Deal alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate for $12 shipped

Nokia DT 900

AT&T has the Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate in black or yellow for $12.25 with free shipping. That is too cheap to pass up. The wireless charging plate is Qi-compatible, so it will work on devices like the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 925 with charging case, and Lumia 1020 with charging case. It will not work with AT&T’s Lumia 1520 for reasons that have been explained in a separate post. Follow the steps after the break to take advantage of this deal.

  1. Click here 
  2. Select 'Shop for accessories'
  3. Select 'Nokia'
  4. Select one of the Nokia 920 devices
  5. Select the 'Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate'. 

This is the lowest price we’ve seen for the Nokia DT-900. Act quickly before it’s gone. Follow the steps and let us know if you are able to get one.

Source: Slickdeals; Thanks, Luis S., erzhik, and Mouthsmasher, for the tips!



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Agent-P says:

As long as it's the Verizon version. It contains a QI copmatible wireless charger.

K Philip says:

Yes it will work

donebrasko says:

I can't get one because my number is with verizon

Edit: nevermind it went through. I bought 2 yellow ones

jaethos says:

How did you get it to go through? I keep getting a not eligible message.

donebrasko says:

I put my wife's number in. She is att....and at the next part I put my number back. It just worked. I got a confirmation email also

jaethos says:

I got it to work. It didn't like my number, but it was fine with my mom's land line, so I used that. Strange.

Tragic says:

It would have also worked if you added the 1 before the area code. I'm on T-mo and that seemed to do the trick.

teaMJPx says:

Awesome deal... Thanks for the tip. Bought me one for my L925!

Twice Born says:

Does the 928 have wireless charging?

Does the 822 have wireless charging?

diego15nets says:

They sell the wireless charging covers for the 822 on ebay for $22-$30.

aitt says:

Lol ATT said F* Qi and dumping them off.

procen says:

Good for me because I don't use ATT, and I just wanted the wireless charging plate.

Antluv82 says:

I already got one

isi mcf says:

I can't find that price anymore.

Verkunder says:

Wonder if they'll honor the price in store.

JaiMento says:

Looking into it, it appears it is a discounted price for Microsoft employees.  I don't believe this is a normal sale price.  I don't believe you will be able to get a price match at a physical AT&T Store.

lippidp says:

I was at an ATT authorized store and dude wanted to unload these so badly he just asked how much I would be willing to pay.

jasonxz says:

Wow!  What store was that?

lippidp says:

Parrot Cellular in the San Francisco Bay area. This is iPhone country so you can find great deals on WP stuff. Although, he wouldn't go as low as $5 when I asked. I want the upright charger, not this plate one, but I would've dropped a fiver for it.

GooseBerryz says:

Yeh i think US only. Tried to get on but it ask for a Social Security Number. :(

JaiMento says:

It only asks for the last 4 digits of the AT&T account holder's SSN.

markdotinc says:

Wait, what? SSN?

Last four of SS number or att account password

addicusbrown says:

I did that and it told me I had to use the password option and then gave me an option of not having a password. I chose that and proceeded with my purchase.

jmk1127 says:

Assuming you can use this with 822 with wireless charging backplate. Bought one. Thanks for the info on this deal!

Got two yellow ones.  Thanks for the heads up.  My wife and I each have one on our nightstands.  Now I have one for my office and one for my home office!

justin071894 says:

Just bought a yellow and a black plate. Thanks!

AlexZhang says:

Do i need a coupon code? it alway said Item no longer in stock: Nokia(R) Black Wireless Charging Plate when i checkout...how to do it?

erzhik says:

FatBoy pillow going for a pretty low price as well, as well as the NFC stand. Looks like AT&T is trying to move all qi stock off the shelves. I guess no more Qi for us in the future.

JaiMento says:

This is not an AT&T sale.  This is an exploit of their discount program for participating employers (in this case, Microsoft).  Microsoft employees get 50% off of most non-Apple branded accessories.

Edit:  It has nothing to do with offloading Qi accessories.  I have a L1520 and ordered the Incipio PMA charging case for 50% off ($25).  Pretty sweet deal.  Hopefully it goes through.  I have my confirmation email, but status is still "Pending Confirmation".

paulxxwall says:

Does att sell pma charging plates and for how much?

raccoon210 says:

Got one as a Christmas gift for my brother!

Freelicks says:

Ordered one black and one yellow. Slick deal, going to try to mod one into my car or something, haha!

noshiro21 says:

seems sold out!!

erzhik says:

Red and white are sold out. Black and Yellow still in stock.

DJCBS says:

Aaand it's US-only because it's AT&T. Moving on...

Marco Gomes1 says:

The story of our lives all over again. If we'd had in Europe half the promotions the US has, WP would already be in front of apple :)

andrewb65 says:

I just bought a DT900 for my mother in the UK for the bargain price of £30/$45US - Yay!

wp920 says:

Just got one in black for my L920. Thanks Mark!


Arsenic17 says:

Yeah it is def a pricing error with all if us having access to 50% Microsoft employee discount. I normally get 20% off for my job from att, good deal though I ordered yellow.

Just got a DT900 in yellow!

