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Deal Alert: Nokia Wireless Charger only $29

Nokia DT-900 Deal

If you've been on the fence about getting a wireless charger for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, have we got a deal for you. is offering the Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate for $29 (shipping is free). They only have the charger in black and the deal will only last until May 7th.

Even if you already have a wireless charger, this may be a good opportunity to pick up a spare charger for the office or to use in another part of the house or build a wireless charging nightstand.  You can find the listing for the DT-900 here.

Thanks, erzhik, for the tip!



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mase123987 says:

Who is this company?

Quin 2013 says:

It's worth getting one. I've had once since day one of purchase, and I wish I could had just picked up a second.

The only thing it will not do is transfer your info to pc/laptop.

adrian1338 says:

I use skydrive for this :)

Will this work with the Verizon HTC 8x?

WisebloodSA says:

I use a Nokia charger with my VZW 8X and it works great.

PeterFnet says:

Oh hell yea. No idea who the company is, I'll generate a secure credit card number for this.

Mr. Tofu says:

How does one go about doing this?

PeterFnet says:

I do it with Discover Card. As I proceeded through the checkout, I just did paypal instead to insulate myself.

Mr. Tofu says:

PayPal sounds like a great idea. Thanks!

StreetNerd says:

i got the wireless charger for free. but its kinda useless -_-' 

Why is it useless?

PeterFnet says:

I use it at work frequently. I'll be getting one for home.

cruisezero says:

useless?? I have not plugged in my phone to charge at all since I got the wireless charger. If you don't want one I will take it.

You are right. It is useless if you try to brush your teeth with it or use it as a coffee cup.

PhilR8 says:

I have mine on my bedside table and I use it to charge my phone every night.  I love it.

pressstart says:

I think it's a nice novelty. I'm not fond of how hot it makes my phone, slower charge than usb cable to my pc or outlet, and having to take it off the charger to look and use it upright. Not a fan of uncharging and recharging right away. So, it's sort of useless to me now too :)

schlubadub says:

You could make an angled stand for it... kinda like the car mount that was shown some time ago:

bizzy-glx says:

I have to say, that was such an well thought out statement.

You've really changed everyone's mind concerning the viability of wireless charging.

I can only imagine that you have a doctorate in modern language, garnered from a prestigious Ivy League university.

Thank you so much for imparting your esteemed knowledge, thoughts and opinions upon us wretched Qi loving masses.

tamas305 says:

I haven't found it to be that useful. Mainly because I like to use my phone while it's plugged in. It's a nice novelty item and I use it occasionally, but I don't understand the huge brouhaha about it.

Wacft says:

You use it even when you are sleeping or working or even you wouldnt like it in your car? You sir are talented lol. Just giving you a hard time. Those are the three places I would like to have one.

ChrisLynch says:

I certainly would not concider wireless charing a "novelty item."  It is the way devices should charge.  Why should I go searching for a USB cable (becuase not every device uses Micro USB) just to charge its battery?

erzhik says:

Also note: Buy 2 and use coupon SAVE10 to bring up the total to $52.20 (still free shipping).

MacDaMachine says:

Man I want to jump on this deal

Justin429 says:

I got in on this deal this morning.  Going to modify the center console on my Dodge Ram 1500 for wireless charging.  That's where my phone sits every time I get in the truck.  No more cables!

hopmedic says:

Wish I'd seen this before I ordered two.  Oh, well....  Still a great deal.

Yep, same here, picked up two myself. Still $58 for two with free shipping is a great deal.

hopmedic says:

And to top it off, less than 3 hours later, I have shipping notification.

hopmedic says:

And wow - just 4 minutes after I posted that comment, I received notification that the shipment has been accepted by the USPS!  For a place that I've never heard of, this level of service seems unheard of!

Jazmac says:

Yeah hopmedic. Same here. It was almost errie to get a note this quickly. Who do they think they are anyway,  lol.

PeterFnet says:

Thanks!! I used the code.

