Deal Alert: Line Birds now free in the Marketplace

Line Birds!

There are a free killer-games out there that we like to highlight around these parts and Line Birds is one of them (see our review here). The game is very popular on the iPhone with over 3 million users and now that studio, Djinnworks, has decided to try their hand on Windows Phone 7. The game was released weeks ago for $1.99 and we happily paid it because it's just well done.

But the real news is now the game is completely free. We're not sure how long it will last as it just happened a few days ago (when it received it's v1.2 update) so we think you should jump on board now. The game is in the vein of Rainbow Rapture e.g. a distance game. Basically you're a bird who has to vertically dodge lines while trying to get power-ups:

"Guide these cute birds through a world full of danger. Unlock new birds as you progress through the game. Each bird has its own special ability from getting invisible or using time warp to a powerful explosion ability.

From the makers of Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Cliff Diving, Line Runner, Line Jumper, Line Surfer, RunStickRun, Rope'n'Fly and more... "

Going from $1.99 to free is a heck of a Christmas gift for such a great game. Go get this now as you won't be disappointed. Thanks, Ben H., for the tip!

Line Birds



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It does look like a challenging game, but fun and cute.  And you're right, from $1.99 to free is great!  Even if you choose not to play it often, it's free!
It's great when developers who are primarily iPhone app developers give WP a try.  If I had a WP phone right now, I would get this app, if for nothing else but to show the developer that there is interest.
I heard about this one game called Tiny Wings, and I looked it up in the App Store; looks fun too, so I emailed the developer to see if there were any plans for WP.  No response :(

tylerh1701 says:

Sweet!  Free is right in my price range!!!  Thanks!

Lucas says:

Glad they make this game free. Very fun.

TheWeeBear says:

Free for Christmas what more could you want. This is my first comment via the new WPC App, woo hoo! (Out Soon)