Cortana will be fluent in Canadian in time for Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana will be localized for Canada when Windows Phone 8.1 starts to roll out.

Canadians will be happy to hear that Cortana will be ready for The Great White North in time for the rollout of Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana was shown working live at a Canadian telecom conference, and 8.1 is due sometime this summer, so expect to get your hands on the feature soon.

Cortana is a voice-based assistant that helps users with all sorts of daily tasks, such as booking meetings in the device calendar, conducting on-the-fly web searches, initiating calls, get GPS directions, and plenty more.

There are, of course, workarounds to the U.S.-only localization of Cortana, and many will likely still have to resort to them in the immediate future, but the Canadian release bodes well for further global expansion of the signature Windows Phone feature.

Americans, how often do you guys use Cortana? Are you happy with the performance?

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The_Lord23 says:

It sure is! (I'm not Canadian but the more countries the better, in my opinion).

swizzlerz says:

Remind me at tree o'clock ---.. Cortana you want to buy a tree clock?

karelj says:

What's this all aboot?

gwinegarden says:

  We don't say 'aboot'!  But, it's impossible to spell how we do say it.



akak84 says:

Thought it was more like "aboat" and not "aboot"

You don't know what you're talkin aboot

MarkyMarkk says:

Well oil beef hooked

jfmanzo says:

Exactly. How Americans (and I'm speaking as an American who emigrated to Canada in 1997) hear "aboat" as "aboot" is a mystery to me because it sounds NOTHING like "aboot."

Great Anglo Canadian shibboleth isn't about though since they mostly pronounce it American style here in western Canada- it's "sooorry" which Anglophone Canadians pronounce like that coast to coast- and yes I've been in Victoria and St Johns and have heard it pronounced like that, "sooooorry," on both coasts and everywhere in between.

I'm Canadian, always have and always will, and I say "About", IV never heard anyone say "Aboot" or anything other then "About". Unless they are joking.

Shimoner01 says:

Not to say that this is necessarily the case for you, but I used to think the same way until someone actually tried to make me annunciate 'ab-out' quickly. When I said it, it was totally more like 'a-boat'. A sad realization.

Hilarious. Laughing for days; never heard that one before ever.

BK1112 says:

You've never seen South Park?

piaqt says:

Damn! That's what I was going to say.

borasar says:

I'm sorry you didn't get to say it first

So happy right now :) can't wait to ride my polar bear home to tell my wife, eh?

borasar says:

and by home you mean your igloo 

There is no igloo here, we do not live in Alaska !!!

TechnoTim says:

Can't be that difficult...
String.Append(", eh?");

swizzlerz says:

Yay us Albertans are going to get Cortana. It's not like the rest of Canada matters as much anymore. Lol. So does Rob Ford have windows phone.. His reminder should be don't let people take pictures of me in basements. Lol

TofuDelight says:

He doesn't have a Windows Phone. He has a CRACKberry. Hehehe

Canadian Cortana basically just says 'eh' & "You're not my buddy guy"

You're not my guy friend

BK1112 says:

He's not your friend, buddy!

glibous says:

Maybe they say aboot far north in Canada but in Ontario we say about.. And I got a good laugh reading that Alberta is the only province that matters.

jfmanzo says:

No, you absolutey say "a boat." Absolutely.

Alberta doesn't matter- Calgary does :)

I've never heard someone say "aboat". Everyone in southern Ontario says "ab-out". I even grew up in a small town that was basically just like that Out For a Rip parody video. That video gets the accent right.

The Arrogant Worms have this to say about other parts of Canada http://youtu.be/iRjurRdep_Q

Bring to India please

Prakhar989 says:

Will need to call NaMo even for this...!!

Haha. Cortana development under NaMo hands.

Kejriwal ko bulao.. Wo hunger strike pe jayega to Cortana ayegi India.. LOL.. XD

S Vaibhav says:

Yeah India should be first-we have the largest base of wp users!

Cecewp8 says:

Don't forget the big China!

sip1995 says:

Cortana will be available in the few weeks in China and UK.

melvinmajor says:

When will it be available for Belgium ? :P

sip1995 says:

I don't know, sorry.....

Credo93 says:

Cortana, kan je mij helpen? 

immyperez says:

I just decided to do the work around today... So far, don't see what all the fuss is about. Hopefully it gets better. I need better localization. Right now...i kind of miss Bing... Never thought I'd see the day!

dedracer says:

I guess with final 8.1 we gonna get data on/off in action Center. And few highly request features! But who knows!

pampurio97 says:

8.1 is already final. Changes like this will come with GDR updates.

buggyglint says:

That and the localized headlines.

