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Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 920 available for just £169 at Tesco UK

Lumia 920

The Nokia  Lumia 920 is a special Windows Phone. Not only was it the first Nokia Windows-based smartphone to sport wireless charging, the Lumia 920 was also the premium handset when Windows Phone 8 was released. Even though new hardware has been released with more advanced components, the Lumia 920 is still a high-end experience and runs Windows Phone 8 smoothly.

We've been alerted to a sweet deal at UK supermarket Tesco, where the Lumia 920 is available for £169.

Tesco Nokia Lumia 920

Should you be looking to pick up a new Windows Phone at a reasonable price, the Lumia 920 at £169 is well worth checking out.

Source: Tesco; thanks, SHAYM4N, for the tip!



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ortizang says:

Cool but I already have one. I wanna get the 1520, I love big screen devices!

You won't regret it either! My 920 looks like a babies phone after using this beast!

ortizang says:

I can imagine!!!

That's a superb price for an awesome phone! Especially considering the price of the lumia 625 on payg! Wow!

topleya says:

Amazing price

jhayEL says:

I got mine for $284.

RoboLoftie says:

I didn't think Tesco PAYG was locked tbh, and if it's not dammit, i bought mine last week for 220 ><

Bob Kelso says:

Me either.  That's a great price though (for an epic handset).  Late last year I bought a sim free 720 for my wife for not much less than that!

I got my 920 from Vodafone, and it boots with the Vodafone logo etc. but I actually use an EE sim in it without any issues.

The onl thing is you'll have to wait that Vodafone clears the Nokia/MS updates before they are available on your phone. Don't know about UK but in Germany it takes a little time. Until now I have been able to live with it...

Bob Kelso says:

Yes, I was a little concerned about that too, but they seem to have come through fairly quickly.  I've been running Lumia Black for quite a while now.

must give credit where due, the black update did come through fairly quick on Vodafone also in Germany. The prèvious one took ages. or at leat semed to :-)

I got one today the £169 are actually sim-free just come with a tesco sim card!


I've put my 3 Sim in and works a charm

Aashish13 says:

I want one thats really cheap

madtourist says:

Still the better looking Lumia imo and still my n1 phone. Very good deal.

199 euro on o2 ireland

MrWhiteman says:

If the 1020 is a low price in November I will buy that as I already have a 920

smogg9 says:

maybe my comment is a bit off topic lol but i wanna say that at least in europe people buy lumias, in my country whenever i mention ''windows phone'' everyone just acts like ''ewww, good looking phone but hideous OS'' you can guess selling this phone here is gonna be a tough sell...i meant, IS ** 

smogg9 says:

a latin american country

tan2000 says:

So still US then? USA is the largest Spanish speaking country en el mundo...

kikoeightone says:

Great price from Tesco on the 920. I use my 520 on Tesco Mobile, no complaints here about the network. Plus, they're soon to offer 4G data at no extra cost than 3G.

BlueSky7043 says:

Still own my 920..can't wait to get 1520 later..

Big Supes says:

Sweet find! Just picked up two. Replacement for my tired 920 and a new phone for the mother. :)

Would you be so kind as to test them with an 02 sim to see if they are sim locked? would appreciate it greatly.


Thank you

J88NY R says:

You would need to test with a SIM other than an O2 sim, Tesco Mobile uses O2's network, so even if it was locked, O2 sims will work.

From what i've read that's not the case & as it happens it's an 02 card i am hoping to use.

I got one today its sim-three worked with me Mums's o2 sim then tried my Three Sim and worked a charm made it didn't wanna have to go on Tesco Mobile lol

rockstarzzz says:

This gotta be the preparation of getting rid of old stock so that shelves have space for shiny new Lumias from Microsoft! :)

JimiDiGriz says:

So is this locked to O2? Currently have an 820 on Orange/EE but at this price the 920 is tempting though not if my the sim won't work 

ttarbuck says:

Its on Tesco Mobile but I doubt it'll be locked so it's probably ok to just pop in your EE sim and it should work.

