Contest: Pick a new name for Itsdagram, become a legend on Windows Phone

UPDATE 7:30ET: After 1K entries, give or take, we've closed off comments! Come back in 60 minutes for the top 5 choices and a chance to vote!

Okay folks, let’s play good news/bad news. The good news is Itsdagram, as an Instagram app, is here to stay for now.

The bad news is it needs a name change, font change and new icon….all in the next 24 hours. We’ll leave the details to your mind as to why that is, but for now, we just need a new name.

That’s where you come in...

Do you have a clever name? Think you know what it should be called? Well, here’s the deal…

  1. Leave a name in comments
  2. One entry per person, so make it count!
  3. WPCentral staff and developer Daniel Gary will choose 5 names, which we think are the best
  4. Later tonight, we’ll put up the top 5 choices in a poll—you all vote for the winner

What does the winner get?

  • $50 gift-certificate to our store and Daniel Gary will thank you in the app with a “Thanks to {winner} for suggesting {new name}.” All for being clever.

While we can’t call the app “Instagram” for obvious reasons, it can be called “[Something] for Instagram”. Other than that, all else should be a go though we think less emphasis on ‘Gram in the name would be better ourselves.




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Ticomfreak says:

Instagram client.

borasar says:

edit:  I read the rules and went ahead with my second idea, see below

borasar says:

Momentary - synonym with instantenous, your picture captures a moment, and there is likely commentary to it
That's so deep!

teom95 says:

You should read them, you can use the word instagram, you just have to use it in combination with other words

borasar says:

i don't think you understood my original edit

Flagz says:

I think Instagram is forcing the name change because maybe they're bringing the official Instagram soon?

borasar says:

that's a very long name man :p

Ticomfreak says:

Can't stop laughing

xankazo says:

That made my day.. and my night!!!

ewoltrev says:

Haha... awesome.

Shifla says:


Toldyoutherewasaninstagramappcomingbutnoonewouldlisten or T.Y.T.W.I.A.C.B.N.W.L. for short

mattypaul says:

How about calling it 'anagram'?

With everyone trying to come up with a new name I think this is a clever one. Also, it sneaks in the 'gram' part but is an existing word that Instagram can't complain about.

It works on many levels! :)

danielgary says:

I'm going to get the ball rolling with Windows Phone Client for Instagram. 

miiwp says:

#gram, hastaGram, lnstagram with L, snapgram, iG client? Any of these? :)

Shifla says:

Since the official instagran refused to develop the official app, I would like to call. Revengegram

Shifla says:

Or Instarevenge

Lol u got my vote

Shifla says:

As for alternative Altergram

Shifla says:


Hassan Taher says:

Instapp (inst-app)
"Hey I just instapped a new picture!"

How about Snappd or Snapd
Have you "snapd" it yet?

NIST says:

Kilo. Because we don't do grams here.

joelsilva says:

Instagram Client, that sounds good, and draws attention to people who doesn't know that exists an app that do anything as the instagram does.

Xavdog says:

Filtersnap (for Instagram)
EDIT: Or maybe Filtasnap to keep the Instagram 'a'.

simphf says:

It's my Gramps

odoggyfresh says:

Pictures With Friends

Windows own instagram

pukkiewp says:

Its for instagram

pattayo_ib says:

Instawindows! :)

agm353 says:

Microgram (Microsoft + Instagram)

B_Sack says:

I like this.


amcalexandre says:

Fukgram (for not publish a WP app) or Picgram ('Pic' for pictures)

Racxie says:

Damn it, this is what just came to my mind!

danielgary says:

Sorry...Metrogram is already taken :-\

miiwp says:

#gram, hastaGram, lnstagram with L, snapgram, iG client? Any of these? :)

Xavdog says:


Jrexxx says:

Already exists :)

sm4llzie says:

Short and catchy ;)

Just as I put instaShare I looked at the comments and BAM there ur InstaShare lol

jsnod25 says:

Oh I like that one

Yep, I thought of that one too

jordo_id says:

Already taken..

Rewire says:

I second this.

theres a hashtag problem with this app please someone tell the developer and the beta testers 

nikoduque says:

yes! i am not able to use the tag button in the bottom, it and seems that i am the only one who can view the picture :/

when i tag my pic with popular tags i usally get like 20 likes in one minute from random people but when i upload a pic with itsdagram with tags i dont get those likes anymore :(

Litrico says:


Sam Sabri says:

Margatsni ... 

danielgary says:

Haha, I had the same idea earlier when this first came up.

Sam Sabri says:

Great minds think alike Daniel!

erzhik says:

Reason: Pix a lot. As in lots of pictures. Or a lot of pictures.

xboxonthego3 says:

Lol idk why but I found this one hilarious and cool

danielgary says:

Only if you change your submission to Sir Pixalot. 

ladydias says:

Lol, that popped in my head to.

jobinthomas says:

Yes, please! Sir Pixalot sounds awesome.

gcdc_lumia says:

Pixalot -- is this a new pokemon?

zhoulhas says:

Lensa (malay word for lens)

danielgary says:

I like this one...

erzhik says:

Cool name but I think there is a full fledged app under that name that connects to instagram.

