Windows Phone Deal Alert: Cut the Rope: Experiments price reduction

Cut the Rope: Experiments

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a fun Xbox Live game for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices. It hit the Windows Phone Store last week for $2.99 and today, the price has been cut to $.99.

The sequel to the original Cut the Rope has a mad scientist putting the title character, Om Nom, through a wide range of scientific experiments. Cut the Rope: Experiments brings 150 levels of game play to your Windows Phone and at only $.99 may very well be a steal of a deal.

There is a free trial version of Cut the Rope: Experiments if you want to try things out before paying the $.99 for the full version. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.  We aren't sure if this price reduction is permanent or we'll see the game eventually return to the $2.99 pricing point.

via: Plaffo.com

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gladbecker82 says:

That happened fast :D 
Probably didnt get the Sales they wanted, now i buy it :D

carlosrdd says:

Bout time XD!!!

Yes! Bought & dl'd now!

Ughh.. that sucks. Bought it the day it came out. Lesson learned.

simphf says:

Same. Let this be a lesson not to buy from the store, at least in the first week.

NaterBater says:

Screw it. I'm not gonna wait a week and hope for a price drop. This is a pretty rare occurrence.

DavidinCT says:

For a game that was already overpriced and with most new feedback on the game getting 1-3 stars because it was overpriced ?
I'm sure we will see this more....

NaterBater says:

Well a lot of those recent Nokia chillingo releases are overpriced and have bad reviews because of it and i doubt well see any price changes in those.

pookiewood says:

Ahh Snap I bought in at the $2.99 price. :(  Oh Well.

kaynachtsman says:

At least you supported the devs(y)

So did I, just a couple dollars less of support though.

Sergio0694 says:

That sound like: "Sorry, we know this thing runs at 800*480 on your HD Windows Phone 8 displays."

mr toes says:

If it does ill be peeved, whats the point in having these high quality displays if they cant display hd graphics

Sergio0694 says:

Because that's a WP7 game, so it doesn't support other resolutions. And that's fine, but not at 2,99$ as it was before, lol :D

" We are sure if this price reduction is permanent or we'll see the game eventually return to the $2.99 pricing point."
A "not" word is missing??
Lesson learned: never buy a more than U$ 0,99 game before a week of release!! :/


Jay Bennett says:

Fixed thanks :)

erzhik says:

The price reduction was imminent. Feel sorry to those who bought at $2.99.

Taras Buria says:

Awwww yeah! Now i buy it!

I am sure it was always going to be $0.99. They just want to get as much as they could initially from the buyers who wanted it right away. They will make much more at $0.99 then they would at $2.99. The developers realize this, but they just had to get the extra $2.00 from those that couldn't wait.
No..I didn't buy it either as I thought this would happen.

Was thinking about buying it later this week. With this news, I just bought it :)

Gemini Ace says:

In other words, the price it should have started out at.

WavingReds says:

Always wait!!!

rahul.sharma says:

Sweet, buying it now ;)

jadid says:

I just got my copy. Awesome!

Wow that is so shameful, early supporters...

A little bit pissed since I bought it on day 1 for full price. Oh well its worth it imo.

JLP says:

We should get a refund on principal alone!!...just like if you buy a product from a store and it goes on sale the following week, you can take the receipt back and get the difference in $$ back

That seems right, a price drop after 5 days is a slap in the face for early supporters.

What's my high school principal got to do with this?

DreadVenom says:

Price drop = immediate buy. Glad i waited.

chucky78 says:

Damn i just bought it yesterday for $2.99

nez99 says:

Shame this isn't available on the surface yet :(

Justin5267 says:

Oh geez second time this has happened for me, first Pac-Man Rally and now this. :(

afgzee says:

well im sure the 1 star reviews and other reviers saying they wouldnt buy the game until its reduced had something to do with that!

Mouthsmasher says:

People were tarnishing the review score for this game simply because of the price. Wonder if that had anything to do with the price drop.

