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Dark Way Down, find the light in this totally free puzzle game for Windows Phone

Dark Way Down

We love discovering fun games from indie developers. Here's one you might like. It's called Dark Way Down, a puzzle game from Daniel Fairley. It has been released recently for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Want to see how it looks? Head past the break to watch the gameplay on the Nokia Lumia Icon.

Dark Way Down is very simple. The goal is to light up all the tiles without running out of moves. To move, just swipe on the screen. If you land on a tile that's already lit, it will turn off. As you progress into further levels, more tiles are introduced. Some levels also have barriers, which don't allow you to go certain directions. If you're on the left edge of the board and swipe left, you end up on the right side.

Instead of numbers, each level has a name. Some examples are Lost, Shunned, Lucid, Drowning, and Conformity. Dark Way Down contains 25 puzzles in total.

Dark Way Down

If you find yourself taking the wrong step in the middle of solving a level, click on the retry button on the top left corner. The options button on the top right corner lets you switch on or off the music and special effects.

The graphics in Dark Way Down is really simple. It's two-dimensional and uses monochromatic colors. It works well with the story of finding light in a world of darkness.

In a blog post, Daniel says he started developing the game after being challenged by a friend. He says he's not particularly good at puzzle games, so designing Dark Way Down was difficult. He's satisfied with how the game has turned out, but says he will steer away from the category for the time being.

Dark Way Down is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. There's no catch, either. There are no ads or in-app purchases. It also supports devices with low memory. Go download it now if you have some time to waste and share with us what you think!

QR: Dark Way Down



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Cool. Downloading now just to support the guy for developing for all platforms. That's the kind of developers we need!

f88 says:

Same. Devs like this need to know they're appreciated by our community.

joanzen says:

Fun game. I like the old school feel of the Atari-style graphics.

Richard_Indy says:

Sometimes simple is best. No muss no fuss. Similar to Light Glide. I like it. Oh BTW... Make sure to go into settings and make sure you opt out of google analytics. Unless you would care that data would show google that WP is alive and well.

misfitpierce says:

Not bad for first in puzzle field. Gets more challenging at LV 16. Might need to fix back button not exiting but otherwise its not bad.

Looks good,will probably download later :)

Shoes in background blinded me from viewing the actual game hands on...this was more if a shoes on...will dl though as soon as sight is fully restored

Warbler says:

God the soundtrack is phenomenal

Nakazul says:

Argh, all these great games and so little storage space. I just cleaned house on a lot of games. Well well, will have to download it still.

ven07 says:

I know how you feel lol

I used to have that problem. Now is history with my 32gb 1520 and SD of 64gb. I feel almost like having a computer, plenty of space. I highly recommend all OEMs to produce handsets with SD as priority number one.

Nakazul says:

Niice. 32GB on my L 1020, but i have fotos, music, apps and games so i am constantly out of space.

I have the 32 GB of my phone almost full (4gb free). Almost all my apps are in the sd, videos and photos.


Why does this app still needs a google account to unlock achievement !! C'mon developer this is Windows and this community breathes and eats something that is microsoft's

Ejay Lozano says:

WP has an over abundance of puzzles, how about some street fighter to be diverse for a change...

jibreezy1982 says:

I can't get past the lost level.. Help?

wpfan1995 says:

Beside the game have anyone seen the leaked dynamic lockscreen 8.1 video! Check on youtube...Writers please post the news soon

crise says:

I can't even finish the 3rd puzzle with 2 tiles a firewall and a tile. How the hell do you cross the firewall?
Edit: Nevermind you can magically jump through space and end op on the other side..

HyperionR says:

How many levels?