8.1 for your Lumia, I thought I'd put it all here (with...

4708 46 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

Facebook : features, discussions, rants, issues, solutions

Your thread - to talk whatever you want about Facebook on Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8. Doesn't matter what model you own, come here and talk, share, keep it on topic.

1059 51 min ago
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Cyan update for 720

I have updated my lumia 720 through preview for cyan update is available in India...but my device is not showing any there any chance for me to...

3 51 min ago
Nokia Lumia 520

Software Release name not shown in Extras+Info

Hello, I got a new Lumia 520 yesterday.. It was a second-hand model.. I believe the owner didn't update it because yesterday i had to download 3 major and 1 minor updates which...

1 53 min ago
Windows Phone 8

What pains you most in Windows Phone?

What pains you most in Windows Phone? :sweaty:

114 57 min ago
Windows Phone Apps

Flashlight app with adjustable brightness?

Is there a flashlight app that allows you to adjust the brightness?

2 59 min ago
Nokia Lumia 1520

Missing settings

​Ok, so I have an odd problem with a 1520. It's been updated to 8.1 Cyan OTA and everything was fine. I reset it (the usual way in Settings / About / Reset Your Phone) but...

1 1 hour ago
Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 (GDR1)

Resuming bug after Cyan or GDR1?

I am sure that lot of you are experiencing "resuming" bug after latest updates, is there a specific thread about it? Are they planning to fix it ? Almost every option i select in...

0 1 hour ago
Windows Phone 8.1

Album art and the latest Xbox Music update

I know I keep banging on about Xbox Music and it's inept ability to show album art, but the latest update was again meant to make some inroads into this mess. However it's not...

55 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920 battery - Your opinions

So I received my Lumia 920 (cyan) today, gave it a full charge. Now it has been 1 hour since my last charge and I only have 5 hours estimated left. I've already dropped to 77% is...

2123 1 hour ago
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41 Megapixel Lumia with Snapdragon coming in early 2015

Yes because in December We will get Update which will make Snapdragon 805 Work on Windows Phone and Only Snapdragon 805 can handle 41 Megapixel fine 801 and 800 Can't.

87 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 920

Pictures/Videos taken with your 920!

Lets see those pictures and videos!

4130 1 hour ago
Windows Phone Apps

Office, Skype, Xbox loves Android! But why hate windows phone?

A community of android OS is reporting and we have also seen as well. The strange fact of microsoft that they are working good for Android instead of Windows phone. Android users...

1 1 hour ago
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Successor to the 1020

Can anyone tell me when we can expect a successor to the 1020? Any details about specs and sources would be most appreciated.

4 1 hour ago
Windows Phone Games

[FREE GAME] Twin Ducks

Hi everyone. I have just published a new game named Twin Ducks to Windows Phone store. It's a funny and addictive running game. The story is all about the twin ducks live in two...

4 1 hour ago
Microsoft Surface for Windows RT

Bonjour download for RT

Im after Bonjour for the RT but unable to find out where and if its available. It's not for iTunes, its for a cloud based system I want to try.... Control » AquaIllumination®

0 1 hour ago
Windows Phone Apps

Any handwritten ink notes app, like GenialWriting?

Hi, switched from android less then 24h ago and trying to find replacements for my favorite apps. The one I really miss is GenialWriting, a notetaking app were you write in a...

4 1 hour ago
Nokia Lumia 521

Vibration on the 521

Vibration on the 521 seems to be quite low and hard to notice depending on the situation. If I'm walking with my phone in my pocket I often don't notice it vibrating. Does anyone...

1 1 hour ago
Upcoming & Rumored Devices

Do you think Microsoft will announce the 930 for AT&T in September?

If Microsoft announces a 930 for AT&T I would get it without hesitating. I know they are most likely announcing the 730 and the 830 only, but it is not something that has been...

12 1 hour ago
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[L630] Enabling cortana problem [Portugal]

Hi folks, it is me again. This time i really have a problem (at least i think i do) so here is the thing. According to some threads on WPC, to enable cortana on Lumia devices...

1 1 hour ago
Windows Phone Apps

Music app latest live tile update could not be installed after being downloaded.

help me i cant install the music app update. it downloads but always shows error when installing. error code - 80073cf9

1 1 hour ago
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Lumia 625 won't boot--how do I fix it?

My phone 625 just went off,i try switching it on but couldn't until i plug in the power but after the Nokia shows it stops and shows charging that's all.plz any suggestions.

1 1 hour ago
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How to sync Outook 2010 (non-corporate) with Windows phone?

I know there have been some posts going back over a year, but none of them fully solve this issue. For years, the best way to sync Outlook 2010(without corporate exchange server)...

9 1 hour ago
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Crossword app?

Anyone know what the app was they were using to do crosswords in the presentation was? And is it available yet?

6 1 hour ago
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Xbox 🎮 Music 🎶 Artist and Album art

How to Add both Artist and Album image to an MP3 file via PC. Is there any software which allows us to add both these images. My Xbox 🎮 Music 🎶 live tile only...

3 1 hour ago
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