I got rid of Microsoft sport coz I installed it for the world cup and when I launched it on Saturday it said that no matches were pending and there were four games lol

barry.weston says:

What does that have to do with action center? Fwiw... Sports is working fine for me.

Man, you need to add the leagues that you want to watch

PurpleOmen says:

That feature is already available! Its called flight mode!

Shantek says:

Ok so enable flight mode and then try making a phone call or sending a text......

willied says:

I wonder if she's fluent in maple syrup.

KaneOne says:

Will she say about or aboot? eh?

Yousef Kawmi says:

She will be sorry a lot that's for sure

mreaglejr says:

I'm wondering if Cortana in other languages will sound like Jen Taylor or different?

Yeah me too. I have a british accent but i won't change the speech language if I can't hear Zen Taylor's voice.

efektos says:

I can never imagine Cortana speaking Hebrew... And it'd probably never will... :'(

Yousef Kawmi says:

Yeah, Arabic as well :/

simphf says:

What about Sanskrit?

Yousef Kawmi says:

I feel bad for them too, who actually speak this legendary language ?

That would be interesting...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure if there are any VA's that understand or speak any Semitic languages

Yousef Kawmi says:

What do you mean by VA ?

Shimoner01 says:

I would assume 'voice actor'.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Aha that makes sense now, thanks !
well, i think arabic should be on the list since arabic is the third or fourth spoken language in the world (according to wiki)
but man can only dream :\

Shimoner01 says:

I'm sure it will be in short order; from what I understand, WP (or at least Nokias) are still pretty popular in the Middle East.

As a canadian, this makes me quite happy.

Mister Gore says:

Been using Cortana in Canada with the whole US region set. It will be nice to get it with KM and Celsius info instead of the US stuff though.

mturk1995 says:

Im with you man, please Microsoft work on this

Yousef Kawmi says:

Yeah finally.
Will switch just for that

No kidding.  Farenheit and miles are just awful.

immyperez says:

Funny because with me Fahrenheit and KILOMETRES is awful, lol (UK)!

gwinegarden says:

That's because you Brits can't make up you minds

jfmanzo says:

Neither can Canadians- weight in pounds, height in feet, distance in km, temperature in celcius!

gwinegarden says:

Nope.  Maybe some of us who grew up with pounds and feet, but my kids and theirs don't understand them.

Yup. Can't get my head around it even though I've been living in the US for some time now.

AV2RY says:

Have lived here (USA) for five years still the only thing I know is 1mile=1.6km and 90F+ is too hot))))

Aye. Would love to go back home to Blighty :)

Don't care for the metric system. "oh it's 28 deg centegrate, oooooh that's hot!" 

Everything in metric is based in multiples of ten. What's silly is systems that aren't like that.

How many feet in a mile? How many miles in a furlong? How many stone in a pound?

Here's the strength of metric.

1 milliliter = 1 cubic centimeter = 1 gram.

1 liter = 1 cubic decimeter = 1kg

Conversions are so easy.

SwimSwim says:

While annoying, if you ask, Cortana will give you measurements in different units.

Mister Gore says:

I have done that many times. Just wish there was a way to have it keep the setting.

Shimoner01 says:

Surely when 'optimizing' it for Canada that is one of the first things they would have done.

MediaCastleX says:

I think we do have the option somewhere in the settings for it to use either standard or metric... Not tied to region

MrPhilicorda says:

I'm in Sweden with region set to USA, but I'm so going to change the region to Canada when it gets released just to get kilometers and celsius!

TChrist says:

Now if only we could have a Windows flagship phone to run it off of.

barry.weston says:

Touché! I still love my 1020, but I would like to have a new option available.

Flagship?! At this point we don't even have mention of any 8.1 handsets at all let alone top end devices.

The Lumia 630 and assorted? The two micromax phones

Nataku4ca says:

We do the ones in India ;-)

Clarke98264 says:

I see the 930 (black, unlocked) listed as pre-order on Expansys.ca, but no price yet.

Shimoner01 says:

If that news came from a 'carrier conference', though admittedly I may be unsure of what exactly that is, hopefully that means that they were talking about the implementation of new WP8.1 handsets and training their staff. That could, of course, be wishful thinking.

terrokkinit says:

With Microsoft's purchase of Nokia, that starts a whole other round of phones for launch....which are usually gated for the fall. But hey, better to get the kinks out now than before a brand new device launches, I'd say. As for me? My Icon suits me quite nicely. Best Windows Phone I've ever owned...zippy, perfect size, and such a clear screen!

sundawg#WP says:

I wonder if India would like Cortana. I'm surprised there's not more clamoring.

