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Dell Venue 8 Pro coming in hot red, ships tomorrow

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This is where Microsoft Specialty Stores are opening this week in the US

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Your local Microsoft Store just picked up the ultimate gaming laptop, the new Razer Blade

< >

Get the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet for $99 this upcoming Monday through the Microsoft Store (US/Canada only)

Dell Venue 8 Pro

Nothing quite stokes our fire like a good deal on a gadget or gizmo. Microsoft apparently knows that since they are starting a new promotion called “12 Days of Deals”. How good can any deal be before Christmas and after both Black Friday and Cyber Monday already take place? Apparently really good. On the first day you can get the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet for $99. Did you do your double take on the price? Good. Details below on how you're going to want to be at your local Microsoft Store this Monday. 

Starting this Monday (12/9), emails will be sent out daily about special online and in-store holiday offers. Microsoft is kicking things off by offering $200 off the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet in-stores. That brings the price to $99 before tax. Insane right? That offer is the door buster offer and available to those with access to a physical Microsoft Store. Each Microsoft Store will have 20 of those units available at that price. The remaining 10 units per store will go for the price of $199. Which is still a great value on a very capable tablet.

Dell Venue 8 Pro Microsoft Store

Lawyer up and read the fine print at the source below. Otherwise you can see Monday morning at your local Microsoft Store ready to throw down a Benjamin on a new tablet. Daniel has one and is very fond of it. Its 8-inch IPS display (1280 x 800) is nice, but Intel Atom quad-core processor is what really sets this machine apart from devices like the Surface 2 or Lumia 2520. Check out our unboxing for full specs and a hands-on impression of the device.

Anyone picking this bad boy up now?

Source: Microsoft

Thanks for the tip Naveen!



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doomtuba says:

I don't work or have class on Monday, and I live 20 minutes from a MS store.  Looks like I know what I'm doing that morning. 

NIST says:

Buying me a tablet?

Sam Sabri says:

$99 for that tablet? Sounds like a solid plan for your Monday! Have fun and be sure to get there early! 

doomtuba says:

I'm just wondering how early I'll have to get there...

kullkid92x says:

I am on the same tip! but I do have class that day :( but I get out at 10:50! ahh I need to know how early the doorbuster has to be? I am 10 mintues away from Dadeland mall here from the Ms Store!

anybody know any info??

dragonmc says:

I too am going to be at the Dadeland store for this. I'm thinking if I get there an hour before opening time (9:00AM) I'll have a good shot at getting one. Hit me up about this, because we each stand a better chance of scoring one if we work as a team!

ziggygod says:

Wow had now idea there were other WPC members right by me. I was thinking the exact same thing 9AM. I have class as well at 11AM. You guys both think 9AM is a good time to get there?

kullkid92x says:

Ahh how cool! Lol yeah i have class at MDC kendall campus so i am super close to dadeland mall. I have a friend who works there and he said traffic flow is never crazy so he thinks the first 20 wont be gone so quickly. I might not be able to go till after 11 :\ so good luck to you guys lol if you go before 10 i am positive you will get one

ziggygod says:

Small world lol. I go to the same campus. Thanks for the heads up I really appreciate it! I'll definitely be there by 9am now. 

Jazmac says:

I have a question Sam, what is the asterisk for on the 100 dollar price tag?

Edit: never mind. I clicked the link and it points to a limited supply. I feel a walmart level rush in the offing.

amcalexandre says:

Another anti Europe, anti outside USA campaign :-P

lubbalots says:

I'd rather have us have UK deal, Xbone+1020+Fifa with 2 year contract.

Gomez9 says:

I got mine, live in the UK

ahmu86 says:

any Indian in this forum living in the US planning to buy this?...please buy it for me too...... and i m serious.. 

kjordan_29 says:

I hope that's sarcasm!  It's not anti anything, that's just where this deal is.

Why so few (at the stores)?  They could sell millions at that price!!!

This is how you kill Android.

