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Handful of Angry Birds games are free in the Store right now

Angry Birds Star Wars II Windows Phone 8

We love new phones, deals, and hot new games. So when we get word on some crazy app deals in the Windows Phone Store we need to pass them onto you. If we told you a handful of Angry Birds titles were free in the Store would you believe us? You don’t need to, go check right now and you’ll see some games going for the low price of free. Specific Angry Birds games after the break.

We don’t know what to make of this. It could be a Store fluke or promotion. It was just earlier this month that Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars were updated on Windows Phone 8. Either way, you can snag some Angry Birds for free right now. Here are the titles that are showing as free for us and a few of you tipping us:

Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Space are still showing up for us with prices attached. Again, we’re not sure what to make of this. There aren’t any current promotions that we’re aware of. One way or the other, go download these addictive games if you haven’t already.

Is this promotion a US only thing? We’re not sure, let us know in the comments if you’re seeing them as free and what region you’re located in. Thanks! Quick update: After posting this article we're getting reports all over the map. For example, some users in Thailand see Seasons and Space as free, but not the rest. While some users in the UK still don't see Rio listed as free. And topping it all off, some users are also seeing Amazing Alex for free. So what can we learn? Your mileage may (and will) vary. 

Store links are up above next to the game name, but your QR codes are below. As always, just swipe to the right in our app to grab them.

Thanks for the tips monotheist and everyone! 

QR: Angry Birds

QR: Angry Birds Star Wars

QR: Angry Birds Star Wars II

QR: Angry Birds Rio




There are 407 comments. Sign in to comment

Jakeway says:

Rio isn't showing as free for me.

Sam Sabri says:

Where are you located? I figured we'd be seeing some comments like this. 

Jakeway says:

UK. All others listed are free, just not Rio. Normal old AB is free however.

Bit of a massive kick in the nuts for us early purchasers!!

Rotmm says:

Why? I've bought most of the Angry Birds games previously, but just grabbed Star Wars 2 for free. I feel lucky to have grabbed a bargain, not angry about spending very little money buying games and being able to play them months and years before today.

Definitely NOT a kick in the nuts.

pressstart says:

Finally, someone is rational about price drops or gone free.

DenisSuncity says:

Change region to US and its free.

Duduosf says:

I'm surprised it is free here in Brazil, too!

vc-10 says:

How do you do this?

Ankmeyester says:

In India i'm getting angry birds, angry birds star wars, angry birds star wars 2 , skate dog and cut the rope free :D

WinMaverick says:

Everything is going free while my other storage is not :'(

goldenpipes says:

Cut the rope exp or just cut the rope?

MrSimmix says:

I live in South Africa and Rio also isn't free.

PJ Suresh says:

From India... Rio is still with its price tag...

On my 820 price tag is still there with try n buy option. How can i install these as free? Location India

WPCrook says:

I'm in the UK too. Rio is listed for 79p but I downloaded Angry Birds: Star Wars for free, so I'm not complaining!

goncaalo says:

Sam, you said you didn't know about Angry Birds Space, but it is free in Portugal! same to AG Star Wars

Rio and star wars. Not free on a US account, however, on my other phone with uk is free....

Martsicky says:

Both Cut The Rope and Cut the Rope Exp are free now.

Jakeway says:

Not in the UK....

dxdy says:

also in Croatia is free

OscarMaDi says:

Amazing Alex it's showing free as well. (Spain)

In Greece Cut the Rope Exp is free but Cut The Rope isn't

Jf.Vigor says:

Thanks all you deal hunters. Now just got 6 games free by virtually claiming citizenship in various countries lol

PJ Suresh says:

I got 9 free games with your idea :D

charan gv says:

In Malaysia all angry birds,amazing Alex,cut the rope both games are free

goldenpipes says:

did you just have to change region on the phone? or do you have to change region on your MS account as well?

Jf.Vigor says:

Just the phone. Simple

charan gv says:

Except rio all r free in INDIA

sasukeluffy says:

US: 4 angry birds games for free, mexico: the rest of them + amazing alex and germany: Cut the rope and cut the rope exp. for free

CronGM says:

Weird, the Angry Birds Star Wars I didn't show up as free for me. I'm in Mexico too.

Ben Willson says:

Space and Seasons (non xbox) are free for phone 7 just not the phone 8 versions

killer rin says:

Rio and regular angry birds are still money

f88 says:

Same here, I'm in Canada

Change ur region ulto us and u will get those for free and then change back to finland

DaiaX says:

Change [REGION] and restart working for me, not the language if you maybe wrongly choose it.

abduz says:

This method does indeed work.. downloaded them for free and Im based in MiddleEast

how to change the region???

