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Deal alert: Get a free Touch Cover when you buy a Surface (US only)

Touch Cover

Deals are how we’re able to afford so many Windows Phone devices. Saving money on apps, accessories and other gadgets is a great way to get the gear you want without ending up in the poor house. Microsoft is doing their part by offering a free Touch Cover with any Surface purchase for this week. Details on how to save $80 below.

Free Touch Cover

Head to the nearest Microsoft Store near you (or just use your browser and go to the website) to get a free Touch Cover. All you need to do is buy any Surface device they offer. That could be the original Surface, Surface 2 or any Surface Pro 2 model. Microsoft doesn’t bundle the keyboards with any Surface, so this is a great way to get an input method with your new Surface. However, it doesn't specify that this is the second-generation Touch Cover which is backlit.

If you were thinking of picking up a Surface this deal could definitely sweeten the deal. You have until Saturday to take advantage and save $80 on a Touch Cover.

Source: Microsoft Store

Thanks for the tip everyone! 



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Nice I like the touch cover since I can use on the go

endacrowley says:

US fuckin' only....

Narr says:

The UK has this offer as well, or did last week.

endacrowley says:

US and UK fuckin' only then.

amcalexandre says:

May be the reason why GMaps works better for Europeans! I'm a MS Fan but it's always the same shi:P

Just ordered one online 2 days ago.. 32GB surface 2 + touch cover 2.. Total was R8 500 or roughly $850. Oh the joys of living in South Africa.

ThePKReddy says:

SA is beautiful. Shut up and enjoy

Chetty how are you going about getting it in to sa. I stay here ad well and want it bad

DJCBS says:

Do they even have them? Because the ones they offered as prizes before the launch of the Surface 2 still haven't been shipped to the winners...

thirdday2002 says:

THIS.  Still waiting for the case and sleeve that I won...

ssapre says:

I think they shipped some at least. I got mine some time back.

davo_svk says:

yes, :D i think Microsoft dont know, that something like Europe even exist :D

We've had this exact deal in Sweden for a while now.

Edit: Seems to have ended now though, but a friend used the offer last week.

I'm still torn on buying surface 2 or not. Quick someone tell me why I should buy a surface instead of something else ( 2520, venue 11, or mac air).

I don't realy care what you buy, but the Surface 2 is soooooo nice. I love it. ;-)

Novron says:

One of the most versatile machines I've ever used. Spent Saturday scanning docs into mine in upright mode. Spent Saturday marking those docs up with the pen while it was flat.

Ben Sailors says:

I've used a Surface Pro and own the Lumia 2520, and I personally think the Lumia 2520 is the way to go. If you want a Pro, get a laptop rather than a tablet. I really think Surface Pro's are lame laptops rather than portable ones. And as far as Tablets go, better bang for the buck with the 2520.

DJCBS says:

Buy a Nokia L2520. It will last longer.

cknorthpole says:

Sweden as well if you buy a original surface. Not surface 2 though...

They really should sell the keyboard bundled with the surface, they'll help them sell more and one up Samsung and Apple

KKRLessey says:

Good point and probably a stylus as well :)

Rob Federici says:

1st gen covers only, Backlit touch cover 2 is not part of this deal. Although I wish they would still offer us $80 off the 2nd gen cover.


NIST says:

I need a new cover. The new backlit Type is sweet.

larspassic says:

I got a free touch cover when I bought my Surface 2, and it was definitely a first Gen touch cover. This offer is probably the same. I say if you like typing, better get a touch cover 2 or type cover 2.

The same deal applies to the Netherlands

Yep, so not US Only. ;-)

mjgerrard says:

But even so, free is free! Flog it on eBay and use the money towards buying a new type cover. Very tempted by the deal though, I fancy a new toy!

sco0by1 says:

Just got a free touch cover from best buy. And better yet, cause it was on sale I got money back. Best Buy rocks.

Been running this deal in Sweden for a while as well.

ashram says:

arg, just bought my surface pro 2 a little over 3 weeks ago :( could use any cover

Notfluffy says:

$80? I thought it was $120.....

ashram says:

touch/Type cover 2 is $120

these appear to be the original touch covers

This deal is also available in the uk!

AccentAE86 says:

When my wife bought a Surface Pro 2 here in Canada, she wanted the Purple Type Cover 2.  They weren't in stock.  So the MS store gave her a touch cover FOR FREE while we waited for the type cover to come in stock.  And we got to keep it when the type cover came in.


Don't know if this is a standard policy or not, but hey, if you want two keyboards....

aavz100 says:

On the website, it says v1 only so no new cover :(

DanaOira says:

I already bought a Surface Pro and added the Type Cover 2 but I would have definitely gone for this deal just to get a pink keyboard.