Deal Alert: Ffffound is free in the Windows Phone Marketplace for one week


We covered the app Ffffound by our own RogueCode a few weeks ago. The app pulls down user created pop-art from the site of the same name, Ffffound.com, but in a really svelte manner--great transitions, minimalist design and the ability to save to your device for use as wallpaper or sharing with others.

The app was recently updated to fix issues with saving and some device memory problems, letting it work fully as it should. It's a nifty little app that even has a Live Tile that shows the latest image, giving your Start screen a little pizzazz.


For $0.99 the app was a great deal, in our opinion, but now for the next week you can pick it up for free--no strings attached. That's a great offer for a very well deigned app, so might as well take advantage while you can.

Check out the video review after the break and grab the app here in the Marketplace.

QR: Ffffound



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This app is beautiful. I really like when developers leverage metro in creative ways. More like this, please.

harchestr says:

Great app I love it and yes it adds to the the start screen personality like live tiles should

nice! well.. I already bought this, though it was well worth it. browsing through FFFFound images has replaced games as my #1 idle time waster, and the changing image tile is cool!

one thing I'd like to see though (and I say this here as the dev is a site contributor) would be some sort SkyDrive integration for saving favourites... (I spend too much time emailing myself each image I like to get it on my PC)

Binson#WP says:

I synch to my computer through zune

OldboyJules says:

I love the looks of the app, but it crashes a lot. Even with the "app crashing?" setting activated. =/

sfleuriet says:

Never been able to use the app for more than 5 minutes - tons of crashing. Ridiculous.

RogueCode says:

I know, and I apologize. It's due to the memory limits on the platform, and specific phones seem to have that limit set rather low - which doesn't work well with tons of big images.

Have you tried bringing up the appbar and selecting "app crashing?"?

jubbing says:

Nice! Keep it up Rigue!

jubbing says:

Meant rogue (won't let me edit from app)

karupin says:

I too love this app, so beautifully designed, and in a way shows how each developer can add their own 'twist'  or addition to the metro ui.
Is it possible somebody could elaborate on how to get the live tile to work? I've pinned to my start screen, but no live tiles as of yet....

RogueCode says:

Hi - the live tile will update ever hour. So give it a while :)

karupin says:

Awesome! Thanks Roguecode, and great work on the app!

R0bR says:

I've had the app installed since yesterday and the live tile is still the regular app tile. Great app though.

MadGaffler says:

Any thought to increasing the frequency of the flip from front to back, so it's a more active tile?

chadwick611 says:

Great app I bought it a while back and use it everyday.

Rico says:

Been meaning to buy this. Also worth a download is Tweet This Song!, also by RogueCode. Even if you think the concept is stupid, it's just a really well done app in every respect that deserves a look. Bought it shortly after tweeting my first song.

MadGaffler says:

Beautiful app. How often does the tile flip? 

DavidinCT says:

For free, looks cool, thanks for posting it...

RoseSmith101 says:

This is a beatiful cellphone. I love the specifications on this. It is really goood. - Dan Sciscente