DaiaX says:

Go to [Settings]>[Language+region], on (country/region) combobox select your prefered country/region. If you changed it, there will appear option to restart the phone-restart it. Go check the store after restarting.

Thnk u....:):) it worked....

Nakazul says:

Like a poster in another news post said, Assassins Creed is back in the store. Yay for Gameloft.

Angry Birds, Rio and Space are being shown as free on WP7 too guys! Have downloaded them on my L800 too.. and all you mentioned here for WP8 on my L920 :D

DaiaX says:

Woooowwww, busy DLing NOW!

Ankmeyester says:

1. download paid apps for free
2. ??????
3. profit

DaiaX says:

No it is not paid apps as i see it at the moment. But (ahem) i felt a little bit guilty.

neels007 says:

Me too. That "holy sh*t, I just downloaded 9 apps and games that are supposed to cost money for free!" kind of feeling. And the best part is, we don't have to feel bad, because it's legitimate, unlike pirating, which I intensely dislike.

hermanax says:

Nice south park reference

theMilkeyWay says:

All 4 titles for free in Germany, but the store doesnt work for me. It shows no apps in all categories had to use the direct links

j_jabbar says:

Thanks for the tip....UK: RIO & AB Original are still priced

On my UK is free but on my other phone with US it's not...

abduz says:

Switch region to US, restart phone, download them, then revert back to your region

aerosmillie says:

Awesome. Downloaded star wars 2 straight away.

yup  STAR Wars IS free here ,i got it 

shadow118 says:

Yay, got all ot them for free :) I'm from Latvia, by the way 

UK, space is free, Río is not. And amazing Alex is free too.

abduz says:

Switch region to US, restart phone, download them, then revert back to your region

Got it as well here in philippines :)

-8- says:

Meh they should make them free in the Windows Store too

wafflesxo says:

Dang it, Space and Seasons are the only ones I don't own.

teo155 says:

Set UK for Space and Czech republic for Season ;)

enobong151 says:

Free in England

Evlkud says:

Star wars 2 isn't in New Zealand but RIO and space is, better than nothing;

coldfilter says:

Río is not free for me

meandu229 says:

Switch to us region download then switch back

coldfilter says:

Nice one downloading now

wizaard says:

For me (Czech Republic) Rio, Space and Seasons are free, Star Wars 1&2 are not. But bought them all anyway... ;-)

alky13 says:

ALL the Rovio games are free for WP7! :)

teo155 says:

In UK we have no RIO listed for free, but we have Angry birds Space, that seems not available for free in USA ..

WP95 says:

I was hoping this counted with Windows store, I prefer playing AB on a larger screen.
But I'll take star wars 2 for free though.
MS really needs to combine stores.

PedroSilva21 says:

Only star wars 2 is free in Portugal. If i change my location can i download all for free?

alky13 says:

Yes you can, Ive done that and got all the AB games on both WP7 and 8 ;)

How? I changed about 3 locations and no success. Is there any way to refresh store?

Zeeshan360 says:

U have to restart phone

DaiaX says:

UK-> ab apace, amazing alex. CZECH -> ab season, cut the rope. Not the language, the region. If you change the region, there will be option to restart the phone.

Switch off ur location service before u change ur region!!

PJ Suresh says:

It doesn't matter bro... My location service is still on and I did it...

goncaalo says:

Both Angry Birds Star Wards and Angry Birds Space are free in Portugal! :)

BrunoCruz says:

SPACE is free too!

geo_xar says:

Goodmorning from Greece, here Rio and star wars are still on 0,99€, regular and starwars2 are free!

kynanrazyio says:

Yup i got it free too in indonesia :D

angry birds space and seasons isnt free for me im in the bay area

honeybudger says:

Very nice, thanks for the tips wpcentral

DreadVenom says:

Thanks Sam. Though as mentioned above Rio still at cost in UK store.

AngryNil says:

Australia: seeing OG, Star Wars II and Rio as free.

egoglas says:

Free prices showing up at Puerto Rico too.

nath520 says:

Free in indonesia (9 *0*)9

shukuist says:

Star War II isn't free, Here in Hong Kong

In US. Cut the rope exp. Showing as free.