Prakhar989 says:

There is!!!NaMo is going to mention her in his upcoming lecture

Rainmarie says:

Getting exciting!!!!

IceDree says:

Cool! Quick question, will it understand French? I hear in some parts of Canada, French is the native language.

FFugue says:

I sure hope it will!! I'm still gonna use it if it's english only, but it'd be awesome to be able to use it in French!

simphf says:

Printed product are required to be bilingual. Not sure about this.

Shimoner01 says:

Too my knowledge, this wouldn't apply. That said, I'm sure that if its not in this update, Québec French will come along with Cortana's roll out in France; which can't be that long given WP's growing popularity there.

What are you talking about? Quebec French and France French are totally different.

And Quebec makes up a sizable chunk of Canada's population. With them and the eastern provinces I'd say at least 35%-40% of Canadians are Francophones. The ONLY reason that makes sense for the delay of Cortana's release in Canada is because of French localization. Our English accents aren't that much different than the northern states.

buggyglint says:

Awesome! I can't wait :P

DarwinPurol says:

This is what im waiting for.

mandushandu says:

please bring out a german version for germany, austria and switzerland!

Chef316 says:

Oh geez, eh!!!

SIMONator24 says:

When for the Netherlands?

As a Canadian, I'm glad to hear this is coming sooner than I originally thought. Nice to see the support. Now we just needs some new phones(available through carriers).

simphf says:

I'd rather have new carriers.

Nataku4ca says:

Ya, either that or wind had got to step it up with the reception

AccentAE86 says:

I just want a carrier with a sales force that DOESN'T try to convince me to NOT use WP.  It's like they are actively trying to kill WP or something.  Geez.  They problem is, they have no idea how to use WP and if they tried it, they'd probably like it (like how I did, despite how skeptical I was at first). 



thoughtful_1 says:

+ gazillion -  same experience I had!    The sales people are young adults with limited technical experience beyond what youth use devices for (i.e. no business experience).  For us adults that use devices to produce in business, WP is excellent!   The sales people just can't relate.  & they don't care about privacy, which adults in business legally have to care about.

Blacklac says:

That's what I'm talking aboot, aye.

AV2RY says:

Lol. I just remembered Brave Heart movie- William Wallace, they say "Aye" alot there)))

msirapian says:

Please bring French to Canada as well :) (says a French who's waiting for Cortana and can't understand how French is more difficult to implement than Chinese o_O)

Simon Tupper says:

"yer ou le caliss de IGA?" "Désolé vous êtes incompréhensible"

Franky_B says:

LOL Too funny, not sure Cortanna will ever get that.

That being said, it's nice to get some love Microsoft. After months of waiting for OneGuide on XBOX (arrived last week), and never receiving Local Scout, to get Cortana with the official launch is a big step in right direction.

Now waiting for the next flag ship announcement to upgrade my 920.

Awkanu says:

Je suis avec toi pour ça!! Ça ne devrait pas être si compliqué... ;)

Aren Clegg says:

I don't use Cortana. She drains my battery on my Nokia 521 to fast.

xFalk says:

Take it off vibrate

What language is Canadian?

French, English or a mixture of both?


On a side note. I hope that Cortana can play my music, since they are in Spanish but I use the English locale version for my Phone.

Example: Cortana, please play (insert song name here).

David P2 says:

She plays stuff for me without issue.  Will even skip tracks and pause them for me.

2tomtom says:

Same here. Will play playlists, songs, artists etc.

Shimoner01 says:

English or French, with people from some parts of Québec and Eastern Ontario speaking a rather hideous combination of both.

spaceOpia1 says:

What about Canadian french? Is that included in the Canadian fluent news???

Cormango says:

I think it would have to be in order for them to officially launch it. Correct me if I'm wrong?

SwimSwim says:

"What can I help you with, eh?"

"try 'Find maple syrup near me.'"

"Show some movies around me"

Cortana: "I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that, eh"

Oh, sorry, "Show some movies around me, eh"

Cortana: "Here are movie times at the theatre closest to your location, eh"

"I'm sorry that I forgot the eh, eh"

Cortana: "It's okay, I'm always sorry, eh"


Cortana: "eh, eh, eh, eh, eh"

"Hockey and s#!%, eh"

Cortana: "Look, I'm Rihanna. 'Under my umberella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh,' eh"

"You're hilarious, Cortana"

Cortana: "I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that, eh"

Sorry, "You're hilarious, Cortana, eh"

Cortana: "Well that's how I'm programmed, eh"



Haha. Do they [Canadians] really have eh at the end of every sentence?

It's not really that extreme, I'm just poking fun.