Probably because they'll be losing money on every one they sell.

lubbalots says:

Its a monthly and with contract payment so I don't know if actually lose. Haven't added up the numbers.

txDrum says:

Umm you aren't paying monthly for anything?

jason8957 says:

It's a door buster.  They aren't making money, just driving traffic.  Wal Mart is famous and infamous for this technique.

ymcpa says:

it's a doorbuater designed to get people in the store. they lose money on each one. Android can sell stuff at a lose because they make money on advertising. microsoft doesn't make much off advertising and can't sell things at a lose unless it's a limited promotion.

AtivS8 says:

This is mortifying and unfair i have purchased and am waiting on delivery yet being in the uk i have to pay full price for base model black Friday cyber Monday whatever bloody day im infuriated!

DeepK7 says:

Love it!!! Thou feel the pain... Here in NZ :-/

poddie says:

The number of people that will get in on this is incredibly small. Being upset over it is like being upset that someone won something in a contest. Supplies for these things are always VERY limited.

Andre Blonde says:

I need to get more friends from US in case this kind of deal pops up. Now im thinking to get venue pro acer iconia or encore. Either one seems an awesome value. Also cant wait to run old games like heroes 3 or Disciples 2. I always wanted a tab with those games available. Im in malaysia now and here the 64Gb version of iconia offered for 300$ approximately. Wish it had lte though, but hey, if it is this cheap i dont mind theather my mobile internet onto the tablet and still be happy. But if id find a brand new venue or any other 8.1 tablet for 100 bucks id might have gotten 3 of them.

K_lando says:

With only 20 units for sale per store at that price, you weren't able to get one even if MS held the same sale in the bedroom next to yours.

karelj says:

No MSFT store close to me. :-(
Wish the Times Square location was still open.

toph36 says:

There is one at Columbus Circle.

pressstart says:

That Time Warner mall, 3rd floor if they didn't move. They have a booth

karelj says:

Nooooooo!!! Don't tell him!!!! ;-)

tofu. says:

lol see you guys there...


along with 100 other people

LordLugard says:

Shhh. They err flooded, so no longer there.

LordLugard says:

I heard that Columbus Circle sank into the Atlantic Ocean...

karelj says:

Drone strike...nothing there but a crater.

toph36 says:

No, it was the Hudson River.

Witness says:

Wow. I want to believe that I can actually score one, but 10 units at that price? ... Doubt it.

Sam Sabri says:

20 units at $99 and then 10 units at $199. Good luck!

Witness says:

Ah, I was corrected by my coworker today too. Maybe I do stand a chance.

hafenbrack says:

I have confirmed that this limited to 1 per customer.

Witness says:

Thanks. Good to know!

MrVol84 says:

Dirt... Cheap.. Might just jump on this!

bjax says:

Yes, I want to try and get two for Christmas gifts.

hipsterbot says:

I'm sure it will be one per customer

Rick2340 says:

Yeah the fine print says one per customer.

damo579 says:

I bought mine 10 days ago all well. Now I'm waiting for the cover that includes the keyboard to be released.....

aleclunsford says:

Does this include the Best Buy-Microsoft Stores?

What does Minimum Guaranteed Time mean in this context?

RStock521 says:

I'm wondering the same thing.  Anybody else have any input on this?

monotheist says:

I am guessing they mean that stocks will last atleast an hour [i hope]

Rick2340 says:

I'm guessing you have an hour to get one, unless they run out in the first five minutes so get there when they open.

caliborn says:

Hmm..Guess I'll be visiting the Oakbrook, IL store on Monday.

rahul.sharma says:

Don't come, please.

ahmu86 says:

ha ha... planning to come to 1 for me too 

I'll be there too!

raccoon210 says:

At the source it says that 20 available per store. Minimum guaranteed time: 1 hour.
What does that mean?

Agent-P says:

I'm wondering about this too. It seems conflicting to me. Will they have 20 tablets for sure or enough to last an hour or both?

xFalk says:

More than likely it means that the price will be good for at least one hour as long as there is still quantity to sell. Once the quantity available is sold then the minimum time for the deal doesn't apply.

