Custom Tango ROM Metro^7 available for the Lumia 710

Metro 7 Tango ROM for Lumia 710

Metro^7 is a custom Lumia 710 ROM built on the Tango release, and is now available over at the XDA developer forum. The author, XDA member vova1609, states that you need to have your Lumia 710 interop unlocked, but then you should be good to go with flashing. 

Some highlighted features:

  • Fully unlocked
  • Install XAPs using Internet Explorer
  • Bazaar pre-installed
  • Bluetooth File Transfer by DFT pre-installed
  • Exclusive wallpapers "metro ROCK"
  • Added tethering functionality
  • Deleted Nokia's apps (Nokia Music, etc.)
  • Added Google and Yandex as available search engines

As well as the ROM and included functionality, an exclusive pack of 'metro ROCK' wallpapers are included, featuring multiple designs to match the system theme. Please note that Windows Phone Central does not take any responsibility for any issues your device may develop using this (or any other) available ROM. Use at your own discretion.

Source: XDA, via: Plaffo



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Why remove the Nokia apps? 
What a joke...this is one of the reasons I never install ROMs in my Galaxy S. Always removing good features and isntalling crapware/unstable/worthless apps.

saket87 says:

Probably because you can download from the market, and keep size of rom small

Spyral says:

Exactly. To some, the Nokia apps are crapware/unstable/worthless.
Might as well give users the choice.

mrpinkeye says:

i want tethering but this sounds scary to me. should i just wait!?

noelito says:

and yet no custom rom or hspl for my titan, there is even a $1,000 bounty, so disappointed...

Relief says:

Well HTC is known for fucking its customers.

Tafkas373 says:

I wouldn't have done it anyway, but aren't you scared by the quality of that image?

How to install the custom ROM?