Maine is actually somewhat similar/worse, most "r" sounds are replaced with an "ah" sound.

Lobstah. Dahling. Lambahghani.

pmich says:

I do have a habit of saying it from time to time.. probably about 3 or 4 times a day.  It's usually when something truly awesome happens and my immediate response is "Holy Shit, eh....." 

Im a Canadian and have family is Mass. that like to poke fun of us for saying eh. Then I remind them how they talk "Hey Mawk, grab me a beah from the cawh" lol.

Ah I see. Would be interesting to hear it.

Nataku4ca says:

It's actually getting kind of rare...

Yeah, I've noticed that in high-population areas. It seems to be only the smaller towns where heavy accents are surviving.

This video represents the small town Canada accent perfectly.


Fookin' eh, bud. I'm gonna go out fer a Timmies and smoke a dart.

Simon Tupper says:

Finally some love for Canada haha

mango.lover says:

"Don't make a girl a promise you can't keep, eh."

"But those are the best kind..."

Mestiphal says:

I was going to reply back, but it would just spoil the movie

MadSci2 says:

Number First!

Tabernac it took those tete carres long enough. I just hope when I ask Cortana where to go to get some hot poutine she doesn't think I'm speaking Spanish eh! N'est pas?

I've used Cortana several times.....mainly for GPS directions.  Just from the few times I've used it, the wife (who has an iPhone) states that Cortana definitely works better than Siri.....and I agree.  Cortana automatically launches the Here Drive app too.  Slick!

terrokkinit says:

Agreed! Best deal there...now if only Cortana could give the voice directions.....;)

utkarsh13 says:

When will Cortana come to India speaking Hindi fluently!!!??
Waiting for any official to reply...

patrickwee says:

SEA ? When is SEA ?

SchueyF1 says:

Great news. Really hope the next flagship comes to Canada.

Windows Phone 8.1 is rumoured to be released June 24, right? Well that's great, Cortana is finally coming to Canada soon!

nez99 says:

Omg I hate gaps in the start screen!

nez99 says:

I don't use the region hack for one simple reason, can't use the findmyphone service :(

Find my phone work for me even if i set my region in US to get Cortana!!

ziplocks says:

Awesome! Just need a new high end phone to go with it! 930...!

Cormango says:

Shaweeet! Now all I need is an upgrade from my Lumia 920 to the... oh wait... there is no upgrade for the 920 in Canada... WHOMP!

Nakazul says:

When it get to Sweden I try it.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Watta hell is canadian?!

Simon Tupper says:

Midway between the British and American accent.

blackprince says:

With some Irish/Scottish flavors

thorsgris says:

Why is it hard to learn Cortana to speak Canadian?

2tomtom says:

Some people never learn :D

terrokkinit says:

I dunno what you're talking aboot. ;)

chezm says:

I'm Canadian and glad Cortana will finally be fluent in Canadian English lol

mdram says:

Rejoice!  All Canadians are to meet at the tree in Edmonton...

swizzlerz says:

Yup. No where else in Canada to meet.. Must be Alberta eh!

blackprince says:

I pee on that tree and your hockey team.

Im Canadian and Cortana can localized a lots of place like my home, my work and other place i go often like my friends home, restaurants, bar, cinema...etc

FirstWorlder says:

Americans, how often do you guys use Cortana?

I never use Cortana. Similarily I never attempt to charge my phone by plugging it into the outlet that I know full well does not work.

Yay ill be able to buy stuff from the store and the localization will be better!!!!

R B4 says:

Just so that people know, in Canada have 2 official languages (English and French) .

swizzlerz says:

Don't forget Albertan, and Nufi by... and some native slang. Maa whatch you think we don't matter too? it will be interesting if she understands all dialects.

beerman55448 says:

Take off...That's great news eh....

thoughtful_1 says:

Take off!    LOL  - haven't heard that in a few decades!.  

From "The Great White North"  - SCTV -  (Canadian 80's version of Saturday Night Live)



With Rick Moranis  - it's amazing he ended up in "Hunny I Shrunk the kids" type movies  :)

Watch it yah hosers!   :)

adroit9 says:

AKA English? It already works just fine.

they could've just released it to Canadians....it's not like american english is that different from canadian english except "ehhhh" 99% Cortana will recognize with no problem.

If they released from the the get go, it will at least make Canadian feel that they care and not snobbing their neighbor

I've been using it with my location set to USA and the only annoyance is miles and Fahrenheit. If they can fix that, she's officially a Canadian citizen.

blackprince says:

+520 and spell colour right

egp says:

Location service uses too much battery

When will Cortana be available for Africa or South Africa?