Rick2340 says:

I think that is what they mean.

11B1P says:

That is how long you will wait, just to get to the register to find out they sold the last one just before you.

Zeroplanetz says:

Completely unfair to the people that live far away from the few stores.

Jackalneck says:

I don't understand all this "unfair" stuff. Stores have promotions to bring in shoppers. I can't shop at UK stores, I don't cry anti-American foul whenever there's a sale at a UK brick and mortar. I don't get it.

Zeroplanetz says:

Country to country is one thing. I happen to live near a smaller version of a Microsoft store. But for a company as large as Microsoft it should have been online in the us (if its us only) say 1k units at that price. Or however many. At least give the population a chance. Not specific cities. I'm just talking for the people that have no way of trying to get something from a company that's suppose to be nation wide for this stuff.

thecanuckguy says:

OMG did you even read the fine print.  It is available online in the US only... So stop your complaining.

11B1P says:

Online AND In store specials. This particular article is referrring to an IN STORE special. You cannot get this tablet online at these prices. There will be a seperate online special.


Edit: I stand corrected: Microsoft's online store is also carrying the offer, with the $99 price for the first 100 orders and then $199 for the rest of the day while stocks last.

blackhawk556 says:

The first 100 nationwide?? Starting at what time? I hate that we don't know this.

thecanuckguy says:

It is completely unfair, where I live it is snowing and cold.  Why do people that live in Florida have it warm!!!  Stupid mother nature.  Grow up buddy.

NH3MAN says:

I hear that! We have ruined people with this fairness crap! Life's not fair, get over it! quit blaming everybody else and go find a deal. I just bought a 64GB Venue Pro and love it and instead of being bitter about what I paid I will be driving 3 hours to see if I can pick up one for the wife.

Zeroplanetz says:

Really people? Ok. I'm quite happy with me surface. I'm not buying this no. Just seems like it should be online. And no I read it but didn't catch the online. I only saw 99 for in store. There stores are to spread out. So quit yo bitchen yourselves.

Rishicash says:

Life is unfair.

MikeSo says:

It's not unfair, but irritating. How many MS stores are there in the US and Canadan anyway? A dozen?

J88NY R says:

WTF.... I pay £249 for one in the UK, and they have the cheek to email and say that its going to be delievered later than they originally planned because of unforseen demand...

Steephill says:

If they gave them out to everyone then they would lose a ton of money.

RafRol says:

Lucky for me, I'm off of work on Monday!

Dusteater says:

Going to Bellevue on Monday!

Save me a place in line.

louisoneal says:

OMG!!!! I'm so getting this in Orlando.

MacDaMachine says:

Go to the millenia mall one, because I don't want you taking mine from the Florida mall! (having a friend pick one up)

Acbuono5 says:

I live in south Florida but from Orlando. I'm going to have my brother pick one up for me!

Steephill says:

40min away from a Microsoft store but I have family over there and will use visiting them as an excuse to run by the store and pick one up lol.

Any device with a screen at sub 1080 resolution should be priced $99 and lower. That said, an 8-inch device with an 800 screen is useless to me.


100 dollars wasted far as I'm concerned.

doomtuba says:

At first I was confused but then saw your username.

Fiann says:

Nice novelty account. Too bad there is no karma in this site.

One example. Of the 10,000s of devices created since the HD specification was incepted, you present one example.

You do realize HD is dual-pronged spec. 720 is HD. 1080 is HD.

And correcty, Macbook Air falls short of 1080 HD. Care to offer a second exception to help drive market trends in a direction you want to see?


txDrum says:

Actually: 1280x720 is HD. 1280x800 is WXGA. 1440x900 is WXGA+. 1080p is FHD. They're different, unless you want to pretend it isn't.

Techical Terms... helpful.

Economical terms... interesting.

Gomez9 says:

Fuck off then

Aaron M says:

This is a joke, right? Sometimes my sarcasm meter fails me.