Gatlyn says:

Downloaded. Thanks for the tip!

iAdrian23 says:

Germany: Angry Birds Star Wars 1 & 2
UK: Amazing Alex, Angry Birds Space

ButcherFrank says:

In Poland only Angry Birds original and Angry Birds Rio are free.

chydii says:

Stars wars is free in Nigeria, the rest isn't.

mikedcracker says:

Rio not free in India wars ( both ) and normal version free...

comicusmakar says:

Its free... Even the cut the rope

Jan O says:

None of the angry birds games is showing up as free for me. I am located in Norway.

gjdj93 says:

Rio wasn't free, but space and the normal one and the two star wars ones are - UK

mgdodge says:

Majority of Angry Birds free in US. Seasons, Space, Amazing Alex, Cut the Rope (Standard and Experiments) all free in Armenia.
Also, to avoid having to change the region on the phone all the time, you can browse the US store via and the Armenia store via and install from the browser. Sometimes it said it would install fine, other times it said it didn't match my phone region. YMMV.

mikedcracker says:

I dont think this works ...because when store reads app from SD card it first checks your region, date and,time even if u downloads from us store it will still install as your local region ..i maybe wrong please confirm

WP-Swag says:

Only star wars is free fir me

RN50 says:

Not bad got 3 of them for free. Ill play them when im mega bored.

mikedcracker says:

I wonder if this a pricing error or the games have really gone free ?

Only tot star wars for free

danielgray says:

Rio is free in Australia, the others i already have..

I got Rio, not others. Great deal!!!!

Jagar Tharn says:

only the first Angry birds and star wars II  free in Greece

Joona R says:

Only Rio seasons and amazing Alex are free for me. Changing region and country and other stuff to us UK or Mexico doesn't affect only they are still free. I'm in Finland btw and I'm using lumia 710 wp7.8

darianv says:

same here have 710 on 7.8. changing region does not work. working for anybody having 710?

tiradojr says:

Here in Brazil, all Angry Birds games are now free, including Space and Seasons! Just bought AB Star Wars II yesterday, and then got all the others Angry Birds for free, lol

whatup12 says:

Us account bit am roaming in Germany and all showing up free!

UK, Rio isn't free.

accasey says:

In Switzerland, and Rio was the only one for me that wasn't free...

aemarques says:

In Portugal Star Wars, Space and Amazing Alex are free.

zhoulhas says:

Free In Malaysia
-Angry Birds Star Wars
-Angry Birds Star Wars 2
-Cut The Rope
-Cut The Rope Exp.
-Angry Birds Space
-Angry Birds Rio
-Amazing Alex

amitnahar says:

give me a link to wp store.

Yep just downloaded!!!

ADlive says:

Downloading Spree

ADlive says:

Downloading Spree

Forc3 says:

Downloaded all 7Angry Birds tiltles + amazing alex free status of these games depends on region
Amazing alex free in spain btw...

amitnahar says:

Insider Pro is also free here in India.

alky13 says:

Tell me the region to get Cut the Rope for free please? Ive tried UK, US and Brazil but nothing..

amitnahar says:

Change ur region to India.

alky13 says:

Ok thanks :)
EDIT: Theres no WP7 option to choose India, is there any other region which can get the games for free?

amitnahar says:

Change ur region to Malaysia..

IzaacJ says:

Damn, already bought them all xD haha but at least my fiancee can get some of them for free now :P

Cut the rope is also India :)

Cutting Edge says:

All four games are free in Bosnia and Herzegovina :)

drina06 says:

jes buraz,prebaci i regiju amerika,indija,tajland malezija neke isprobaj od tih i skini sve igre.....ja skino 6 angry birdsa,2 cut the rope,amazing alex i where is my mickey ...sve džaba promjenio te regije gore sto sam ti naveo
kad promjenis regiju pritisni restart telefona i onda uleti i skidaj sve to ...:)

RiyanR says:

Is 'Where's my Mickey?' free too?

drina06 says:

yes in the US store

rregit says:

In Czech Republic is everything paid, but if I change region for US, I have AB, Rio, Star Wars I, II for free - nice!!!

mnkhalid2000 says:

A lot of titles missing from the store ..especially xbox live .. A lot of people i know are facing the same issue

AndyD33 says:

For those that traveled through Space for the Season into the Czech Republic, you can also Cut the Rope for free while there!

Thanks! Got all AB Titles alongwith Cut the Rope,Cut the Rope Exp.,Amazing Alex and SkateDog.


Szabla says:

They're not free in Poland.

jonjerome says:

free from the Philippines:
- Angry Birds 
- Angry Birds Rio
- Angry Birds Star Wars 2
- Cut the Rope
- Amazing Alex

Just got all 4 of them :P

WP-Swag says:

Just switched to American store, downloaded them all. For free ;)

timbo833 says:

How do i change my market region? None of these are for free in finland:(

amitnahar says:

go to settings, then language+region and set ur region to malaysia.


Joona R says:

Changing region doesn't work

Janhouu says:

Not free in Finland.

amitnahar says:

Change ur region.

