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Lumia 1520.3 available for just $520

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Get a Fitbit Flex and a Lumia 635 for just $149

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Newegg selling Lumia 635 for $114

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Act quick to get $5 in your Microsoft account for free (It's over!)


Halo Spartan Assault gets an epic mobile Windows sale next week, plus a Steam release

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Microsoft Store slashes the price of Xbox One to $449.99 USD


Deal Alert: Get a free folio case with a Dell Venue 8 Pro (India)


Deal alert: Get a free Touch Cover when you buy a Surface (US only)


Deal alert: Xbox One Titanfall bundle for just $449 (US only)

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Deal Alert: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia and iLuv portable speaker case for $240

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Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 1020 (AT&T) for $49 at Amazon

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Deal alert: Nokia Lumia Icon for $149.99 at Verizon and Wirefly


Deal alert: HP Omni 10 5600US tablet for $299 at Microsoft Store

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Get the Lumia 1020 or 1520 for free when you trade in your old iPhone or Galaxy at Microsoft Stores

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Deal alert: Buy a year of Xbox Music and get a free Lumia 520 or Lumia 521 (US only)


Deal alert: Dell Venue 8 Pro 32GB for $200, 64GB for $250 at Micro Center stores

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Get the Lumia 920 for just $200 on eBay, then head to Amazon for Xbox Live Gold savings


Deal Alert: Microsoft Surface for $179 at eBay

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Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 521 for $29 after rebate at MetroPCS

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Deal alert: Save big on the Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 at the Microsoft Store (US only)

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Deal alert: 20% off gift cards to the Windows Store to buy apps and games

Windows Store

Saving money is awesome. Saving money on things you use all the time is even more awesome. Which is why we’re telling you guys and gals about this deal to save on your next app or game purchase in the Windows Phone Store, Windows Store or Xbox One game store. Slickdeals found a promo code that saves 20% on Windows Store gift cards. Those cards work anywhere with your Microsoft account. Read on for the details and savings!

The promo code is good for Newegg (, a popular online electronics retailer. They offer Windows Store gift cards in increments from $5 all the way up to $100. Head to the product page, select your gift card value and apply the promo code ‘EMCPGWB87’ save 20%.

We just tried out the promo code and it worked fine. We picked up a $100 gift card to the Windows Store for just $80.

Head Newegg to grab the deal and use the promo code.

Source: Slickdeals



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kyriacou48 says:

Great deal! Thanks Sam :)

Sam Sabri says:

Yeah it's a great deal. We all eventually buy apps/games for on Windows Phone / Windows 8 / Xbox One. Might as well save a bit of cash for more phones! ;)

HotJava says:

I ordered 2 $100 cards on 2 separate orders with 2 email addresses but they cancelled the 2nd order after noticing that it was shipped to the same address and with the use of the same credit card. Not a very good criminal here. Guess I will live with 1 gift card :)

onlysublime says:

you don't even have to use multiple emails.  you can buy 1 of each type of card.  so if you wanted $200, get $100 card + $90 card + $10 card.  or $100 card + $80 card + $20 card.

gtbuzz says:

Thanks! It'll take a while to go through these, but pretty big savings in the end. I used to buy MS points off of eBay (the actual card, not the fishy things where you had to log in with someone else's gamertag) and 20% off was a decent target to shoot for. Glad to see something similar is available now.

Averhoeven says:

That didn't work for me, I still get error.

onlysublime says:

should've worked...  are you in the USA?  also, it turns out the higher denominations have limits (like the $100 gift card can only have a quantity of 1).  an associate bought a bunch of the $50 cards and he said there were no limits on the $50 cards.

Sam can we buy a gift card like this while sitting in India, and then set the region to usa on our lumia and buy apps, then set the region back to India ?
P.s. Dont look at me like "where did that come from" =))

Judge_Daniel says:

This can be used on a Music Pass, right?

el-ojo says:

I had this same question. Looked thru the reviews on Amazon and unfortunately Not :(

MoggSquad says:

Correct.  It will not show up as a payment option for Xbox Music.

KDoubleU says:

FYI in case you didn't know you can however use Bing Reward Points for XBox Music monthly passes. Its great if your on a yearly plan to use before you start a new one. Provided you have the points of course

Judge_Daniel says:

I actually got the code from NewEgg to work on my Music Pass subscription. Perhaps it is a new feature of the unified account system they have now.

And yes, I normally do use my Bing rewards for a month of Music Pass or Gold. However, I just spent a buuunch of points trying to get that Icon.

What about buying music? Does it work for buying music online?

morpheusxp says:

No music and movies can only be purchased with debit or credit cards.

sasukeluffy says:

Incorrect. Atleast on WP and Xbox you can use MS Credit to buy music & videos.

Mister Gore says:

Does anyone know if this is good in Canada?

More than likely not seeing as this is on not so no

And why wouldn't one add "U.S. only" to a headline like that? So ridiculously frustrating. :-(

DJCBS says:

".com" means "commercial" not ".usa". Therefore a website can be ".com" and have zero connections with the USA.

lippidp says:

Additionally, the top level domains can be purchased by anyone anywhere and for any reason, except .mil and possibly .edu. There is no enforcement of the rules. They are simply guidelines. There are plenty of wankers out there with .net that have nothing to do with networks, for example.