FeedTheShark says:

Been following this on HotDealsUK (and educating people there on why this is better than iOS and Android!) and people there are saying they are getting them unlocked so your SIM should be fine. Anyway, Tesco just charge £20 to unlock even if it wasn't so not a big deal given how cheap this is.

You can also supposedly cancel the contract on the Refresh plan and then just pay the monthly cost, effectively giving you the phone for £84 with no fees after that.

Bob Kelso says:

As above, my EE sim works fine in my Vodafone 920.

DJCBS says:

That's a bargain for what is still Nokias flagship.

ivo_apo says:

Not so sure. For same price you can have ATIV S:
1. Unlock
2. Bigger screen - 4.8
3. Memory card support
4. Less weight
5. Less bezel
6. Rock solid build
7. Dedicated photo button

Yes, you can also install all Nokia software as well.

Musice says:

And you get random reboots in exchange

TechFreak1 says:

Hmm including portico, amber, black Nokia updates? Or you just mean Nokia apps? :P

MrA2Z says:

£179 for 16 GB version from Expansys but Lumia 920 is 32 GB

stamford27 says:

I think the 1520 is Nokias flagship now, though the 920 is a great phone, and that is a great price.

sequoia464 says:

Not sure if I converted this correctly but isn't £169 equal to about $275? 

Microsoftstore and AT&T are currently selling the 920's for $299, although they are locked to AT&T.

HarkAtYou says:

Dont forget UK prices include sales tax, typically US prices are before tax is added at the till. If your price is not including tax that makes quite a difference

TechFreak1 says:

Yup 20% VAT (Value Added Tax)

jlunardi says:

Normaly you can just take it as aprox 1:1


Nokia Lumia 1520 White, Factory Unlocked
$583.82        Converted Price: £357.89
£528.55        Converted Price: $862.22

JamesWoods98 says:

I was going to order the 920 yesterday from Tesco for £220, thank God I waited till today!! Thanks WPCentral!

cybermoose89 says:

That's real cheap already have one though that and the current raining king of spec 1520

TechFreak1 says:

Daamn.. What a bargain.. I bought mine at full price in 2012 and not once have i regretted on doing so. Yes there are flaws here and there, but no phone is perfect, as generally a persons needs and usage changes over time. Also if there was the perfect phone there would be no need to upgrade at all :P. Having said that, I feel right now the L920 is the perfect device for me :D in size, weight and design, as all the shortcomings are software related therefore fixable. The only smartphone i would consider is if it was a true upgrade to the 920 in terms of cpu, battery and 32gb min storage (+msd slot) in the same form factor with qi wireless charging.

peachy001 says:

Would love them to do something like this with the 1020

MrA2Z says:

Wish it would happen with 1020 or 1520

peachy001 says:

Yeah, and I am aware how ridiculous my request was. Looked earlier today actually, it is around £500 everywhere for the 1020.

greekgary says:

I would snap this deal up in a heart beat if i could use my TMobile(UK) Sim. Sadly the unlocked version is £220!

jlunardi says:

You asked:
How can I unlock my tesco mobile phone

My answer:
If you wish to use another network's SIM, you will need to arrange for it be unlocked. If this is the case, you must not insert another operator's SIM card into the mobile without an unlatching code (this is not your PIN code).

Our Customer Care team can provide you with an unlatching code. The service is free if you request an unlatching code from us, 12 months after the date you activated your handset. If you activated your Tesco Mobile phone less than 12 months ago, we will charge you a fee of £20 to unlock your handset.

So even at 169 + 20 unlcok its cheaper than the 220 for an unlocked one. Do thier phones have any branding? Any idea if this will get the 8.1 update? 

I still think that the Lumia 920 is the most beautifully designed smartphone from Nokia. It sports a classic design that is very appealing to the eyes.

kikoeightone says:

Tempted at this price but fancied the 925 instead. I tweeted Tesco mobile that I was hoping for a similar offer on the 925 or even 1020 and they replied 'watch this space' so fingers crossed