Jay Mothreja says:

Got all of the angry birds titles along with amazing alex and cut the rope series. Cool :P
I love these downloading sprees :D

romanion says:

If I get it free now but uninstall it, when the promo ends and they go back to the original price would I get charged if I click buy?

amitnahar says:

No, you won't be charged. once you get it, its always yours and you get permanent license for these.

no.when u tap buy,it would show,"Looks like this app is already purchased,do you want to install?"

nonameform says:

You keep the game even if you uninstall it. When you try to 'buy' it the Store will ask if you want to re-install the game.

nonameform says:

AB, AB SW, AB Rio and AB Space are free for WP7 in Russia.

Free angry birds stuff's, cut the rope exp. And skate dog!! See it for yourself.

AzelDazel says:

got all the games listed here. in the UK, changed region to new zealand to get some of them which does work for those saying it doesnt. make sure you push the restart phone button in the region settings once you change.

  • Angry Birds – Free
  • Angry Birds Star Wars – Paid
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II –Free
  • Angry Birds Rio – Paid


unnatixlr8 says:

thanks a lot..  angry birds, star wars and its sequel is free for me.
Indian region

For me only Rio is free, the rest is still paid - Czech Republic.

amitnahar says:

Splashtop Personal is also free here in India along with Insider Pro.

soumitro316 says:

Tried most of the regions mentioned in the comments...but only space,star wars and original cut the rope are free for me...i just have to change the system locale right?..(on WP7 BTW)

 Total Apps+Games that are Free

AB Star Wars(India)
AB Star Wars II(India)
AB Rio(US)
AB Seasons(Czech Republic)
AB Space(UK)
Cut The Rope(Czech Republic)
Cut The Rope Exp.(US)
Amazing Alex(UK)
Insider Pro(India)
Splashtop Personal(India)

AB Seasons free in russia too :)

mesamit says:

Insider pro is free in US too

drina06 says:

Where's my Mickey (US)

klose91 says:

Wow, that's cool stuff. Could download all for free from the Store (Germany). Now, it's time to play. ^^

mesamit says:

Insider Pro is free in US store...

PBV7 says:

Got all the AB series free and also insider pro...but my phone storage is full..and my other storage is 2.45gb.plz help

amitnahar says:

Great Week for all WP Fans.. yeah Lumia FTW..

J2theL101 says:

Yep confirmed. Cut The Rope Exp. shows its free on my US store. Any more free apps, please let us know. :)

soumitro316 says:

Do I have to change system locale or region format or what?

J2theL101 says:

If you need to download them all, I suggest changing from US to Malaysia. :)

soumitro316 says:

So I go into Region+Language and change everything to Malaysia?

J2theL101 says:

Nope just the Country/Region part.

jonjerome says:

skate dog
Where's My Mickey
instaweather pro

cheers! :)

As we say in hindi----> Loot lo

Yeahp! Loot Lo.aise mauke baar baar nahi aate! :P

sahi kahaaa,yaar i was totally stunned when read the post about free games,jitna possible hua i have downloaded.....jaise bhi jisne bhi ye MS and WP a lot......:P

Same here.
#ios(I Own Shit)
For apple,ios(I Own Samsung)



which windows phone u have?

I have a Nokia Lumia 720(Black)

same as urs aditya.

Mooh ki baat chin lee.. ShameSung Plastic Fart Company :))
Windows Phone Nokia & Microsoft Rocks o.O
Lumia 920 Rocks.. Especially Yellow... Red saala Lipstick lagta hai :D

lumia 720(black) here :)

prathmfed says:

Sahi boley Aditya ...loot machao

visnit14 says:

Loot machi hai...btw amazing Alex is blowing my socks off!!!

Ok just downloaded every possible free game....feeling content...

Most of the games are free in Malaysia except for 2 angry bird games which are free in India , so just change your region twice to get all the games.....

zurikuk says:

Try Angry Birds space and Amazing Alex (UK)

Protrek says:

Search "angry birds" in store, more free games.. Not all, But 2-3 more.

Kimi Alin says:

None of these are free for me (Finland)

change your region to US and to others each time and download all of the said games....

ruddevil says:

Thanks for the tips, folks! ABs and Cut the rope exp.

DJCBS says:

When I tipped this only those 4 angry birds were on sale (was hard to notice since I gladly paid for all) but now Amazing Alex shows too. Thanks for the heads up.

so i got all AB Titles+Cut the rope titles+amazing alex
am i missing nething else,plz tell if there are other free games/apps

vishu_lumia says:

yep got all by travelling around globe
Angry birds (india)
Angry birds Star wars I & II (india)
Amazing alex( Malaysia)
Angry birds Rio( United States)
Angry birds Space ( United Kingdom)
Angry Birds Seasons(Thailand)
Splashtop personal(India)
Insider pro(India).
Cut the rope (United states)
Cut the rope (exp) (united states)
Anything else i missed :-p
guess its time to show some angry birds loyalty after getting all for free
so change my profile pic :-D:-D