Coan says:

As people have pointed out, look at the username. It'll click.

Idiosyncratic comments usually don't make their way to the executive meeting.

Jackalneck says:

Then macbook air should be $99 as well? According to your "logic".

One example. Of the 10,000s of devices created since the HD specification was incepted, you present one example.

You do realize HD is dual-pronged spec. 720 is HD. 1080 is HD.

And correcty, Macbook Air falls short of 1080 HD. Care to offer a second exception to help drive market trends in a direction you want to see?


NH3MAN says:

Ha,Ha, My Venue Pro's screen is the bomb and I'm laughing because you will never know how great this little tablet is. Go back to your single tasking Ipad loser.

mutant 9 says:

Gonna hit it up Monday. Just got the eBay surface RT and have a pro 2 and got the wife a surface 2. But what the hell, its only $100 and I have a $50 MS gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Worst case I can sell it on the bay...

larrybon says:

Ok, you can take this post down now!

erzhik says:

Looks like I'm returning my $179 Surface. MSFT store 3 minutes away from me.

pookiewood says:

Not a surface 2 by any chance?

KFBradley says:

:'( My nearest store is a 6 hour drive.

Stupid since Microsoft stores are few and far between make it an online deal

Witness says:

They want traffic in their store. The one near me has an Apple store just across from them.

texantony says:

Does this include Microsoft kiosks?

thinkdan says:

No... Just confirmed :(

Verkunder says:

Will the pop up stores have this?

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

fbendotti says:

I have the 64 GB version. Its a fantastic device. Paid 300 shipped. Yes. I'd do it again. I just wish it had an HDMI port. waiting for a good miracast receiver. Thoughts anyone?

Jackalneck says:

I have the rocketfish miracast receiver from best buy. Works great with my Surface Pro.

fbendotti says:

I just ordered from best buy hopefully it works well. 29.00

Patric.Z says:

PTV3000 works just fine. There's a slight lag but much better than surface 2.

LHAM13 says:

Usa/canada only, yes, whatever

enzom09 says:

Might have to return the one I got at microcenter for 227 this weekend...

redbluff says:

They are $227 at microcenters right now.

littleteapot says:

I picked up the 64gb version at Costco earlier this week for $299 and it included the Folio. I have a MS store near by but I have to work on Monday.

explosive0 says:

Hey Mike. Is that you?

Micah Dawson says:

Hmm. Good deal but I don't trust dell products

Anaron says:

20 available per store means I likely won't get one without lining up an hour or two before the store opens. I'll try my luck though.


EDIT: Nevermind. I won't even waste my time.

AccentAE86 says:

Am I reading this right? A deal that actually applies to Canada? Holy moly hell has frozen over!! I might have to try and nab this deal...

Coan says:

If your nearest location is Yorkdale, then nope, this isn't a deal, doesn't apply, nope nope nope.

Though if you're not in Toronto, then yes (because then I won't have to fight you for it).


John20212 says:

Its a good price, but it's still only worth it if you actually need such a tablet. If you don't need it then its still $99 wasted.


ryaoni says:

I just got the Venue 8 Android and it is awesome. It was only $129.99 on black Friday This is a ridiculous deal for a Windows tablet!

danj210 says:

Yea, I couldn't pay a dollar for android unfortunately.

ryaoni says:

My first tablet and Android. I couldn't pass up the price. I have a Windows Lumia 925, Xbox and Windows 8.1 laptop.

danj210 says:

Already got one two days ago from WalMart :/ But idc I absolutely love it! Quad core is amazing and the screen is really good too.

dreamfly says:

The line will be so short, at most 30 people.

SwimSwim says:

Perfect, because they only have 30 units to sell per store. :)

bsd107 says:

No, the line will be long. I couldnt believe the line at the Surface Pro launch - they had a snaking line outside like Disneyland....

