DEAL ALERT: Expansys UK drops the price of the HTC 8X to £189.99

The Expansys HTC 8X is now just £189.99

Expansys UK has dropped the price of their hot-selling SIM free HTC 8X from £349.99 to just £189.99. You can choose between the classic Black or the California Blue. The £160.00 price cut includes free 3-5 day shipping.

Choose between black or California Blue

The 8X is HTC's flagship Windows Phone 8 offering. It features a 4.3-inch LCD with Gorilla Glass 2, a 1.5 GHz, Dual-Core Processor, 16GB of internal storage, and 8 mega-pixel rear camera. The 8X also includes Beats Audio sound quality.

This is a great deal on a slick phone. You can click on the the respective color links on the Expansys website to order the 8X of your choice.

Source: Expansys; Thanks for the tip, Lewis!



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MangoGuy says:

That's a steal

Sean Burns1 says:

I got one if these off Laptops Direct for £179. Terrible battery life

Kyorin says:

You must have had a faulty one, the battery on my 8X outlasts my previous Lumias - the 620 and 820.
The 8X is the best Windows phone I've owned so far, higher res screen, slimmer and not as much of a brick as the Lumia 820. Also, screen doesn't keep becoming unresponsive (which is the reason I got rid of my 620), apart from that, I liked my 620 very much.

gevabar says:

I had it its best phone for the money especially that price....now I have 925 much better but really only 16 gig that suck as with the htc8x

Sean Burns1 says:

Expansys now also offering the Samsung Ativ S for £199

Josh Harman says:

All HTCs should probably be free at this point.

Etios says:

That is the full price of the phone, how can they sell it for free? outside USA most of the people pay full price for the phones($600-800$) instead of getting locked into contracts.

Kyorin says:

I believe most people in the UK have similar contracts to the USA, though most carriers over here are happy to sign you up to a SIM only package if that's what you want. I have a SIM only deal with Three UK which costs me about £7 per month, suits me perfectly. Also I'm free to buy/sell my handset as often as I like, which being a bit of a geek, I do quite often :) Though I think I'll keep the HTC8X I got recently, as I like it a lot.

Sean Burns1 says:

And how would that help HTC profits wise??

MarkAllett says:

You need to be able to spot a satirical joke when you see one.

eddieDOTexe says:

When you say "sim free" you mean unlocked, right?

Etios says:

Sim Free = Factory Unlocked = Carrier- free, bloat-free Unbranded Goodness :)

ivo_apo says:

Yep, unlocked.

Sean Burns1 says:

This will have some competition now. Google have dropped the price of the Nexus 4. The 8 gig is now £159 and the 16 gig £199 in UK