Dell XPS 10 Deal

Deal Alert: Dell XPS 10 Windows RT tablet now $299

If you've been on the fence looking for a deal on a Windows 8 tablet, Dell may have just what you're looking for. The price for the Dell XPS 10 Windows 8 RT tablet has been slashed from $449.99 to $299.99.

The 10.1" tablet comes with a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 32GB of memory storage, 2MP front facing camera and a 5MP rear facing camera. You can upgrade the memory to 64GB (add $50) and add a keyboard dock (now only $100) when you customize your purchase. However, Dell is offering the XPS 10 bundled with the keyboard dock for $349. Bump the memory on the bundle to 64GB and you're at $399 which is still a heck of a deal.

We aren't sure how long this deal will last but you can find all the details on the Dell XPS 10 here at the Dell website.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!



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aitt says:

Dell on the brink of a buyout does not encourages me to want to buy this even if it is a great deal.

he_shark says:

What difference does that make? It's not like you won't get support.
What prevents me is waiting for Haswell.

Whodaboss says:

That's what they all say.  I'm waiting for this or that.  Once this or that is released.  Then they change their minds to wait for the new and upcoming this or that. 
I would presume for those looking for an RT device this is a great price and they'll jump on it - now.

Finally someone who lives in the present

theefman says:

What about hardware support? If those money hungry investors take over who knows what they will do with older hardware and with most being hostile towards anything Microsoft support for a weak selling OS could be axed anytime. Not a good purchasing choice at this time.

aitt says:

Or support period. There's more to buying a product beside software update. And Dell doesn't have the best track record when it comes to tablets. Sooo, no

aitt says:

Lack of support maybe?

Kellzea says:

Why, they wont sell your tablet to the new owners, you get to keep it.

ade333 says:

No matter what happens to dell, you should not be concerned about support.

jsnod25 says:

The buyout is by Micheal Dell... He just wants to take it private, no worries LOL, read a bit.

SocalBrian says:

Michael Dell's group is just one of several parties who are vying  for Dell. At least one of those groups is looking to squeeze the cash out of Dell and leave a rotting corpse.

AussieMs says:

Which on do you guys like better Surface with Windows 8 RT or the Dell XPS 10?

Graven Pshya says:

I've never had the Dell XPS, but the Surdace RT was very good. The build felt nice and it had a kick stand. The volume recently got fixed and the camera isn't the greatest. So, if you plan on buying a tablet with intent to take decent pictures. The Surface wouldn't be my pick.

Kros says:

People who take pictures with a tablet look like fools, IMO.
The camera is just there for things like Skype.

erasure25 says:

I pity the fool.

DigTheNoise says:

I looked at this tablet (among others) and went with the Surface RT because of how the Surface feels and looks.  However, at this price I probably would have bought the Dell.

sholokov says:

Built quality is better of the Surface RT. But for that price, I think Dell is a better deal, as you can get double the memory and better cameras for $250 less than a Surface, with keyboard bundled.

paulxxwall says:

Look sweet I want one

Paul wall as in the rapper? U listen to him?

cashcar1979 says:

Bing, Google, or even probably would answer this

_Emi_ says:

oh wow... what a useful reply /s
please next time just shut up and dont give retarded answers. really... if you cant help that person why you even give the stupid "bing, google is your friend" crap?... im amazed about retarded people like you.  
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I'm amazed at the amount of trolls on here.

rmichael75 says:

great deal. I think i will get it after a month or two.. Got a ASUS vivotab RT.. and after third boot, it is being RMAed. Doesnt boot... something corrupt. I dont know how stable windows RT it.
But this doesnt have NFC.. i think with the current phones having NFC, i think these should have NFC for document transfer.

ricardios says:

How's the speakers on this tablet? I would buy this but already have the Acer w510.

cashcar1979 says:

Really? The speakers or ok, but its a tablet not a jawbone jambox

sHAYM4N says:

To put it in perspective, the thing starts at £349 ($543.92) here in the UK.  Meh, will carry on using the iPad with Splashtop methinks.

KasakDesign says:

I would buy it but only really for using the internet maybe some games. Would be nice to have around. Hey wpcentral good looks. I like when you show us good deals. Keep it up!

cashcar1979 says:

Own this tablet and its a solid device. KB dock is especially nice since it doubles the battery life. My only gripe is too much bezel...but its a good tablet and plays all games/apps smooth. At $299 its a steal.