Brief excitement, folowed by strong disappointment. I was hoping to look at ordering it online for that price, since the closest store is 90 minutes (and probably $100 in gas) away, and I have class Monday. Oh, well...great deal for the lucky turds who get it.

absolutshame says:

Nice, I live within 3 minutes of two MS stores, Millennia Mall and Florida Mall. Hard part is picking which one.

ricardios says:

And I thought the sales on amazon and WalMart were great at $230 for the 32gb version. It's a great tablet love using mine

xeean says:

Oh common... Like America is the only market in the world. All this US only stuff is getting on my nerves!

ExTrAbUtTa says:

Looks like another camping session is in store. $99!?!? Get out my face! I'm bringing the wife to cop one as well. That's a true door buster, I did nothing for Black Friday, but this will get me up early.

aitt says:

One about 5 mins away. Gonna head to work and stop by to see if there's a line. If not I'll watch a movie on my 2520 waiting to get one. If so I'm not worried cause I got a 2520 I just bought. But I'll impulse buy for that price.

coip says:

If this had a HDMI output I would've driven 2 hours to the nearest Microsoft store to get one. Damn. I just need a super cheap Windows tablet that can run Windows Media Center so I can connect it to my Xbox One and utilize the OneGuide. Sigh. Also, #SaveXboxWP. For realz.

quek9 says:

I'm on this eventhough I will have to drive an 1hr to the woodlands :(

blackprince says:

Damn why isn't this deal online. I would buy two. Closest store is hours away in Washington

I think the Verge just updated this and said it will be online too. Can't link it now but might be worth checking out.

lantern20 says:

Too bad the closest "store" is a kiosk & is 2.5 hrs away.

pookiewood says:

I feel a Monday Morning "doctors appointment" coming on. I'll be there at the Austin Store as early as I can.

LightBulbIT says:

I think a little birdie might tell your boss ;-)

blackhawk556 says:

Holy smokes! I wish I lived near a MS store.

Hmmm, seems like I'll be up super early. Glad, I already have the day off.

treiz says:

Already have one of these and it is awesome

Jobook1 says:

NOOOOOO! Why are there only stores in Toronto.... WHY!!!!! :(

joanzen says:

So, does this include the so-called "Specialty Stores" too?

thinkdan says:

Sadly, no... Just confirmed with the local specialty store :(

d***it! The nearest Microsoft store is 3 hours away in Kansas City, and its only available at $99 in stores ;-;

nolan.b says:

Recently picked up 64gb version with free case over Thanksgiving. awesome tablet so worth it for $99.Wow! Too bad no stores in Quebec, would pick up another one.

dixonjr79 says:

which store did you buy from?

Elvis7 says:

No Microsoft store in Ottawa! Sucks so much!

buffalosolja says:

Ok so is this better than the 2520 if so I will return my 2520 and pick this up.  $500 vs $99 is a good bit of savings.

zikifer says:

Holy crap! I have one of these and absolutely love it. Might have to snag one as a gift.

squire777 says:

Looks tempting but I am after an 11" tablet

iggypop120 says:

Ok guys. Everyone at century city stay away so I get one.

mango.lover says:

Not before I get mine buddy ;-)

onysi says:

would u know if these are available at  a pop up store

rjmlive says:

Valid 12/9/2013, while supplies last. Available in select Microsoft retail and online stores in US (including Puerto Rico). Available in select Microsoft retail stores in Canada only; not valid online in Canada.

ffs.  sigh.

dixonjr79 says: that i know  this can be $99 , i cant justify paying more.i will wait..i wiill also reject the delivery of my venue 8 pro slated for tomorrow.paid $380 for the 64G delivered

Is there a Ms store in Vegas?

Ceejay C says:

Yes, there is a MS Store in the fashion show mall across from the Wynn Hotel.

n m says:

Why just the US and Canada, c'mon MS, how about showing the Aussie cousins a bit of love, hell even at $150 I'd be all over 4 of those for Christmas presents like white on rice !!

