DEAL ALERT: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale for $24


Update: Fixed link

In case you keep missing these Nokia wireless charging plate deals, here’s another coming from the site Pay Deals.

This time it’s for the DT-900, aka the flat pad for wirelessly charging any Qi-enabled device, including many in the Nokia Lumia range and the one-shot Verizon HTC 8X.  The plate comes in two color options, including black or white and is on sale for just $24 (a 51% savings). You have 5 days too to grab one.

DT-900 sale

We’re huge fans of wireless charging and as anyone who uses it can attest, it’s not a gimmick but a very convenient feature (many of us joke that we feel we’re violating our Windows Phone when we have to physically plug it in).

Although the future of the Qi-wireless standard is still in question (due to the challenge of the PMA), we suppose there’s no harm in racking up a few of these around the house for ease of charging.

Source: Pay Deals; via Reddit



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procen says:

It was $25.00 last night.
Edit: Got a white one from ice monkey

nablor says:

Need this sort of price in the UK. Pretty please. Current exchange rate would mean £16 for these never gunna happen though.

Kei Square says:

sold out in 10 minutes... i always missed this deal.. this time i acutally had it in the cart... but when checking out.. sold out.

theefman says:

Picked up one.

aitt says:

Also on sale at Ice Monkey (edit). Just didn't bother to tip it off. Sorry peeps.


aitt says:

And to answer your question Ice Monkey is legit. They are a subsidiary of Daily Steals. I've ordered several time. Legit, slow shipping.

montastic says:

FYI: This one is recertified/refurbished. The one on PayDeals is brand new.

aitt says:

Thanks. I saw but didn't read the print

Kei Square says:

never mind... bad link... deal is active

Finally able to get one of these. Thanks!

Agent-P says:

I already ordered two last time, so I'll hold off this time. It would just be an impulse purchase anyway.

kalo88 says:

US only again......

lottidah says:

Just ordered two white ones, great deal.

chuey101 says:

More qi chargers out there the better don't want powermat to steal the show

link68759 says:

I'd better not, otherwise won't have any money for the car charger when it comes out.

Deemswick says:

Will ANY wireless charger work on a regular AT&T Lumia 900?

Agent-P says:

Unfortunately the Lumia 900 does not support wireless charging. It doesn't have a wireless charging coil built into the design to allow for this feature.

cooperma says:

Kinda concerned Ordered a white one from PayDeals. Put my CC info in...went to my orders and it is shown as canceled. Ordered again. I get a notification from my bank that the 24.00 went through...but I show BOTH orders are listed as cancelled. Not sure what to do..especially since the page is showing a 404 error. Contacted PayDeals to see what is happening...

tds101 says:

I also ordered from icemonkey.com,...great deal across the board!!!

Sean Maloney says:

It looks like Pay Deals doesn't want us to link directly to a specific product.  They keep changing the URL.

Instead, go to http://paydeals.com/ and just scroll down to the Nokia Charging Plate.  This way you're exposed to a bunch of other stuff they're selling.  :)

I bought two of these from them a few weeks ago. One was defective, so they just sent me a replacement, no questions asked. Great customer service!

diplomat696 says:

Just ordered sweet deal, I tried a few weeks back but they were sold out so glad I could get one now :)

pmich says:

Link still doesn't work.

Musicman247 says:

I had to go to the paydeals.com page and click on the product from there. Ordered my black charger (they are out of white) in about 6 minutes. Free shipping, too!

ttsoldier says:

I keep missing out on these deals. Everytime. sigh :(

SaucePolicy says:

Linky no worky on WP.

diplomat696 says:

Linky no worky on anythingy lol usey main page for qiyyyyyy goody

Ihawks says:

This will never happen in rip off Briton.

luimende says:

I hope iPhone chooses Qi over the other wireless standard. I think they'll decide the way it all goes.

RyanAMG says:

iPhone is under 20% now so Android would dictate the direction as they own the market.

luimende says:

They may own the market, but iPhone still is the "it" phone. I think whatever iPhone chooses will dictate the trend. Now, we have qi and so does the nexus, what does the galaxy use?

danielgray says:

Just got one, phone charged 55% over night. Useless.

GizmoEV says:

Something isn't right. My 920 always charges up nearly as fast as it does with the wired charger it came with. Maybe you have a defective charging pad.

danielgray says:

I have a charging stand at work too. Will try that today to see if charging is so slow. If it is must be a faulty phone.

rth314 says:

Sold out.  :-(

eortizr says:

sweet, I missed the last one, but not this one, got mine in black...(my 920 is yellow and already have a red charger)

Jonny702 says:

Damn, I was really hoping to get one of these :( Sold out

Dzik says:

Where can I get DC charger for it?