Deal Alert: Microsoft Surface for $179 at eBay

Microsoft Surface

Who still wants a first-gen Surface tablet? Apparently, many people still do. Heads up! The Microsoft Surface with 32 GB storage is available at eBay for $179 with free shipping. They are refurbished models, which still include 1-year limited hardware warranty. Interested in the tablet? Better act fast, because the seller has sold over 400 units already since this morning.

The Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows RT features a 10.6 inch HD touchscreen. It may supplement your laptop and Windows Phone nicely. In addition to the 32 GB internal storage, it comes with a USB 2.0 interface, microSD card slot, and supports WiFi connectivity with 2x2 MIMO antenna. You can read our full Surface Tablet review for more details.

Originally priced at $499 when it came out, you can now buy it for just $179 on eBay. Are you getting one... or two? Let us know in the comments!

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Thanks for the tip. Just bought one. :)

prophoto1 says:

boooooo!!!!  ships to the u.s. only!!! 

trmnrs says:

Why?!?!? As if the U.S. doesn't get enough already lol
I'm still waiting on the Lumia 1520 to make its way over to Canada...

elisaur says:

Shrimp fried rice! Shrimp fried rice!

Montpbm says:

I'm trying to sell mines now, so that I can get a Surface 2.. Any takers??

navidee says:

Ohhh I want. Too bad im financially strapped until at least march :(

In Limbo says:

I second that :'(

armagezon says:

Again, only in the US

scdkad says:

It's an Ebay seller dude-its their decision whether to sell US only or worldwide. For me when I sell stuff too much BS involved shipping overseas..

Selling to Canada isn't overseas, and this seller isn't doing that either. :-P

cruelvaldez says:

Oh my god, even with the tegra 3, this price is amazing!

lewminous says:

I bought one Thursday when they were $169! Should arrive tomorrow! Glad to see they are still doing it. Its an awesome deal.

user4545 says:

Its refurbished.

IceDree says:

Refurbished or not, $179 is a catch, too bad its US only.

RT?... I don't know... thoughts?

Its good for tablets and should be fine since most people don't leave a browser. (look at a chromebook for example)

I mainly want to use it for school. the biggest downside I saw was no Office.

apoelin says:

Ehm.. RT comes with Office.

I believe it comes with Office home and student preinstalled.

OMG55 says:

When you upgrade to 8.1, it adds outlook which 8rt didn't have

Tansen says:

RT actually does come with forever Office upgrades free. To be honest aside from a few desktop apps I use from time to time, I probably would be just fine with Windows RT.

There is also apps and games

Ian Too says:

I love mine and she works hard.

DJCBS says:

During Christmas they were selling them here for 199€, new, with the 2 year warranty. So I'm not surprised. After all, there's a 1 billion loss that MS has to try and recoup any way possible.

apoelin says:

Bought one on Thursday for $169. Estimated delivery was for Wednesday (6 days later). It instead arrived around 20 hours after I placed the order!!

Credo93 says:

Surface 1 is to slow 

apoelin says:

Surface 1 is too slow for $350. It is great imo for $179. Plus, WinRT 8.1 has improved things a bit.

sholokov says:

Not really. It's fine. And now much improved with 8.1.

he_shark says:

...and supposedly Update 1 will make Windows run even better on low powered hardware.

Kind of glad this is US only (I'm in the UK) or I'd get one and then probably never use it. Just not sold on these tablet thingamijibs.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Is it true that its slow cause I've used tegra 3 devices and they run fine.

R0bR says:

It's not slow for running Windows Store Apps, I have no issues not even streaming 1080P movies on my network. I find Internet Explorer 11 a bit slow, IE10 on Windows 8 on my RT performed better, but not slow enough to be an issue. Well worth it especially at this price.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Thanks, I bought the Lumia 2520 on release date but am very interested in the surface, I'll probably wait till Christmas again and buy the surface 2 at this price.

Daakkon says:

I returned my surface because the performance didn't justify the price. I'm going to get a surface 3 whenever those come out.

rodneyej says:

That should be in October... Surface 3... Much thinner this time around.. Still the coolest tablet on the market...

ULOP3Z says:

Why are people saying its Slow? i multitask on my surface all the time and it runs smooth, 8.1 really fixed alot of things, maybe some of you should upgrade

James Allatt says:

i agree. i use mine to work from how with from time to time and have had outlook open, a few word and excel doucments open as well as using one not vpn connections, using remote desktop app and vnc app as well as ie and dont see any slow down on the tablet. 8.1 on the surface rt runs fine and  for that price it makes it th best tablet on the market at that price.

