Cook with YumvY, step by step culinary recipes for Windows Phone 8

Cooking with YumvY

There is an appetizing selection of cooking apps sitting in the Windows Phone Store and you can add Cook with YumvY to the list.

Cook with YumvY is a Windows Phone 8 app that walks you through the cooking process with step by step instructions to make your time in the kitchen as painless as possible.  Cooking with YumvY is packed full of tasty recipes and the cooking directions are presented much like your turn by turn directions are with Windows Phone navigation apps.

If cooking is your game, Cooking with YumvY is a fantastic recipe app to add to your Windows Phone cooking library.

Cook with YumvY is laid out simple and straightforward with main pages covering recipes and meal planning. The Recipes Page highlights three recipes with a link to search the full recipe library. The Meal Page lists all the recipes you have tagged and allow you to prepare a multi-course meal.

Cooking with YumvY

When you tap the "show more" link on the Recipes Page you'll be sent to a full listing of recipes that are sorted by course type (appetizer, breakfast, dessert, etc.), cuisine type (American, French, Greek, etc.), or by Chef. A search button sits at the bottom of the page to find a recipe based on keywords.

Individual recipes have pages giving an overview of the dish, steps in preparing and cooking, and the ingredients needed. At the bottom of the recipe page are options to cook and add the recipe to your meal list.

Now here is where Cook with YumvY sets itself apart from other cooking apps. When you tap the cook button, Cook with YumvY creates step by step instructions on cooking the dish much like a navigation app will generate turn by turn directions to get to a location.

Cooking with YumvY

You'll need to enter the number of servings and cooks available and then tap the "Start" tile to begin cooking. The app will then guide you through all the steps, set the necessary cooking timers, and divide duties when multiple cooks are listed.

If you've added multiple recipes to your Meal Page, the cook button will generate step by step directions that take into account all the recipes that were added to your Meal Page.  This allows you to cook a full meal step by step.

Cook with YumvY is a nicely laid out cooking app with a wide variety of recipes. The step by step instructions really sets the app apart and is a welcomed feature. The only thing missing would be audible cooking instructions.

If you're looking for a helpful, appealing cooking app for your Windows Phone 8 device, Cook with YumvY is worth a spin. It is a free app and you can find Cook with YumvY here in the Windows Phone Store.

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madmass says:

Looks yummy, do they really make calamari's from pigs rectum?

nohra says:

Glad I'm eating while reading this...

and glad I passed on the calamari the other day and opted for the rocky mountain oysters instead. ;-p j/k!!!

KasakDesign says:

Only the finest pig rectum

hohohohanfan says:

Meh never going to cook those dishes but heck, downloading it for the pictures :P

The QR Code is WRONG.. it directs me to some "Weather Radar Tile" App WTF -_-

ScubaNitrox says:

Can you please add some vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free recipes

montel22 says:

I look cooking apps, I have a whole section on my windows 8 tablet

ladydias says:

I love this on my tablet. Glad to see it coming to the phone.

Bekkenes says:

I hate the wierd measurement system some backward countries use.
A cup of this, a smidge of that. Half a hamster of something.

CL ML DL litre
Gram kg

mjrtoo says:

Cooking isn't an exact science, unlike baking.

nohra says:

Not so weird if its what you grew up with. I'd be lost if a recipe asked for a gram of this and a DL of that! At least I have measuring cups for hamsters!

mjrtoo says:

Are you sure nitrox is vegan?