Tishijo says:

Its actually $450. See my post.

nerdron says:

i picked one up refurbished for 214 dollars including tax. it is a good tablet, and i love that hulu and amazon instant video work right out of the box. i may pick up the keyboard dock now, if the price for it as an accesory has gone down. i wanted to make sure i liked it as a tablet first.

toph36 says:

This is a deal certainly.  I would rather have the Surface RT, but for what I want, it would be $300 more.... the keyboard with 64GB memory ($399 for the XPS, it would be $699 for the Surface).  I have a laptop that I have upgraded to WIndows 8 Pro, and other than Office 2010, I haven't really put any other Desktop applications on it yet.  So I am basically using it like a RT machine.  The other thing it is missing is touch.
I think Microsoft should have waiting to release RT a year after Windows 8 was released.  The big downside was the Apps.  It still is, but it is becoming less of an issue. 

phatboy66 says:

Wow 299$ is crazy

Rich White says:

The question is whether anyone is selling 10" tablets......As many found out a 7" form factor is more suited for many travel and couch potato scenarios

aitt says:

It's different for different people and there is a market obviously for 10' tablets.  I myself have had a 10' and a 7' tablets and do love the 7' inch form factor much better as it's simply easier to handle.  But if you're wanting more a netbook style then yes by all means go with 10' that comes with a dock.  One thing I've always liked about the ASUS Transformer.  I would prefer the Surface RT over this but can't come to terms on wanting it for the price.

Viipottaja says:

Got it refurb for $270 including tax. Nice device, great battery life! Bit slow but hey..

bilzkh says:

Not in Canada

Price is what RT should have cost all along

cashcar1979 says:

Agree 100%...MSFT was batshit crazy trying to drive such high initial cost points.

Why they won't sell these tablets in India is beyond me. Its almost eight months and still no windows RT in India :(

Eirenarch says:

My obligatory anti Dell warning (from experience) -

mwdavis84 says:

Also note that this uses the S4 Pro rather than the Tegra 3 found in the Surface. Should be faster.

Jazmac says:

I'm all over this deal. There are enough apps in the market to justify this for my needs. I have got to get rid of this Nexus 7 crap.

Fuhrer D says:

I ordered my wife one of the refurbished 32 GB for $200, for Mother's Day. Glad I held off on the keyboard, I'll pick that up for her now.

kwajr says:

They are still 199 I think that's 20 more than before

Fuhrer D says:

Yeah, it was a good deal, couldn't pass it up. Wife really likes it.

ChrisPS3 says:

I'm tempted but I really want to get the Acer W3 next month...

Me too.  But then again I really want a Surface because I trust MS support over other OEM's.  Look how much they have updated the current models.   

Man I want to try and justify a purchase but I just can't. I want to upgrade my laptop to a hybrid once haswell comes out and im also holding off for a Nokia tablet if they ever decide they're going to make one.
But I really want an tablet for easy mobility but I feel better hardware is on its way soon. If they can get this down to $200 it'll be hard to turn down. I don't see that happening soon though, so ill just wait for better hardware regardless of price(within reason)

SocalBrian says:

"We aren't sure how long this deal will last"
Probably until they sell out of their dead inventory and can discontinue the product.

Yakko Warner says:

32GB Tablet + keyboard dock is coming up as $399 for me.
Tried going through the "Dell Advantage" program, and there's even less of a deal ($440 for the bundle). Doesn't seem like much of an advantage.

I am seeing the same Bundle price I could not find it for $349.

Tishijo says:

Your article is totally a lie! The tablet is $299, add a case, its $39 more, with keyboard dock bundle  its another $100, The case is not included in the bundle. And upgrade to 64 GB, even more. They just keep adding more charges.And they dont give no-interest financing unless you spend over $600, so you must pay an actual $450 in one payment to get this so-called deal. Waste of time!!!! I used to trust Microsoft. I really wanted this tablet, am really disappointed!

wpguy says:

How in the world does Dell's bundling and pricing structure affect your trust in Microsoft?

Tishijo says:

I thought this article came from Microsoft.

dukrem says:

Anyone know how the snapdragon s4 in this compares to the tegra 3 in surface RT performance and battery wise?

Tishijo says:

Just read a review that says the tablet battery runs out hours before the keyboard, and the keyboard battery does not fuel the tablet.