The icon can be a graham cracker that looks like a camera.

JCastillo1 says:

This is so awesome

Kidderkat says:

You, sir, get my vote.

succubism says:

Yes yes yes so much yes

pookiewood says:

Haha! Nicely done.

Love it. Punniest one yet!

simphf says:

I like it. But I'm not sure it would fly. In Canada the law tends to side with the first company to have the pronunciation. I'm not sure about Merica!

jsvb1977 says:

I saw like five for Winstagram as I scrolled through the comments... But only one person said it first (and the person was not me).

Ascriab says:


JellymanEN says:

WinPhoto (for Instagram)

izzykahn says:

I'm in love with this one!

yehuda92 says:


jcrs1987 says:

-Jose Rodriguez

raul_junior says:

World domination

theroyboy44 says:


surfacenerd says:

How about Snapsta for Instagram
- Kyle Reddoch

Sam Sabri says:

That would be cool if the app did both Snapchat and Instagram. 

-Sam Sabri

danielgary says:

Post your 10 second picture to Instagram where it can live forever!

surfacenerd says:

I do like snapsta though...has a cool ring to it.

surfacenerd says:

I revised the name.

FrankEpr says:

-Frank Arce

t3chnick says:

I would suggest using instagram in the name since that's what people will search for.

Keep it simple:
Instagram WP

SEKKDS says:


Hector1van says:

Photos, (for Intagram) "for Intagram" should be small type highlight the photo part, make an icon out of that.

HupigonX says:

Instalternative for Instagram

nikoduque says:

pureviewer for instagram

Andygoes says:

It's The Wham! (or It's Da Wham!)

marantaz says:

Windows Photogram

when i tag my pic with popular tags i usally get like 20 likes in one minute from random people but when i upload a pic with itsdagram with tags i dont get those likes anymore :(
please someone help

I talked to the dev. On twitter, this is an issue and he's fixing it.

freerider189 says:

Piggybacking off this idea, how about Exposr for Instagram

Bashmaster23 says:

Haha I like it, I know they said less emphasis on the "gram" part but I feel its necessary to identify the app with instagram itsself.

Nathan Novak says:

Instant-gram or Instantgram. Insta-graph or Instant-graph!

gevabar says:

Daniel I would go for "photofeed"

TAB1360 says:

Instant pictures

Sh4mo says:

ShareDaGram !

Clesanbar says:

Damn you, was going to post that

Neo Nuke says:

Heepster for Instagram

Excuit says:

pronounced fast, it's almost "picture" :)

webnoi says:


aemond says:

Photographr - an Instagram client
Photographr for Instagram

stridley says:


markk132 says:

my post was first, i win, pick a different name :)

joe_easton says:

Post-A-Pic for Instagram

l_n says:


marantaz says:

And now....the jokes.

"Telegram for Mongol."

Instagram for Windiots

Who Needs Instagram? (I actually like that one for a suggestion. drat!

MacDaMachine says:

Instafeed (for Instagram). Add in for Instagram if possible. Can't help with the logo tho.

Dholz4 says:


MadSci2 says:

Or "Instagramforcedustochangeourname" No copyright violation since it is a statement of fact. :-)

chrgeorgeson says:


CPnextdoor says:

Laughed out loud!!

EDIT: 40 minutes later this is still awesome. I vote for it.

chrgeorgeson says:

I also like GramBlamThankYouMam! It was a tough choice but I'm glad you like my original.

t3chnick says:

Daniel, while your at it can you add the username to the photo viewing page? If I go to popular tab and click an image there is no way to know who's pic it is. Unless I'm missing something :S

IceReign910 says:

Finally Its Instagram

MandyB343 says:


James8561 says:


RFV94 says:

Photolive! for Instagram

kiddj55 says:


The word is simple and elegant like Microsoft's UI. It means the opening of a camera lens and in many ways Itsdagram has been the opening of a gate for Windows phone and it shows other devs that anything is possible.

Guldtackan says:

I like this one

GunplaGamer says:

Except Apple has a photo program called Aperture xD

kiddj55 says:

But it's a Mac App like Photoshop nothing like instagram

mshaw2k says:

Phocial an Instagram Client for windows.

ade333 says:


paras chugh says:

kaanch - that means lens in hindi

th0mas96 says:

Lenses for Instagram - focus on lenses, to advertise WP8 a bit?

Jeff Kibuule says:

1) MetroSnap
2) PhotoClick

DennisvdG says:

Instagram Metro

I was on a roll.

  • Pictugram
  • Pictogram | Piktogram
  • Instaroïd
  • Photogram | Fotogram
  • ShutterIt
  • InstaLens
  • LensIt
  • fStopIt
  • InstaChrome
  • Chromagram

Except for the part where we say ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ;)

sholokov says:

Why...the more the merrier.

JackDiglio says:


Alex Dean says:

Filtashare. As in sharing photos with filters on them.

ruddymen says:

I like this one

sergiodilor says:

HashPic for Instagram.

chucky says:


luiscamino says:

Unofficial Instagram

(this should fly legally, been there done that)

bilal soomro says:

InstaKilogram. Lol.

apRPhle says:

Snapshot, photogram, filmgram, photolens, instamoment, instalens


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