Zokudu says:

I have one and don't use it. Dunno why its setup and everything.

Josh Harman says:

I'll pay shipping, let me have it.

Ihawks says:

Does this company ship to the uk, these things are so bloody expensive here.

Heavy Rain says:

I'm getting me a spare :)

Could you please ship one to Finland aswell?:):)
Well this deal is only for US i guess

LucasLumia says:

Is it available worldwide? Can I get one sent to me to Argentina? Are you sure they have just black?

luv2skipow says:
$33.75 at the Canadian MS Store and free shipping. All but black.

borasar says:

nice, thanks for posting!

Thanks for the link for Canadian customers!

david90531 says:

Wow great find! I was wondering if that store ships to Canada for free, good thing I read the comments

anthonyng says:

thank you
Use for 'up to 5%' cash back :D

tacofiend says:

Thank you!!! I ordered 1 for work and 1 for home. Kinda funny that a wireless charger right now is cheaper than most regular OEM wall chargers.

sundawg#WP says:

Plenty of similar deals on eBay. Rather not use their site...although they do have a whopping 51 likes!

Should mention that this is a US only deal. They don't ship outside of the USA :(
(I tried to ship to Australia and they don't allow it)

Zeeshan360 says:

I got it for free with Lumia 920 in India :D

ktl88 says:

When did you buy yours?
I bought mine in the first week of the launch and no free offers! :(
I'm in India too!

Mouthsmasher says:

I already have one, but the prospect of having a second is very tempting.

Just bought me one! Couldn't pass that up!

Trust1421 says:

Confirmed it works for the Lumia 920?

onysi says:

does this work with all lumia line? i have tmobiles 820

tborjin says:

The T-Mobile 810 is not equipped with wireless charging and will not work with this unless you bought the charging cover separately

sahib lopez says:

wish i could get one for my nokia lumia 810 :( but i cant since i dont have a shell this deal will slip out of my hands :/

Ordeith says:

There is still a Tmobile store here selling the shells.  I think there are like 2 left.

sahib lopez says:

O.o i would love to know where this store is :D even though its wishfull thinking its in my area

Ordeith says:

Not unless you are in California
I was fortunate to get one. I had been waiting forever and kept calling, and calling.  Eventuially got ahold of a store that knew what I was asking about and said they wouldn't carry them but gave me the number of the store that would.  I called, got one held when they came in.  They sold me the shell, and gave me the wireless charging stand for free :) 
I was happy with T-Mobile for a while there, right up until they went EOL on the 810.

sahib lopez says:

yes im in california :D what store is it i hope its in northen california tho but atleast it gives me hope that i can look around the tmobile stores to see if they have any :)

Ordeith says:

Central CA.  Considered northern by some companies, southern by others.

jcagga says:

The link doesn't work on 8x.

DJCBS says:

Bah, ONLY AVAILABLE FOR US CONSUMERS. No use in trying to get one from Europe, folks.

Jazmac says:

I ordered two this morning. PayPal protection in place. I'll keep you posted.

Well, I was replying to someone else. The delete comment option not working :(

DavidinCT says:

This charger will work with any QI enabled device.... 8X (Verizon version only), 920, 820/822 (with the wireless charger back) etc...
It's claimed as one of the better quality wireless chargers out there....

Justin429 says:

I can confirm that this charger actually does the job faster on my Lumia 920 than USB to computer or USB to wall.  I was surprised, and initially I only charged with USB.  But one evening I decided to give it a shot and haven't gone back since.  One on the bedside table, one soon to be on the office desk and one modded into the center console of my truck.

Faster?  That is interesting.   Does your Lumia 920 get warmer on the wireless charger?

Justin429 says:

It does get warmer.  I should clarify, as the post below yours shares the same doubt.  The A/C charger cable I am using is old, and has a different tip that I had to add an adapter for.  This is likely the reason that the charge time is slower than using the wireless.  The cable that came with the Lumia is always connected to my computer at work, so there is really no way for me to know how rapidly it would charge with that on A/C.  But, it charges acceptably fast using the wireless charger, and faster than my frankenstein A/C charger at home.

stephen_az says:

If it charges faster than the cable, there is either something wrong with the cable, charger, or USB port. It is simply not possible for the wireless charger to be faster. The wireless charger does not override basic chemistry and the laws of physics.