ImAdrian23 says:

I'm still not going to buy it. Why? Because I WANT IT FULLSCREEN.
I hope they are not going to dissapoint me with their other title when it gets released. And they better update their games or it will be the last I'm willing to purchase (made by them).

Paul Acevedo says:

If you only buy WP8-specific games, you're drastically limiting your gaming choices. Not wise IMO.

DieNadel says:

Good game, but to short... was fun and easy achivos....

MrDaedra says:

I'm still not going to buy it even for .99$. First they must bring all the missing levels to the original cut the rope.

Blame Microsoft for that and their very difficult Live process. Its why where's my water and Perry aren't live games.

DavidinCT says:

It's about time... It's been 0.99 on iOS and Android from release. It comes to Windows Phone and it's $2.99 ? Sorry but, if you feel that is ok, then you can let MS take your money, just give it to them. Personally, I feel it to be an insult to be a Windows Phone owner to see a app be 3x the price as other phones, just because I want a different type of phone, I have to pay extra to get the same apps as other phones ?
Just look over the feedback on it, it was getting 1-3 stars because of the ove price. As now it's at the price is the same as other markets, I grabbed it right away,
Price it right and it will sell well....Just feel bad for all the people who paid $3, MS should refund people...
So, now that this is taken care of, When do we see the new Cut the Rope: time travel game ? Or do we have to wait 6 months for it ?

MrDaedra says:

We have to wait till WP7 death when games will come only for WP8 and their development will be easier

GearDoGi says:

Now i can pay and support you Zeptolab! :)

Dome85 says:

Great move Zeptolab!!!
I just bought it at the right price! Now KEEP IT UPDATED TOGHETHER WITH THE FIRST TITLE!

Oseph says:

Was waiting for a price drop.

gcdc_lumia says:

now they should make the make the original Cut the Rope for free! 2 days will do. :D

Miistercoool says:

Omg I payed 2.99 >_

Warren Dance says:

That was silly of you.

SeNiLe911 says:

Is there any way to buy WP games with Microsoft Points? How if so...

Sans Gluten says:

Purchased.  Thanks for the heads-up!

Micah Dawson says:

I personally wish they would make it where you have to own an app or manually approve reviews because it is sad that people use reviews to downvote apps based on anything except the actual app itself.

afgzee says:

well thanks to the bad reviews, they acted quickly and corrected the price before the average review went down anymore.

Assumption on your part.

afgzee says:

maybe. but im not going to even look at a game which has average low star ratings.

DJCBS says:

At this price I bought it.

sunnybyday says:

I would get this if the"other" issues is fixed on my Lumia 810

Nik Rolls says:

Hmm, there is a bug where if you completed all the trial levels in a box before buying it, the next level is still locked even after purchase. You need to complete the last level again to unlock the next one.

Raylz says:

aww shucks cant get it now have till wait till next month when i pay my phone bill again.

That price change was quick...
I'm going to guess the low rating is because of the price premium compared to competing platforms. If devs are going to charge $3 for a game they better include more levels than iOS/Android, not less. Either way the price change is a win for the majority of us that wouldn't bite the first time. I have no problem paying money for games- its a favorite hobby of mine, however I can't support the pricing discrepancies as seen on the marketplace. To show my support of the new pricing I bought it! :-)

Although these games are cheap, I still struggle to spend more than $0.99. Now that this was lowered I bought it instantly. Hopefully more developers go this route of $0.99 games.

Ratman826 says:

0.99 simply means zero update

i want to send attachment in my apps Windows phone 8 is it possible without using any 3rd party tool like mailmessanger or etc

FastTrack76 says:

Just got it 79p was never paying £2:29.feel sorry for the ones who paid the higher price. 

Warren Dance says:

I don't, they're the reason WP games continue to release at much higher pricing than our competitors.

GearDoGi says:

Totaly agree with Warren!
Well said.

Bluce Lee says:

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