Woo I bought 30 $100 cards.

el-ojo says:

WOW! You must be Loaded!

sholokov says:

For reselling?


Nah, gunna buy a kick ass desktop with a 4k monitor.

alphacc82 says:

haha BS, can only be used for windows store(games and apps). NOT microsoft store


Nope that's what I'm using the cards on I'm going to try to go buy everything in it.

I don't think he knew that, lol.


Read comment above..

Yeah, I kind of posted my comment the same time you posted yours...

twint7787 says:

Went to apply the promo code and they said there was an error...Is it applied after the purchase?

MoggSquad says:

Make sure you have the checkbox below selected.  it says something about you are a newsletter subscriber.  Otherwise you cannot use it.  After the order you can go to your account and unsubscribe.

dkxs says:

Waiting for this too long. But too late, I already bought a few app vouchers for very low prices from those new Lumia users who don't need them

TrustySnooze says:

Might have to look into this.

JocSTAT88 says:

Bought a $100 gift card as well! Thanks

pdjcrawford says:

If I buy this from Canada at the US Newegg site, is the gift card usable for a Canadian based Windows account?

sholokov says:

Since it is a digital code, it shouldn't matter where you are.

Xpider_MX says:

No, gift cards are not región free.

sarim_xyz says:

I think you can use it if you change your Xbox live account region to US and buy apps/games from there. There a thread in forums here that discusses how to do this.

Guytronic says:

Thanks again to the watchdawgs here @WPC we'll have less money to spend!!

Kidding of course

I will use this.

FearL0rd says:

Good deal but no Xbox gift card :'(

It goes towards your MS Account so it won't matter which one you get. I got my dad an Xbox one from my work (staff discounted), which he can still get WP apps etc.

Does this include us Aussies?

brebo33 says:

This should take care of my app fix for awhile.

LucasLumia says:

Titanfall for 48 dollars! Hooray!!! (I'm actually not really sure if I'm goint to buy it yet since I still think it's pretty expensive). Maybe when it gets to 40.

coip says:

Just buy it. It's fun as hell. $8 more to play it now is worth it.

J Ice70 says:

Awesome, I'll finally buy the WPCentral app

el-ojo says:

Ha, I got mine's for free. They had it free for like 24-48 hours one day. There's an app called "myAppFree" so you can get a whole bunch of stuff for free, like an app free a day and discounts. I just review them as a thanks to the developers.

J Ice70 says:

Argghhhh!!! I missed free!!! Free is better than 20% off.

Jack Janik says:

Support Jay man! ^.^

Jack Janik says:

Jay Bennett, the developer of the WPCentral app.

J Ice70 says:

how long does it take to get the card?

zeke009 says:

Should hit your inbox after a few minutes. Its a digital code, not the physical card

cameradork says:

It's been a few hours, and they haven't sent mine yet. I had to make a Newegg account, so maybe there's a waiting period for new customers.

zeke009 says:

Did you receive the emails about a new account and confirming your order? Shortly after my order was charged (via PayPal), I received the email with the code. You won't see the code until you receive the payment successfully charged email.

8:08 pm order placed
8:10 pm order charged
8:25 pm code in my inbox

coip says:

It's been about 5 hours and I haven't received my code yet. Maybe because it's after hours?

el-ojo says:

it's been an hour since I ordered mine. on the email, it says it could take up to 48 hours to verify credit card. This is my first purchase on newegg, so it may be likely to take longer than people who buy stuff there all the time.

cameradork says:

Pretty crazy, but I guess they want to be sure with such high fraud potential.

zeke009 says:

NewEgg has laid claim to an awful lot of money from me over the years. Which explains why my order went through in about 17 minutes versus new customers to NewEgg.

cameradork says:

~6:00pm (Pacific) account created
~6:05pm  order placed
6:12pm  order confirmation received
7:34am  - card has not been charged, email has not been sent.

J Ice70 says:

I still havent recieved mine

More than a gift card, with the offered discount i would see many people consider it as a self buy. :P

HBKnight says:

Thanks for the tip! Just snagged one for myself.

rydorrin says:

You can buy music subscriptions only on the Xbox one with Microsoft money

TechAbstract says:

I just saved $20 on apps.

efektos says:

Hmpf... No love for users outside of the US... :(

coip says:

This helps compensate for the pricing discrepancy between physical and digital Xbox One games.

AriesDog says:

Feels weird not calling it Microsoft Points anymore.

Does this deal work for Nigerian residents? Anyone please

fbendotti says:

Just got titanfall with discount

US only. Lame, waste of time.

Nimdock says:

Great heads up! :D


I was already in bed when I saw this so I just grabbed my phone, downloaded the Newegg app and completed the purchase in a couple of minutes. Awesome. :D

Helsing Lee says:

how much did U buy?

Nimdock says:

One for $100.

Monty9811 says:

Shame can't use in Australia.

joesc says:

Good for Xbox 360 purchases?

coip says:

Yes. It's good for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone app store purchases.  And it doesn't expire. Very handy.