DMTurner85 says:

Slow is subjective. I have an original RT and am satisfied. Though IE11 metro is a bit slow for some reason compared to desktop. I would rather have a bit of patience and wait another fraction of a second than shell out for a pro. Besides I have a ThinkPad if I need to do anything CPU/GPU intensive.

anglirich says:

Just scored one!!!!

AnthonyWhoso says:

I'm tempted at this point to buy one

Montpbm says:

I'm trying to sell mines now, so that I can get a Surface 2.. Any takers?

Montpbm says:

$250.00 because I just sent my old one in because it was acting up so bad to the point to where it was unusable.. So I'm waiting for my new one to come.

schlubadub says:

Wow, so you're selling it with no warranty for a higher price than people can buy from an online retailer with a 1 year warranty? Genius!

Renaldo868 says:

What's your price

blackhawk556 says:

To me, the price isn't the issue. What I couldn't stand was the performance of my Surface. The People App was so buggy, it seriously ruined the entire experience for me. Apps not loading quickly and stuttering to do things was a big turn off.

kingkoopa09 says:

It was somewhat with some apps but 8.1 gave it new life I love my surface rt since 8.1 snappy and addressing a lot of issues

"Does not ship to Mexico" .... ¬¬

anthonyl says:

It's shameful, but I already have an IPad Air and last years Nexus 7.  I really don't need/shouldn't be buying this, but at this price I couldn't resist trying this out!

Keni Miller says:

As noted by other commenters, these are refurbished. Before buying refurbished tech from sellers who sell a lot of it, check their feedback, this seller has have a lot of negative and neutrals, not a large percentage of their feedback ture, but enough to make one weary of purchasing any expensive item. Especially look for feedback on the item you are buying. These large volume tech sellers on Ebay are a very mixed bag as to their business practicies.

E Lizzle says:

I bought two from this seller.  One last year when the deal first appeared on WPCentral, then a second one a couple months ago.  Both were indistinguishable from new, aside from a small "refurbished" stick on the back of the tablet.  I also bought a type keyboard last month and had no problems there, either.


hopmedic says:

I've got one on eBay right now. I don't need competition like this!

StevePT says:

Just sold two of them I bought during the black Friday sale when they were $199. Got $290 each for them on Ebay. So glad I sold them before this deal came out because even though these are refurb, it is dragging down the new price.

wiederman says:

Just picked up one!

wpn00b says:

How can you not pull the trigger on a deal like this?!!

anglirich says:

What keyboard is recommended???

StevePT says:

Definitely get the type 2 keyboard. The backlight is really nice and the physical keystrokes are so much nicer than the touch keyboard. The additional thickness for the type keyboard is minimal.

Got mine, won't go through with the touch cover, but I found a white one nib from another seller.

WillBrown says:

Nice deal. I sold mine with a Type Cover on eBay last week for $300.

DavidinCT says:

Yea, RT, nah... If this was a Pro model in this price or a little higher, yea I woudl be all over it....


This is the price range RT tablets should aways be..


Does look like a good deal for someone who needs one...

toph36 says:

Bought one last summer for $199 with the touch cover off eBay. No regrets, love it. I did splurge for a Type Cover 2 in November.

Kubiubo says:

I ended up buying this one a few weeks ago, although for maybe twenty bucks cheaper. The only downside was that out of the box it was bricked, although that wasnt an issue. I had to go into cmd in order to rename Windows to Windows.old and have a new version be made, that ended up fixing the problem of Refresh/Reset not working.

Aside from the initial scare though, these refurbished models look brand new, at least the one I got. Easily the best investment I've made this year, haha. RT is perfect for light gaming, browsing and creating.

laserfloyd says:

A few days ago they had the same deal but at 169. I bought one and 7 coworkers all bought one as well. It's really a no brainer.

steve_w_7 says:

Got one last summer for $199 and absolutely love it. I don't know what the people who say it runs slow are trying to do on theirs, but mine has run like a champ. I couldn't resist this latest offer, so I picked up another one for my wife.

Kooosh says:

It's underpowered, has a 720p display and runs RT. Still, $220 with typecover is a steal. Passing on this one. 

theefman says:

No thanks, need full x86 device.

greg_mitch says:

Bought just last week at $169!

Jakub Demko says:

But Does Not Ship To Czech Republic :(

AndreAC_920 says:

I was trying to grab 2 with touch cover that is on sale for 39.99, but they only let user to buy 1 each.


ltjordan24 says:

That is an awesome price.

steve_w_7 says:

Just got mine in the mail and it doesn't work....  :(

Won't power up and the light on the charger doesn't turn on when I plug it in.  The charger is good because I tried it on my other Surface and it works fine.  Disappointed, but that's the chance you take with a refurbished item.  I sent it back and eBay picked up the shipping, so no big deal, but still disappointing.