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CrazyMaze Lite, a Windows Phone game full of challenging Labyrinths

CrazyMaze Lite

CrazyMaze Lite is a challenging Windows Phone puzzle game that has you maneuvering a marble through a series of creative mazes. Mazes that are full of holes that will end your journey, portals that will send you across the maze and other pitfalls that you will have to negotiate around.

CrazyMaze Lite has a bit of a casual feel to game play but challenging enough to keep things interesting. If you are looking for a change of pace for you Windows Phone gaming needs, CrazyMaze Lite is worth a look.

Game Layout

CrazyMaze Lite's main menu offers options to jump into game play, access the gaming options, buy the full version ($.99), view the help section and visit the developer's Facebook page. Gaming options include music/sound on or off and sensor calibration.

CrazyMaze Lite Menu

Game play with CrazyMaze Lite includes eighteen levels of play that are spread across various Quest Chapters. As you complete each level, additional levels become unlocked.

CrazyMaze Lite Chapters

Prior to the start of each level, CrazyMaze Lite will give you an overview of the maze with information on all the dangers, traps, and triggers that are present. When you are ready to tackle the maze, just tap the screen.

Game Play

Game play with CrazyMaze Lite is accomplished by holding your Windows Phone level with the floor and tilt your phone to move the marble. You have bubbles that can be collected to add points to your score as well as bubbles that will deduct points.

CrazyMaze Lite Game Play

Gaming levels start out rather easy and progressively become more challenging. You will run across sections of the maze that will speed up your marble or slow it down. Other maze features includes portals that will transport your marble across the maze, power-ups that will shrink your marble so it can pass through narrower passages and triggers/activation points that will unlock passages.

CrazyMaze Lite Game Play

The goal with CrazyMaze Lite is to guide your marble from one end of the maze to the exit point, collecting as many points as possible. Once you've reached the exit point of a maze you can proceed to the next level or replay the current level to improve your score. As you dive deeper into the game, you'll find some rather creative mazes with CrazyMaze. Mazes that will take a little patience and a delicate touch to navigate through.


Overall Impression

CrazyMaze Lite is a fun, casual paced Windows Phone game. Graphics are nice and the mazes have their fair share of challenges. The only glitch I have discovered is that at times the menu buttons took a few taps to activate. Nothing detrimental to the overall experience but noticeable.

While CrazyMaze Lite is a free, ad-supported game, you also have a paid version of CrazyMaze that lacks ad-support and has fifty-four levels (free version only has eighteen). The paid version lacks a trial version so if you need to try things out, go with CrazyMaze Lite first.

Both versions of CrazyMaze are available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can find CrazyMaze Lite here and CrazyMaze here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: CrazyMaze Lite

QR: CrazyMaze



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kenzibit says:

Nice one....I'll be super crazy by the time I finish playing this game.

2tomtom says:

Tried a game like this on Windows Mobile and although it was simple, it was highly addictive. Will have to try this one.

kenzibit says:

Talking of Windows Mobile days....I still have my Sony Ericsson Aspen with Windows Mobile 6.3.5. Aaww mehn...those days.

I still had my LG expo up until a few months ago.

kenzibit says:

That phone was a hit when it got released......abd you destroyed it.... you human!

Aashish13 says:

Anyone knows about the new despicable me 2 with new themes and adventure? Hope it comes on time to WP.

Another game that is not available here in Brazil. :(

Aashish13 says:

Really sad. I mean y isn't the govt not friendly there.

The govt is: devs just need to use a PEGI or an ESRB to do that and almost every game has one of these.

PedroLamas says:

Fortunately, the developer is a really close friend of mine, so let me talk with him and I'll take care of that! :)

Thank you so much buddy!!