Judge_Daniel says:

It should be notes that it is the Verizon 8X only.

DavidinCT says:

Yup,  made that edit....

Can't this be used with Qi compatible devices? Nm I see the question answered above.

bizzy-glx says:

Yes, it'll work with Qi compatible devices, as Qi is just an industry standard (like 802.x, Bluetooth, etc.).

vinnyvin says:

I'm wondering if this will work with the wireless charging for the Samsung galaxy s4

DavidinCT says:

If it is a QI based wireless charging, then yes

bizzy-glx says:

Sweet deal. Grabbed one, and paid via PayPal.

link1873 says:

Just bought on in the Canadian MS Store $33+ free shipping 

tvolpe86 says:

i'll give it the 6 days before the deal is up to wait and see if any announcements for the 928 with bundled chargers are made before jumping on this.

as147 says:

Not a good idea mate, they are already sold out and the url has changed from the one posted in this story

wetworker says:

I need a red one. :(

joe_easton says:

Score; used PayPal to pay as well!

hopmedic says:

Ordered two - used PayPal.  :)

doraemon_918 says:

Already have one, but I ordered 2 for extra using PayPal ^_^ thanks for the info.

ChrisLynch says:

Hmm... link no longer works.  Goes to a "product not found" page.  Wonder if they are all sold out.

oditius says:

I already have 2. They had to order one when I bought the phone. But after 3 weeks I went back to the store to see what was taking so long. She got pissed at the call to the order place, she got off the phone and ordered me another. One came in a week later, and by Christmas I got the second. ;)

slick5150 says:

It says $39.99 when I go to the link.  Did they up the price?

erzhik says:

Checked a minute ago, still shows $29.

xrs22 says:

Just bought mine via PayPal.

erichon99 says:

I was able to order two

Manny C says:

I just purchased one as well, sweet deal! I can't wait to try this out when I get my 920.

stephen_az says:

Interesting crowd that buys a product from a company that has been in business for a oouple months, has no track record, and a return/refund policy second to many of the low end merchants. They even use lauaghable old language about how their deals are so amazing they cannot offer refunds. You can then throw in that since they are paypal only, they are collecting your money before shipping and you can not have a credit card company stop payment.  Oh, an immediate shipping confirmation means absolutely nothing since they are done electronically and confirm only an electronic notification that is subject to revision or cancellation. I wish people luck but this is just about as rational of a purchase option as the back of a van in a parking lot.....

REALY....Total KillJoy...  I think we'll have no problem getting our DT900s...

this website looks fishy, "this app became gay."...

Zahid says:

I just checked and they're sold out. Dammit.

jmshub says:

Same. I put off ordering one until this morning, and apparently I waited too long. :(

I had cats that chewed up the cable that connects the ac adapter to the charging pad. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? I'll probably order another charger anyway, for work.

joe_easton says:

Got mine today. Works perfectly but its not new. The packaging was all there but its obviously a used unit. Still worth the price.

Manny C says:

Just thought I'd update on the purchase. Took less than a week for mine to get across the U.S and it got here once i got home. It's in perfect condition! It isn't used as the comment states above (at least mine wasn't) it just doesn't come in its original box. It came in a USPS package bag. Happy i made the purchase, works great!

mlk4114 says:

Yes indeed. I received mine via the USPS yesterday, 5/6, and it works perfectly! No box, but everything else was there. Looks new to me! Very happy with my purchase. $29.00 well spent!

Received mine today through USPS, unfortunately it is not working with my phone. Placed it on the charger no light indicator or anything switched to a different electrical outlet still zip. Was a great deal just hope I may be doing something wrong will head to the forums to see if there's a solution