Dance Central: Spotlight, Disney Fantasia bringing beats to Xbox One this fall

Dance Central: Spotlight

Dance Central: Spotlight was today unveiled to be coming to the Xbox One this September in digital format. The game will arrive with downloadable music, enabling more scope for gameplay to be added as more tracks become available. Not only that, but Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved was also announced.

As well as new tracks and exclusive digital download for Xbox One, Dance Central will also feature the hottest hits of the week from the charts. Check out the game later this year

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

Alongside Dance Central, Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved was announced for the fall on Xbox One. It was shared today that there have been 220 million dances since 2010, which is quite the achievement and this latest title will be available on not only Microsoft's current console, but the Xbox 360 too.

Based on the classic film, players will be able to remix their favorite songs with motion gesture input via the Kinect, which is as awesome as it sounds. We're sure music fans will be stoked for this titles.

Remain tuned for more E3 2014 news.



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coip says:

I assume these are Kinect games. If so, Hallelujah!

jlzimmerman says:

It's good to see the Kinect still getting some love.

MediaCastleX says:

I'm doing it! Awesome... =D

sahib lopez says:

i want the dance thing now :D

Mestiphal says:

should be, everything from those guys is

SmoothDog says:

My kids will like this. Me....meh. Let me quickly peak around a corner, duck behind it, grab a grenade, chuck it around the corner and then grab my gun ALL with Kinect.

Ba2Py says:

Ok. Xbox one for me then. I only have the xbox 360 because of the Kinect games, a new dance central it's a must in my collection :)

swizzlerz says:

My gf is intrested...