Deal Alert: Nokia Fatboy charging pillow on sale at AT&T for only $5

If you're looking to pick up a Fatboy Qi charging pillow on the cheap and live in an area which AT&T will ship to, you're in luck. In addition to their $5 deal on the Nokia DT-900 Qi charging plate, AT&T has now added the Fatboy Qi charging pillow to the mix and are also offering it for only $5.

Sadly, it seems the red and black ones are all sold out as of right now but there's still cyan left and that's one heck of a deal. We're in no position to complain about the color at that price. You'll probably want to act fast if you want to grab one. Can't imagine they'll be available for too much longer after this.

Source: AT&T



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cesar ruiz1 says:

I saw this last night but does not ship to p.r

FrankEpr says:

My brother I have found you! WP fan and from PR...

cesar ruiz1 says:

There are a few of us out here already...

jes1888 says:

yes, there are few, does an att store here in Puerto Rico sell  it to this price? Or can we get the offer?

cesar ruiz1 says:

Well at least on the web page it gives you the option to pick up at store and there none available in my area Aguada.

xratola says:

I wish I lived there :'(

No Props for the tip WPCentral...

Edwardlb20 says:

Cheeeap our what!!! Shame I live in UK.

adrian1338 says:

Shame I paid £ 50 a few month ago:O

astroXP says:

The closest at&t store that ONLY has the black charging plate (no fatboys at all) is 45 miles away from where I live :sad_face:

JohnStrk says:

Boy they are really trying to get rid of everything Qi. Damn you AT&T!!!

Picked up 3 of them in various colors this week anyway for my 920. Ordered Tues and got them yesterday. $15! :)

I picked up 2...my gf is gonna be like, "what do you need those things for you have like 5 already!"

MikeSo says:

Yep, kinda sad when you think about it...

Yes it is...I AM A SAD MAN!

"Mr. Sadman, bring me some Qi, bah bah buh buh..."

Awesome comment +920

TechnoTim says:

Probably because Apple will announce their wireless charging next week that is not Qi

JohnStrk says:

And they will claim that their devices were the first to have it! :(

MikeSo says:

No. But they will claim it's "MAGICAL!"

They'll probably improve it some way that makes it so they CAN claim it to be better than the rest.
They could add data transmission, which isn't new, but the only other devices that had it were the HP Touchpad and Pre 3, and it wasn't even enabled on them before they were axed. (And I'm pretty sure it was just an NFC chip at the center of the wireless coils.)
They could also be the first to have wireless charging with a metal housing, if they're using liquidmetal.
And they could make it support all of the major wireless charging standards implemented right now, so it could be used with literally "everything" wireless charging compatible. (I think Broadcom just made a new chip that supports the three top wireless charging standards at once, so this isn't far-fetched.) OR, they could just go proprietary and screw everyone over.
Either way, if they do it, it will take the wireless charging we've known and loved for so long to even greater popularity, which isn't a bad thing.

MikeSo says:

Probably just speculation, but it would be as good a reason for AT&T to dump everything else as any other reason, I suppose...

Do they have it in stores though?

Mullrock says:

Ordered 2.. Got an additional 10% off for buying 2 or more accessories!!

heelo says:

Ordered 3 and I got 25% off. Three Fat Boys for $11.25!

lippidp says:

Geez. I just bought two DT-900s. Would have preferred these.

adrian1338 says:

Well there simply is a DT900 inside that pillow. You can just take it out :O

lippidp says:

Thanks, I guess...?

MikeSo says:

Yay, thanks for the heads up! I got 2 of them. Should've gotten 3 now that I think of it... Damn! :D

Cornercurve says:

I got three...that gets you an extra 25% off.

Total after everything was only $12.26 :-)

MikeSo says:

Did you actually get them?

I received an email just now:

"We regret to inform you that the accessory you've ordered is no longer available. As a result, we have canceled your order."

Screw them. If they don't have them, don't let me order. Annoying.

jgbstetson says:

I think people are starting to get backorder notices on this, which I don't think ATT will fulfill. That's just my hunch... doesn't hurt to try. There also may still be some charging plates for $5 floating around your local stores. I picked up 6 total in black and white. If you order online for in store pickup, you can get 25% off three I think. Dirty cheap.

onysi says:

why are you people hogging these chargers?!  Theres not that many phone that uses Qi. 

adrian1338 says:

well can you tell me a phone that supports another standard from stock?

Citizen X says:

Because you can spend $15 and have one for the nightstand, livingroom side table, desk in study and still have one left over for your desk at work.  Considering you couldn't even buy one of those for twice the price a few weeks four seems like a modest amount.  I mean this is what wireless charging is about.  Set your phone down most places you sit and it charges.

jgbstetson says:


robodude2829 says:

I ordered a yellow one yesterday, and got my notice that they were sold out today. Yesterday, the website said they were sold out of the cyan ones. Tried again today, not too high of hopes though.

Zippier says:

Its just a DT-900 shoved in a pillowcase. Im not fond of mine. Prefer the charging stand.

edsal says:

I bought two yesterday but the other ones for 10 bucks and some change .

CyclingNut says:

Wow! Free shipping also. Thanks for the tip!

onysi says:

godamnit i wanted the plate.  This cloth based charger could catch fire if it gets too hot.  And what the hell ?? ALL Reds are gone.  Im stuck with blue and i have red lumia :(

I'm stuck with blue and I have a yellow Lumia.

That combo looks hella good.

Duffau says:

Haha ya, I have a yellow 1020 and a cyan plate. Also got cyan and red pillows the other day. Anyone want to trade for a yellow one?

