Deal Alert - Nokia Lumia 800 free at Carphone Warehouse

Nokia Lumia 800

If you're looking for a deal on the Nokia Lumia 800, Carphone Warehouse is featuring the Lumia 800 as this week's Smart Deal. The Windows Phone is available to new customers and as an upgrade for free until September 6th.

The Smart Deal does call for a 24 month contract and monthly service plans. Plans start at £12.50 that includes 250 minutes of talk time, 5000 texts and 500mb of data through Talkmobile.

Nokia Lumia 800 at Carphone Warehouse

Additional plans run £15.50 or higher and are available through Orange, Vodophone, T-Mobile (Europe), 3, and O2.

You can check out all the fine print on Carphone Warehouse's deals here at their website.



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sholokov says:

WPcentral didn't listen to me when I tipped them but there is another deal. Lumia 900 in black is for $19.99 on Amazon Wireless with two year contract new/renewal with AT&T.

RudiVisser says:

This isn't such a big deal, in O2 stores (not online) the Lumia 800 was £12.50/mo for 18months and the 710 was £10/mo for 18 months not so long ago.

MattLFC says:

710 can be had for £7.50 a month contract atm, or for £99 SIM-free again, both at Carphone Warehouse. Considering how Phones4u managed to get some exclusivity deals with Nokia, CPW haven't half had some cracking handset pricing from them. :-)