Cro-Mag Rally is the Xbox Live Deal of the Week and an easy 200 GamerScore too

Cro-Mag Rally Title

How much do you like Achievements? That may very well be the factor that helps many people to decide whether or not to purchase the latest Xbox Live Deal of the Week game, Cro-Mag Rally. It’s now on sale for $1.99, down from $2.99.

Cro-Mag Rally is a prehistoric-themed kart racer from Pangaea Software and Citizen 12 Studio. Kart racers are usually pretty fun, but I just didn’t enjoy my time with CMR. As our review indicates, the two primary problems are visuals and track design. CMR originated as a Mac game in 1998, and it shows its age with heinous character designs and terrible 3D graphics. Plus the tracks are just randomly littered with way too many obstacles and tight turns that don’t match the style of game or controls at all. On the other hand, CMR’s Achievements are quite easy, and two bucks isn’t a bad price for another 200 GamerScore.

Cro-Mag Rally is $1.99 for one week only and there is a free trial. Pick it up here on the Marketplace, Achievement hunters.




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Finally I will get this POS game. 
Anyone seen Spider Jack yet?

MacAarburger says:

any new games coming today? or anytime soon???

Paul Acevedo says:

Spider Jack should appear any time now. We'll post as soon as it does.

Jay Bennett says:

If only this game wasn't terrible...

Gemini Ace says:

I don't think I could live with this game on my gamercard.

Me neither. That and the fact I refuse to support spreading such trash on Live, it's like endorsing littering.

Res215dg says:

Isn't this game filled with all sorts of bugs and handling control issues? 

Paul Acevedo says:

The handling's a bit bad, but it's not particularly buggy. That's why we post a review link... :)

tylerh1701 says:

Man you're right, the visuals are ROUGH!  Still debating this one, the debate may go on all week.