Duffau says:

Dude, its a regular charging plate inside of a pillow. Don't want the pillow? Take the charging plate out and throw the pillow at someone you mildly dislike. Problem solved =D

robodude2829 says:

They were out of the Cyan ones yesterday. I ordered a yellow one bacuse it was the only color they had left. My order went through fine, but I got an email today saying they had cancelled it because they were out of stock. Tried again with this one, hope it goes through.

vzw8830 says:

Can someone give me link to them on the att site, can't seem to find them

markk132 says:

i just ordered 4 Cyan ones online.  Plus 25% off because i ordered 3 or more.  So 4 for $15!!  i hope these actually ship lol i'm also scared of them just being backordered.


wait a minute.... what am i going to do with 4 wireless charging pillows?!?! lol

NH3MAN says:

If ATT Strips their next Windows phone of Qi then I'm switching when I replace my 1020. So sick of their lack of updates and forcing their approved wireless charging standard.

jgbstetson says:

I am leaving Tmo at year's end and much hinges on carrier support of WP devices and charging standards.

With $20 shipping. :P

torbach1 says:

Thanks. Just got one from att online.

zaslek says:

with this + the extra 25% off I got 3 of these and a pebble for 25% off?

drobbs74 says:

Thanks for the tip! Picked up 2x Cyan + a JBL Powerup to get an extra 25% off!

toph36 says:

I just bought 4 Cyan Fatboys.  Total cost: $16.05.  It was actually $3.75 each, plus tax!  Shipping was free!

Possibly the most useless avcessory I have ever bought. The phone doesn't always charge when on it, even though I've made sure the charging plate is on the top inside. Also it is nothing like a pillow. Hard ugly nylon material.

Took the plate out and have been using it without the pillow for the past year. No charging problems.

willied says:

The pillow isn't for sleeping on, silly. :P

MagusShadow says:

I just bought three and to my surprise, there was an additional discount for getting buying 3 accessories. I paid $11.93 ;-)

piff2222 says:

is working in Europe?

Ordered 3 Cyan.  What a deal.  Thank you for this article!!!

Kieta says:

Out of stock already, darn

Citizen X says:

Sorry.  That was me.

erzhik says:

Got 4 for $15. Can't get better than this.

ALANMAN87 says:

Already sold out online :(

And looks like they're gone.

dray111 says:

Noooooo..y does this not come to India....usa gets all the good things

bigkevbosky says:

Because AT&T isn't in India. Duh.

dcutting says:

Apparently not available in Rochester, NY... :-(

myrandex says:

Woohoo bought two. 10% off with two accessories purchased as well.

myrandex says:

And my order was terminated this morning :(

SpeedT54 says:

When I ordered 3, it gave me 25% off on top. Such a deal! Got 3 fatboys all for under 12 bucks.

maevinj says:

At that price, I don't care what color it is

tigermcm says:

Not available in my area????? I love in Florida

LawnPaul says:

I ordered. In cape coral

Planblover08 says:

Not available in Charlotte, NC :(

pssdeva says:

Out of stock :(

felickz says:

Link is dead now, "not available in your area"...

Who wants to bet that eBay has a sudden influx of Nokia charges for sale?

Rhamsey says:

Damn you work, missed this one. I needed a new qi charger too.

RMathis77 says:

Bought 2 of them! great deal. Love my wirewless charging!


Bought 3 for $12 since if you order three or more accessories you get 25% off. Free shipping too!

felickz says:

ditto, lets hope the order goes through!

haleme says:

Next on sale will be the charging stands. Can't wait!!!!

JKjeeper says:

Thanks for the tip, got some before they sold out

Jan Tomsic says:

Can someone buy it for me and sends it to Slovenia? issak42@outlook com

shykhan16 says:

Sold out at all att stores near me :-(

Mr. Brown says:

I just ordered 2 plates and got an additional 10% off.

hink3000 says:

Why the heck won't they ship to Charlotte, NC???

distantskunk says:

Try the desktop site. Worked for me after mobile site stated they wouldn't ship to Sacramento

muddytoad says:

Att is dumping due to support of a different standard is all.

distantskunk says:

Fatboy pillow is sold out, but just purchased a white charging plate for 5 bucks! Nice. Thanks

When I went to go to my ATT store to pick up a charging plate, I noticed that the 920 is no longer being sold in the store. It's been removed from the display, hence the likely reason why they're clearancing these out. They're not carrying any more phones that use them....

lesd777 says:

Got 2 earlier today. Hope they ship.

tbolt76 says:

Just ordered 4 and only paid $15.90, since AT&T is offering 25% off any 3 or more accessories. No fatboys left, but 4 charging plates for $16, can't beat that.

Kinestron says:

Out of stock. :(

di_genius_7 says:

Try buying online and choose site to store and u might get a store close to you that's what I just did and got two DT-900

Kram Sacul says:

These little sales that last a few minutes are getting annoying.  You can only be teased so much.

Premium1 says:

Agree it sucks, but they are just trying to clear stock that is laying around collecting dust. If they would price them at this, or even like $10 they would sell so much better. 

Do they ship to India?

Premium1 says:

Too bad doesn't ship to my area. Not sure why.  It is in the US 

Ejay Lozano says:

I already checked those in Vegas and they're sold out. When are the DT-910 qi stands going for $5?

Draganta says:

Damnit! If you know a store close to Vegas who has them, let me know! Thanks!

SomeGuy11 says:

ATT has officially killed Qi

kinaton says:

None left online.. They don't even list Cyan

AndyD33 says:

Got the two charging plates left at the AT&T store in Eastwood Mall Niles, OH.

Apparently several people had called them and the store employees didn't know they had them.  The girl went in back and looked again and found them in a bin on the top shelf of something.

felickz says:

Order cancelled, fuck you att