Dailymotion finally updated for Windows Phone 8

Dailymotion for Windows Phone 8

Can we get a drum roll, please? Dailymotion for Windows Phone has been updated (no, this is not a delayed April Fools) to take full advantage of the latest version of Microsoft's mobile platform. The app reveals that we're looking at version and the update should be pushing out as we speak so be sure to keep an eye on Windows Phone Store notifications. So what's new in this release?

As mentioned above, Windows Phone 8 support is included. The app now sports a lens, where users can easily record some footage and upload the end result immediately. It's a welcomed addition to the refreshed user interface, which looks more appealing to the eye. Those who have Dailymotion accounts can login and enjoy more features that are available to members, including uploads, subscriptions and favourites.

App Dailymotion

Unfortunately, the latest version of Dailymotion doesn't sport fast resume or voice commands, which is a shame as there's definitely some potential there. From the quick few minutes we've played with the new release, the app feels more stable and we didn't experience any crashes that have plagued Dailymotion fans for months on Windows Phone. Is it a superb update? Not particularly, but the added lens is pretty neat.

Be sure to hit us up in the comments if you've spotted anything we've missed. You can download Dailymotion from the Windows Phone Store for free (both Windows Phone 7 and 8 supported). Thanks, Kaush, for the tip!

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ilabene says:

:o ... I was unaware of a Dailymotion WP app at all.

inteller says:

because it is crap.  I dunno why DM even exists.

Pi Sin says:

its something to replace youtube lol

Laura Knotek says:

What does this app do? I never heard of Daily Motion.

dula714 says:

It is like YouTube and Vimeo. Moreover, It has 18+ content.

dula714 says:

You are welcome.

sym1a1a says:

"R" rated content, so if you are looking for porn, it doesn't have that, BUT..... Yes you do get boobies lol

SAYSteez says:

I found porn on it ;)

@dula714 an apt description of daily motion. 18 + :D

dula714 says:

hehehe. Thanks for the compliment. 

ScubaDog says:

Oh, so it's relatively unheard of AND it has no socially redeeming value.  Lovely.

TechAbstract says:

A lot of movies are on there.

Pi Sin says:

its something to replace youtube lol

pazces84 says:

There's a Daily motion app for WP? Nice.

I'm a little confused. The Store is showing me version That would be ahead of the version in the article. Typo???.
Anyhow it's a great app for enjoying DailyMotion content. ;)

IceDree says:

I didn't know there's a Dailymotion app !

Vb2012 says:

Porn awsome I've been waiting so long daylimotion

Mads Knudsen says:

Crashes all the time. Have reinstalled it and it still crashes.
Got WP 7.8 on my lumia 800 

TheWinPhan says:

I'm so happy to hear this!!! I use Daily Motion on the WinPhan FB page because you can watch the videos on your phone without opening an app and its not needing of Flash to work. Great WP videos so I don't have to use YouTube!!! Look for my WinPhan Channel! :D

FearL0rd says:

Die YouTube... Welcome Dailymotion....

Adi132 says:

Fuck you fanboy, YouTube is clearly better you Microsoft's ass sucker.

FearL0rd says:

You family forgot to give u a good education ass

I can't watch live stream videos

Sean D. says:

Is it an official app, or 3rd party?

Pi Sin says:

official app. there is 2 in the market place.. one is by dailymotion, the other is not