Couldn't get it because of this: Accessory Discount is available to you through your employer's qualified business agreement with AT&T. You must be a qualified employee or otherwise eligible to participate in your company's program in order to receive this benefit

kingkoopa09 says:

U clicked wrong u go back put ur quanity then go to the top and cli k add to cart I did the same thing u did at first

dnlbntl says:

Just beautiful - ordered the DT-910 to place on my new desk for my Lumias (928 & 822).  Here's hoping it ships.

Tragic says:

I ordered the fatboy pillow in red. Did I goof?

gsfisher13 says:

Yes, the pillows are not the $12 deal

noshiro21 says:

i got one in black and after tax, total is $13,free 2nd fedex shipping...

this is thru the att site, so it means u need to be an att customer to log in and get it at this price.


going to see what i do, either turn it into a stand charger or fit it on my car somehow.

nbolmer says:

Exactly what they should cost.

SaucePolicy says:

Ordered one black. Password method wouldn't work so I entered a bogus last 4 SSN. Order went through but I don't think it will actually ship since this is supposed to be for MS employees. Worth a shot anyway. Thanks!

gsfisher13 says:

Ordered 2 using my Verizon number and it went through to checkout

sholokov says:

1020 camera grip is for $29.50

Ordered me one.

Mark thanks for the timely update ordered mine already. :D

mb0000 says:

This does work with the nokia 1520.

I have QI in mine.

adrian1338 says:

honestly .. i asked that in every wireless charging and 1520 post but didnt get a reply. i have 2 of them and the fatboy charging pillow and dont want to get rid of them for charging the 1520 :/

It works with the international version of the 1520, AT&T took it out if their version.

vmcampos says:

It asked for a surprising amount of information! 

Last four of Social Security Number, eh? Your phone number. Twice?

But I used my Google voice phone number, and my P.O. Box and it worked just fine. 

I've got one Christmas present done, now! 

adrian1338 says:

does it work with the 1520

Not the AT&T version of the 1520 because they removed QI from it. However, it will work with the international 1520 which does still have QI wireless charging

RothSothy says:

Cool, I'm a SlickDeals member too. I should've check the post earlier before the Red and White sold out. I just ordered 1 Fatboy Pillow and 1 Plate. If the deals persists later on, I may order some more as Christmas gifts. \:D/

kinaton says:

I cant buy either, but have 2 yellow save in cart for 31 days it says :)

rudrAgni says:

Just bought one! Thank you wp central :)

tardisintime says:

Thanks for the link guys. Grabbed a yellow for myself,and two black ones for gifts.

nez99 says:

Damn you Americans I want cheap stuff!! ;)

simsini says:

These work on my 1520 here in the UK. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

cdbstl76 says:

Got a yellow to add to my collection of colors

SpiDe1500 says:

We are paying 60€ (75$...) for a DT900 here in Germany.......

i have verizon and no way of getting an att account. can anyone help please?


ive gone as far as check out. then asks me to register. cant register due to no att number and no att account. i tried entering bogus numbers and it still doesnt work. doesnt quite say which one exactly just says "couldnt update your cart due to error"

can anyone give me a step by step of what they did or maybe even include the fake info you entered?


PPCFreak says:

You don't need an att account. I don't have one and just ordered two charge plates

Do you have a friend with an AT&T number? I used my dad's. He could easily have bought this for me. :)

PPCFreak says:

I am still seeing the Order status saying pending confirmation so maybe this is still not going to go thru. Anyone without an ATT number and non-microsoft employee get there order status to say something other than pending confirmation?

Rick2340 says:

I just got an email saying it has shipped and I also have a charge pending on my credit card.  I used my Verizon number so it looks like it's going to work.

deku13 says:

Same here. Used my Verizon number and it just now shipped

vttym says:

When viewing the accessories, if you switch the filter to "All" there's a ton of stuff you can pick up. Notable: the Otterbox Defender case for $12.50 (selling for $50 on Amazon).

PPCFreak says:

Just ordered 2 plates.

psiu_glen says:

Just ordered 2 plates -- used a GV number for the first one (my real number for billing, obviously). Thanks!

Rick2340 says:

I actually just ordered a white one.  Says "Microsoft Employees" , which I am not, at the top of the page and I put my Verizon phone number where it asks for your AT&T number.  Will be curious if this actually ships. 

paulxxwall says:

Att getting rid of qi us so stupid. Do they sell pma accessories? What other phones have pma charging in them? Where can I charge a pma phone? I've never seen any where to wirelessly charge my phone except in my house on my qi charger. So if att want pma and everyone else wants qi I'll just look into changing out pma shells for qi shells . Att sold me two qi chargers ...att did...now for no reason they want to change

Got a black one for $13.14 shipped I can't wait for it.

morbility says:

Somebody buy me a black one :P I'll paypal you $15!!!

Josef Rokos says:

Same here, one for me... paypal No prob

DWTrump says:

Figures...I just bought one a week ago for much more than that to be sure I had one to give as a Christmas gift.

fazil6 says:

Is dis offer available globally? Or just limited to the U.S.

Jason Drum says:

Just got one for 13 and change with a Verizon number.

