Daniel Rubino talks to CBS Radio on the Nokia Lumia 1020

Daniel Rubino and the Nokia Lumia 1020

After officially announcing the Lumia 1020 in New York City, Nokia is back in front of the mainstream news. From local news stations to major networks, it’s going to be hard to ignore 41 megapixels in a smartphone. But when it comes to anything Windows Phone related news there’s only one authority. You’re reading it right now. So who better for local NYC radio station WCBS 880 to talk to than our very own Daniel Rubino?

Producer Rob Hawley grabbed our favorite editor-in-chief for a sound bite on the program Dishin’ Digital with Paul Murname . The program is part of WCBS 880, the flagship station for CBS Radio News (which happens to supply news to more than 1,000 radio stations throughout the United States).

What did Paul want to know from Daniel? His thoughts on the audience for the Lumia 1020. The clip also features audio from Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. 

Want to listen to it? Go to the Dishin' Digital site and play the story titled Nokia Camera Part of New Windows Phone (should be the second story right now). 

You rock Dan. 



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1ll1TERAT3 says:

Nice! Can't wait to here it!

pookiewood says:

It's neither "here" nor "there".  I'm sure you'll "hear" it in due time. ;)

1ll1TERAT3 says:

.... Didn't even notice my typo :)

In Limbo says:

We're taking over!

Cubeddd says:

One city at a time.

Don't worry Khaled, we got your back!

aitt says:

Kicks dirt on Daniel shoes.

gevabar says:

Where is the video

Sam Sabri says:

Did you read it? It's radio :)

rubenbest says:

Whats a radio?

mdram says:

So wait...there's no video?

nizzon says:

Something MS invented, its coming in GDR2 can't wait to try it out.

rubenbest says:

Clever comeback

Nakazul says:

Lol'z priceless!

gevabar says:

Or I should say recording

Laura Knotek says:

That's cool! When will it air?

myjota says:

Where is video , i dont care if that even radio

LMAO @ the "video" posts!
Anyway, who'd have thunk it... Daniel Rubino-- Supastah!
Looking forward to listening to it.

cckgz4 says:

Nothing pulls up on my phone browser

Same here. Irony 101, lol.

change settings to desktop view and not mobile. it worked for me

k00ksta says:

Good work man!!

supbilly07 says:

Lol, the website doesn't render on a Windows Phone. Ironic.

MikeSo says:

This happens a little too frequently, unfortunately...

luimende says:

Sometimes a reload helps

Danielrego says:

Desktop Browser

Capsloc says:

Desktop Mode

NIST says:

I knew him when he had a really awful haircut. Our boy is all grown up now.

BK-one says:

I just got "shipped" email from at&t for my 1020. Can't wait.

xconomicron says:

Its ok navidee, we will most likely get a free camera grip with ours.......and also not have to pay tax. Lol

NIST says:

Dan, you had about 10 words.

Capsloc says:

LOL, I was getting to the end of the clip and was like o.O where is Dan?? Then the 10 words came along.

resicom says:

Works with my Lumia 925. Way to go Danny Boi

sumton says:

good luck wpcentral getting popular :)

someoneinwa says:

Wow Daniel. 15 seconds of fame. You did fine, but i did radio as a career years ago and i couldnt stand chopping interviews down to snippets like that where introducing you takes more time than the comment.

lubbalots says:

Few seconds of radio fame.

Josh Harman says:

Can't find the audio.

purevibz says:


manonthemoon says:

You rock Dan!!! We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!

cam45fblax says:

Kinda anti-climactic...but Dan is awesome in the TalkMobile segments

StevesBalls says:

Poor Daniel, has to work as a Nokia salesman now...

rodneyej says:

He doesn't look Impoverished to me❕

rodneyej says:

It would be cool to have video footage of the interview...

Kevin Rush says:

What happened to the WP podcast?