Cool GAME Reward advertisement highlights Windows Phone app

UK video game retailer GAME has a Reward app to help those with loyalty cards collect and spend points when in stores. We've just spotted an advertisement on the GAME YouTube account, which shows off apps for both iOS and Android as well as "Windows 8 phone". 

If you've yet to get yourself a rewards card at GAME, but find yourself shopping there often, you can easily create an account on your Windows Phone and simply have the sales assistant scan the device to apply points, etc.

You can download GAME Reward from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 and UK only). Source: YouTube

QR: GAME Reward



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Warren Dance says:

What the hell...

inteller says:

looks like it will just be a regurgitated iOS UI design slapped to Windows Phone.  I have zero respect for any company who doesn't even bother to get the name right.

neo158 says:

I actually use this app and the design, colours wise, is consistent across all platforms but the Windows Phone one uses a metro design for the different areas of the app. If anything the Android version looks more like the iOS version.

As for not getting the name right, I do find it irritates me as well, not even consumers get the name right either.

Its a great app. I've used it to bag plenty of free credit just by having the app installed. If you do use Game for trading in you can very quickly build up a lot of credit once you start using the app you would miss out on by not using it...

Grunt Attack says:

It's so sad that they closed down in Australia. Best Game Store Ever :(

kovisxd247 says:

When it comes to wp7

neo158 says:

It won't, it uses the Wallet on WP8 which isn't available on WP7. If you want it that badly then you need to talk to the developers.

Yeah i use it too. Kudos to Game for producing a functional decent WP app.