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Our ultimate (and final) CES 2014 video is a must-see


Hands-on with Sony’s VAIO Flip 11 PC hybrid

General News

Snapdragon 805 hands-on at CES, the processor in your next smartphone

Microsoft News

CES 2014 – Our favorite Windows 8 announcements


Consumerization of 3D Printing: Windows 8.1 drivers and a Windows Phone app

Bluetooth Headsets

Daniel Rubino LOVES Jaybird headphones... watch the video here (don't blame us if you end up buying a pair!)


Hands-on with the Sony VAIO Tap 21 at CES

WPCentral News

We talk FitBit at #CESLive!

Microsoft News

Video tour of Microsoft’s off-site showroom at CES 2014


Hands-on with LG’s Tab-Book 2, the Windows 8 machine that slides


Windows Phone Central 165 – #CESLive

WPCentral News

Sphero spends a little time with us at #CESLive!


Hands-on with LG’s Ultra PC and its stunning display

WPCentral News

NewTek visits #CESLive to discuss their “TV Truck in a Box” TriCaster 860

Windows Phone News

Microsoft sold twice as many Windows Phones the week before Christmas versus last year


Gigabyte unleashes the beast with its super thin Aorus X7 gaming laptop

Windows Phone News

Wireless Power Consortium announces new magnetic, backwards compatible wireless charging system at CES


HP shows off the Z1 all-in-one computer at #CESLive!


Nokia: 2013 was about getting the apps, 2014 will be about making them great


Toshiba’s 5-in-1 Concept PC is a look into the wild future of computers

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CES Day Zero

Day 0: CES behind the scenes

Monday was our first day at CES, but the conference does not officially start until Tuesday, January 7th. The show floor was still being prepared, but we walked around for a little preview. Want to know what it’s like? Watch the video after the break for a quick look behind the scenes.

We’re going to be here the next few days, so make sure you tune in. You can follow our CES coverage at wpcentral.com/ceslive.



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Ankmeyester says:

Where's Mark? :P
Daniel looks excited :D
Sam seems bored :P
Hope there are some good surprises waiting for WP community in the coming days :)

Mark Guim says:

Mark is behind the camera =)

Tafsern says:

The best from CES must surely be when Michael Bay walked out of the Samsung show :P http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=6eb_1389050105

LMZR says:

That's already a classic. :P

LMZR says:

So excited for CES 2014, the announcments already are pretty great, hopefully something Windows Phone releated is coming! :)

Sarang68 says:

The link at the end is for a live webcast,right?

haku86 says:

Hey Guys,

Have fun and also please take a look at the Kreyos stand that should be there too. :)