SahilShah says:

The SSN will not work! What is happening? Why are there 2 fields for shipping information.

RonV42 says:

I just scored two.....thanks for the tip...now I will have a charging plate in most of the rooms in my home.

36dbldz says:

got mine ordered!

I have many doubts about these orders going through.

Rick2340 says:

Yeah I agree.  The confirmation email states that the order may be subject to AT&T eligibility requirements. 

JaiMento says:

I have the same doubts.

deku13 says:

Mine went through. And I'm a Verizon customer, not att

Pappa Ed says:

I got $24.95 price on line? WTF!

THIS IS AWESOME!!!  I did decide to go for the charging stand instead, it'll look nice on my desk.  I almost bought the charging case for my L925, but luckily I figured out that it wasnt a QI compatible shell.

Zahid says:

The yellow is now available btw ... only red is not. So I got one each of white, black, and yellow.

Ashu Sharma1 says:

Is it available for India also?

viciouzone says:

Ordered a red Fatboy charging pad for $31 with shipping ... Thanks for the heads up!!!

traduma says:

How can I buy it :(. I live in Vietnam.

addicusbrown says:

Worked for me. Great deal and I really appreciate the heads up because I can now charge wireless at work. Oh yeah baby!!!!!!

Miata777 says:

Just picked one up.. at that price why not. Red is out of stock as of 11:15 EST

It seemed to work... got a confirmation number. Thanks!

nivekv says:

I feel greedy for getting 5 black ones. I hope they don't try to transfer my Verizon number...

I only have plans for 3 of them, so the other 2 may go on eBay for our international friends.

Got a black one and a white one. Thanks for the tip.

Dammit, I paid like $50 for mine!!!

Gone, both white and black, at least for me.

safesax2002 says:

Just tried and said they were no longer available.

nivekv says:

Black, White, and Yellow are all in stock now. Try again.

drtolson says:

No longer available it would seem (at least from someone coming in from Canada!).  The Charge Plates don't show up on any of the L920 accessory pages. Oh well... worth a shot...

stephen_az says:

Nice to know wpcentral advocates fraud. I will be sure to notify Microsoft and AT&T of the abuse.....

JaiMento says:

Has anyone received confirmation that their order has shipped?  I've gotten the order confirmation email, but the order status page doesn't state the order has been finalized (went from processing to blank).  I also haven't been charged yet.

Rick2340 says:

I just received an email confirming the order has shipped and I have a charge pending.  I also used my Verizon phone number.

Edit:  The email also has a fedex tracking number.

JaiMento says:

Thanks. Gives me hope that they'll ship me mine.

wtupyo says:


The 1020 camera grip is also on sale - $30 instead of the normal $60!

ehuna says:

Just got an email that my order was cancelled due to an "address verification issue".  Sounds bogus, as the address is correct.

No email or phone number to call to follow up on the order - this sucks.

ScubaDog says:

The deal is only good for business partners, not regular individual users.  Bah!

CapnPauly says:

I'm in for a charging stand (if there is no problem with the order). 

Too bad the JBL "Power Up Charging Bluetooth Speaker" wasn't available via this offer.  :p  Me likey. 

gahbmwm5 says:

Yes indeed...thanks for the keen info on this 'nice deal'...
At $12.99....plus no S/H fee...great as Amazon has them starting @$49 for used....lol
Now just waiting/hoping for shipping confirmation email and Fed Ex Tracking number....keeping fingers crossed.

"Your order may be subject to AT&T eligibility and credit requirements. If we have any questions about your eligibility or your order, we will contact you via email"

ehuna says:

Since my order was rejected, I ended up buying at an AT&T store.  Ended up buying 3 at a 50% discout - but the San Mateo store guy would not budge from the $25 price (50% off $50), even though I showed him the cancelled online order at $12.99.

Maybe my order was rejected because my billing ZIP code does not match my shipping ZIP code (?) - come on AT&T!

DavidinCT says:

dam, smoking deal...i would grab one if i didn't already have 2 of them (one for my nightstand and one for travel\hone office)

gahbmwm5 says:

Yes indeed...thanks for the keen info on this 'nice deal'...
At $12.99....plus no S/H fee...great as Amazon has them starting @$49 for used....lol
Now just waiting/hoping for shipping confirmation email and Fed Ex Tracking number....keeping fingers crossed.

"Your order may be subject to AT&T eligibility and credit requirements. If we have any questions about your eligibility or your order, we will contact you via email"


Good deal just received my shipping confirmation and Fed Ex Tracking number...done deal.

nwildcat says:

Back to saying no longer in stock. Will try again later to see if that changes. I wrote off having a wireless charging plate because of the price, this is a great deal.

tardisintime says:

Got my shipping info, for my two orders. 12 hour turnaround from order to shipping.

Its over now. Damn

Too bad they don`t ship to Romania!

gsfisher13 says:

Both the yellow and black version I ordered arrived today. Great deal AND quick shipping, bonus!

donebrasko says:

I ordered two yellow was charged for two but only received one. Who do I contact?

tardisintime says:

Ordered Friday, received today.  Great deal