40th Floor says:

The main reason for 1280 x 800 is the desktop.  Even at 125% scale everything is tiny.  1920 x 1080 would allow a scale to 150% or I think even a full 200% (everything is twice as big) for Win 8, but then the effective "desktop resolution" becomes 960 x 540, which is much too small to use.  The only usable resolution for an 8-inch tablet is 2560 x 1600, which if you double scale becomes, yup, 1280 x 800 (and still everything is tiny).

But everything does not have to be tiny.  Here is a desktop app that scales just fine, and is easily used on an 8-inch 1280 x 800 (and could scale itself to any resolution).  Nice, big everything.  No mouse or keyboard needed, which is also key.

See PX4 under App Gratis 2 at 40th Floor.

It's a music player desktop app but works (flick, swipe) like a 'metro' app.

I'm still waiting on the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition. Not for sale yet in The Netherlands.

DHX says:

HOLY CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE BROWN.. I reckon I'll get me one of these!! Because doing so would compete the circle since my first Windows Phone was a Dell Venue Pro.

The only question really is should I camp the night before (Seattle Store)...

tacofiend says:

Such BS it's not available in Canada. There are no MS stores in Saskatchewan, the closest is an 8 or so hour drive away. I would pay shipping if someone near by could grab me one...

fbloise says:

Not in UK, sigh :(

richard_rsp says:

Great deal! I have a Microsoft Store a few miles from me, but it doesnt open until 10am... No way I can take off Monday morning to go wait in line. :( 

Good luck to those who do!

zukirin says:

Does anyone know the actual time that the deals will be available online EST? Will it be at 12 midnight or 3 am to match PST midnight?

jockyTBK says:

Not sure why I feel so compelled to tell you this, since its just adding competition for myself...but based on a chat with Microsoft it will go live at 12:00am PST.  May the fastest click win, I guess.

armandolara says:

Argh!! This makes me so frustrated!! As a college student I've been saving up money for this exact model and then this pops up. I search for the closest store and it's 3 hours away.. And that day I happen to have 3 finals.. FML.. :(

Rishicash says:

So how does one get on the emailing list?

AvatarEW says:

Once again folks, it's online and in-store.

While I reside close to a Microsoft Store, I'll be placing in the online cart at 11:59 PM on Sunday.

gblinckmann says:

Good point. I like the 11:59PM idea, but what timezone? PT, ET, UTC??

gblinckmann says:

It seems it's going to be 7AM PT for the online store, according to CNET:


I picked one up from Costco last week. If I can make it to a store. I'll be picking up another one. Definitely worth the money so at $99 it's a steal.

ScottAB says:

I nearly picked one of this week while I was in my local COSTCO.

AvatarEW says:

Just wanted to say that when you text to that number on the provided web page you receive a 10% coupon off your next Microsoft Store purchase.

I don't know that this coupon is stackable against this deal.

tpapictures says:

I'm sorry, I've been reading the fine print and I'm still not clear, is it or is it not going to be available online?

smurfercom says:

It will be sold online to the first 100 cutomers starting @ 10:00am Eastern time. I'll swing by my store in Century City Monday and see what gives.

someone else on the verge said midnight eastern time..... i'm confused

mutant 9 says:

Here is a question I have not seen asked yet. What are the deals for the 11 days offer the 9th?

larrynj says:

I had no intentions of buying a tablet but since I'm close I'll go by on Monday morning and try and get one. Hopefully not any people hear about this.

pr0phecy says:

Lenovo Miix 2 review? Guyz? Please?

ScottAB says:

Such a great deal. I almost spent much more at my favorite warehouse store this week. Now how to get out of work on Monday...

Mr Geek says:

Wow, thats amazing price. 

swirl253 says:

I will be at the Bellevue Square on Monday at 8:00 am

swizzlerz says:

I'm tempted to line up or camp out

AndyD33 says:

Damn, I really want to get this to replace my Kindle Fire, but I'd have to find a place to sell the Kindle.


Is anyone else planning on going to the Beachwood, OH store?

RStock521 says:

I was thinking about trying Beachwood.  This price is ridiculous