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Deal alert: Nokia Qi wireless charging pad available for just $25 during next 15 hours

Nokia wireless charging pad

The Nokia wireless charging pad is once again available for an incredible price over on Daily Steals. The Nokia DT-900 enables Lumia owners (with compatible Windows Phones) to take full advantage of wireless charging. With 75 percent off and a price tag of just $25, who wouldn't want to look at this accessory?

The colour choice of black and white is available, but do hurry if you're interested; last time the stock went fairly quickly. Even if you don't currently own a handset with wireless charging capabilities, it's worth looking at as an investment for future hardware that may be compatible.

Source: Daily Steals



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jiffffy pop says:

Thanks for the tip! Gonna get me another one.

Beshoy Hanna says:

Break the Office for ios story already and prepare for the collective online scream

mase123987 says:

You have to have a 365 subscription to use it. Kills it for most.

lemonsteveo says:

Was just about to say that.

Beshoy Hanna says:

I really hope they emphasize the 365 subscription part to keep the hysteria down

jiffffy pop says:

What does that have to do with the deal? Plus who cares if MS released Office on iOS, at least MS supports other platforms unlike Google. (YouTube)

theefman says:

Funny thing is you're the only one who seems to be bringing this up.

mdscj4 says:

You do realize that Office for iPhone (the only one that's out right now) is just Office Mobile? The same exact version of Office for Windows Phone just ported over.

tbonenga says:

I'm a 365 subscriber. I guess my daughter can use office on her iPhone now. I just want the freaking RED wireless plate to go on sale for once.
Edit: I do prefer the Bing iPhone app better than the W8 version :(

aitt says:

Love Daily Steals. But its still been on Ice Monkey since last time. I love those two sites even though they the same.

schumatt says:

Thanks for the tip on Ice Monkey.  Apparently there's a quantity limit of 1 on Daily Steals, but I was able to pick up a few more for family on the Ice Monkey side.  Cool!

adrian1338 says:

Pretty useless for most of the Nokia phones unfortunately. Hope they realise that in finnland soon and produce phones again with wireless charging

poddie says:

Uhhh... what? Doesn't every current Lumia support it except 520 and 620? So you have 720, 820, 920, 925, and 928 that all support it. How is 2 out of 7 "most Nokia phones"?

adrian1338 says:

Well The two 920models come with it. The others can not be charged when shipped

rikycaldeira says:

US only? I don't know why I still ask but...

Skelnik says:

It is US only, but I don't like how they make you go through the entire registration process and get to the checkout before they tell you that.

rikycaldeira says:

Typical... Hoping for an international deal somewhere in the future :(

Jonny702 says:

Only available in the US?

TechFreak1 says:

Yes, this deal is US only as Daily Steal does not ship to Non-Us Customers..

They actually won't ship to US addresses even if your billing address is on US address and you have a Canadian card.

cyber_k9 says:

Unfortunately only seems to allow US addresses.  But, oh well - thanks for the tip.  Seems like a good deal.

EJP86 says:

Been wanting one since I switched over to WP (about a week & a half ago), but wasn't too thrilled about the price. 
$25 is a steal, so I had to snag it! 
Thanks WPCentral! Appreciate the heads up ;)
Also, hello fellow WP users! Nice to meet you :)

EJP86 says:

@cdbstl76 Thanks buddy!

grandmalfunk says:

Just ordered one, thanks for the tip!

Musicman247 says:

I've got one already. Now I have two in anticipation of my 925!

mdscj4 says:

It's not just Lumia owners...jeez

rmichael75 says:

gone already..:(

a104u2nv says:

white went quick I just grabbed a black one.

reb31 says:

Any deals for the UK?

majohnny says:

Need this in Europe :)

RMathis77 says:

Just ordered mine for my Lumia 928!  Cant wait for all my co workers to envy my phone and charger! 

My charger stopped working...

Airman1231 says:

I just order mine because I know they will go fast.

cdbstl76 says:

Finally, I was able to get a white one on one if these deals. About time! That gives me 1 for my office, 1 for my bedroom, and 1 for my family room. Pretty stoked!

willkirk3 says:

These wireless chargers work great for my HTC 8x. I have 5 of these already and put them everywhere. I just couldn't pass this deal up so I bought another...thanks!

adebo says:

In for one.  Thanks for the tip!

b3rni3703 says:

great deal but i'll hold on to my WIRE-NESS plug lol... plus it's almost impossible to find a wireless charging back cover for my 810.. 

This would be great, if TMO & Nokia hadn't screwed over it's Lumia 810 owners. No wireless cover shell, no where to be found.

ryzama says:

Is it sold out already?  I don't see it on the site...

dirtbound says:

Sold out I think :-/

Chris Hadden says:

Where is it? All I see is a headset. Am I just too dumb to find it? Either that or you jerks purchased them all up before I could snag one. Dang, I was really excited to get a charging back for my 822 as well. If they're sold out, I'll just wait until next time they're on sale.

xpxp2002 says:

Same here. I just get a Jawbone headset when I click the source link.

benners76 says:

Whoa... That was quick. Gone in the time it took me to sign up for an account. =(

DJCBS says:

Could you, henceforth, put "US DEAL ALERT" in these posts?
It's very frustrating for us outside the US to have to go through these articles just to find out later that it's useless to us since we won't be able to take advantage of the promotion. That way we can simply skip these articles and everyone wins.

renisans says:

Damn...gone. >=[

NutmegState says:

Where is wireless in car phone charger?

IAmDanTheMan says:

Really Daily Steals, you haven't even shipped the order I paid for in late May the last time you sold these, but you sure took my money awfully quick!! Now you have more to!! So far the only daily steal I've experienced is the $25 you took from me. All kidding aside, I'm sure I'll get my device, I just wish their customer service was a bit better with communication. Any communication is better than no communication, unless we're talking about my ex wife!!

Are the wireless chargers being sold refurbished? I checked on eBay and the seller (Daily Steals) has this item listed as "Manufacturer refurbished" for $24.99.

procen says:

I know Ice Monkey sells them refurbished for the price you stated.

humdinger says:

I bought a couple from them the first time they had it and I'm pretty sure they're refurbed. The boxes had different things in them and one had the stickers while the other didn't. They both work, so I can't complain.

Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't too optimistic about refurbished products. However, seeing these QI chargers selling so quickly from the same retailer, I'll go ahead and give it a shot.

RoarinRow says:

Thanks for letting us know! Ordered!

Cory Kincaid says:

Auuugh missed again. Darn increasing popularity of WP8 devices with wireless charging...

procen says:

Wireless charging is great no more plug and unplug.

Dave Myers1 says:

i see this model on ebay for 25 bucks with free shipping??

MSFTMatt says:

I saw this as soon as it went up and tipped via the app. Sadly I had just dropped money on a new modo and computer case so I didn't want to I cur the wrath of my wife if I ordered yet another toy for my phone. I have the fatboy red already so I will live another few months and get another one later for the office. Enjoy all!

kitty778 says:

Does anyone know the best UK deal for a Nokia 820 wireless cover and charger?