Could the PlayStation Suite come to Windows Phone? Sony says maybe...

The future of Sony in the smartphone market has two major considerations for Windows Phone:

1) Will Sony make a Windows Phone 7 device?

2) Will Sony push their PlayStation platform on other mobile OSs?

The answer to the first is maybe. More specifically, Sony is keeping the door open to make a Windows Phone in the future, but as far as anyone knows, there's nothing immediately on the horizon. One reason for that is that some speculate Sony would not embrace a phone that makes the Xbox 360 its centerpiece. After all, this may seem to downplay Sony's own efforts in mobile gaming.

Sony though seems to be taking a mild mannered approach to the issue, suggesting that they are in fact, hardware/software neutral when it comes to their mobile PlayStation suite (prominently launching on Android). In a press event, SCE CEO Kaz Hirari stated:

We're focusing first on Android... There's also Windows [Phone], iOS and so forth, but we don't have the resources to make it compatible with everything from the start.

The statement is an echo of a recent meeting where Sony previously described the PlayStation suite as "hardware neutral". This seems to take out the argument that Sony won't ever do a Windows Phone either due to fears of competition in mobile gaming. In fact, we could imagine Sony doing a Windows Phone featuring Sony mobile gaming on it. But now the ball is in Microsoft's court: would they allow such a deal and partnership to go forward? This could be an interesting next few months and we'll try to grill Sony on this issue at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks.

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So could we possibly see an Xbox 360 console that also plays PS3 games? NOT!!!! LOL

theefman says:

I guess it could happen, since they are primarily selling software in this case and have no OS to protect, however I doubt it will ever come to fruition on WP7. The marketshare of the iphone however,makes it a prime candidate for this service and that I would expect to see at some point.

Pete C says:

Why didn't MS think to make a phone with slide-out gaming controls? They could have called it the XPHONE and dropped Halo on it with online multiplayer over Xbox Live. Phone gaming is a terrible experience with only touchscreen controls. If at least 1 handset per carrier had some physical controls it would have appealed far more to the gaming market and the Xbox Live brand would have held some meaning.

HD7guy says:

How do we know they aren't thinking about it?....