Custom battery meter comes to the Windows Phone homebrew scene

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If you're on the cutting edge of Windows Phone hacking and homebrew then you probably have a fully unlocked device with a custom ROM running "Tango" 8773. If so, then you may want to take a look at this latest creation from Zealson over at XDA.

The simple XAP file will launch a mini-app to allow you to change the battery meter to a custom version. The meters have four options available: default, horizontal, vertical and circular with the latter three having a percentage number for a semi-accurate reading of your remaining battery life.

We say semi-accurate as the percentage doesn't get down to the 1% range and instead looks to be at 10% increments. Such a limitation is due to the API though who knows what magic these devs can whip up, so there may be hope for 1% changes too.

Of course as we mentioned at the beginning, only fully-unlocked ROMs can install this and luckily the Titan and Radar are now in that camp too

Source: XDA Forums



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vault21x says:

seems slightly unnecessary, but I guess it looks cool. ah, makes me jealous though for a fully unlocked device.. Mr. Rubino, how bout a WPCentral 'How To' for fully unlocking devices so some of your more adventurous, though less tech-savvy, readers can get in on the action.

vault21x says:

where are my manners.. please and thank you!

On my to-do list, no sweat.

It IS a bit daunting though which is why even I haven't done it yet. But will toy around when I get back from LA.

vault21x says:

awesome, y'all are great!

iggypop120 says:

I would recommend the step by step guide to have screenshots. The only way I could do it for android when it was tough.

GonzoMcGee says:

Daniel this would be awesome! I am looking forward to this guide.

edjr07 says:

Oooo a how to would be awesome sir. Amazing.

yeahbuddy78 says:

I have exactly zero desire to hack/ROM my Lumia.  Still have my GNEX if I so wish, and, well I got tired of all that.  Guess I'm growing up finally.  I just want my phone to work and work well (which both do bone stock).

iggypop120 says:

Some of us want to unlock simply to access all of the exclusive apps.

schlubadub says:

Your desire may change if MS don't give you WP8 on your mobile. There are some cool unlocked-only apps... One that appeals to me is one that can backup all the sms messages. There are heaps of other awesome apps we don't have access to

irlju#WP says:

5% increments, not 10%.
Also, I feel this hack does showan area that a higher resolution display would really shine. There simply aren't enough pixels to form nice digits.

Molopod says:

Interesting. I never thought about putting any extra software on my phone though.

jdep1 says:

That was a featured I miss on my wp7 definitely giving it a try. I recommend making an article on the screen capture app. One of my favorite home brew apps.

Nakazul says:

Strange to finally see it, been without it for so long. I cant say i miss it, my phone lasts a day or it does not. Consumption is dependent on usage, low usage gets you through a day, medium half a day, and heavy usage approximately 6-8 hours. No matter how you look at it, you need to charge a smartphone at least everyday. Yeah think i made my point, never thought i defend the clean battery bar, but it looks so ugly to have percentage...or numbers in there. Well well.

Nakazul says:

Still nice to see development concidering it's a mistery that seems impossible.

theshadow03 says:

does this work only with tango rom??

kinaton says:

Nice.. All we need now is a full phone backup app :D

rwspark says:

If you're fully unlocked, install the bazaar marketplace. Then install the app from inside bazaar. Its a nice app. Running on my newly rooted titan.

What's a reliable unlock code website I could use to unlock a lumia 710 Tmobile to use on AT&T