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Danal opens up mobile operator billing for Windows Phone Store

Microsoft has now added another name to the list of partners helping roll out operating billing for the Windows Phone Store. Danal announced today that it is now processing mobile operator billing for Microsoft with the service being made available on multiple mobile operators using Danal's BilltoMobile payment platform.

"Danal's bespoke solution for Windows Phone provides the app store with our intuitive Carrier Billing payment option," said Jim Greenwell, President and CEO of Danal Inc. "We're extremely excited to bring that platform to the growing user base in the Windows Phone Store."

"Working with Danal to implement another secure payment solution for Windows Phone will enable even more customers to enjoy our expansive catalog of apps and games through one convenient billing system," said Todd Brix, general manager, Windows Store & Apps, Microsoft Corp. "Mobile Operator billing connections also benefit app developers by significantly increasing total app revenue in markets where operator billing is available," Brix continued.

In order to process all of the transactions, Danal had to create a custom interface to Microsoft's billing specifications. With the addition of the Danal's BilltoMobile payment platform, the Windows Phone Store now supports 59 Mobile Operator billing connections in 36 countries.

Source: Marketwired



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ahmu86 says:

plz plz plz let it be india and vodafone the carrier supported...

Pranjal Rai says:

Why only Vodafone, and not Airtel?

ahmu86 says:

Its me just being selfish

+620 me too have Vodafone not just one Vodafone but 6 lol

Akash294 says:

Bring carrier billing to India also... People don't want to use their card online here...

Marcovitch says:

Is there a list of operators and countries?

ahmu86 says:

No there is not... You need to contact them for the list...

SwimSwim says:

Awesome, should make life easier for WP users where credit cards are hard to come by. :)

Judas20 says:

How difficult can it be to obtain a credit card?

WP8_Lover says:

Different degrees of difficulty in different parts of the world. 

JC Mendiola says:

I hope Globe or Smart would also get this idea here in the Philippines :o

jddumawa says:

This ^ +1030

deepvora says:

When will bbm come to Lumia guys

Wpc will post an article about it whenever it comes -_-

Coman Bogdan says:

Fuu,only Vodafone in Italy


Is it support in Saudi Arabia