Deal Alert: Note+, Stopwatch+ and Counter+ available free for a limited time

Note Plus

In celebrating New Year’s, a trio of simple productivity apps for Windows Phone 8 will be available free through the first week of the New Year.

Note+, Stopwatch+ and Counter+ are all available for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices and will be marked down to free apps later this evening.  The sale is for a limited time and it is our understanding will only last a week.

The app titles all share a rather obvious connection with each app’s functionality.

Note+, Counter+, Stopwatch+
Note+, Counter+, Stopwatch+

Note+, regularly $1.49, is note-taking app with SkyDrive integration to back-up your notes, Live Tile support, PIN security for protecting your notes, sharing support and more.

Counter+, normally $.99, has Live Tile support, button feedback and you can define where to start each counter and the value of each tap.

Stopwatch+, also regularly priced at $.99, has sharing support, Live Tile support, and clipboard support to copy lap times for easy pasting.

Look for the price changes in the Windows Phone Store later today.  You can find each of these productivity apps through the following links and QR Codes.

  • Note+ available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x
  • Counter+ available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x
  • Stopwatch+ available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x

QR: Note+, Counter+, Stopwatch+



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ahmedjan87 says:

Oh sorry haven't read the article

darklord12 says:

It'll be free later this evening :)

ahmedjan87 says:

Oh yeah

Darren Walsh says:

He said free later tonight!!!

ahmedjan87 says:

Please don't be hasty

The offer is now live.

As always, thanks a lot for the support, WPCentral!

sasukeluffy says:

Happy new year everybody :)

MaXi32 says:

fi - rst - Just downloaded all. Happy new year. :)

kkaaffii says:

Happy new year!!!

mrappbrain says:

I prefer Stopwatch X. I pad for the app, but there is a fully functional ad supported trial too. I really like that app. Much better interface IMO.

nanddeep333 says:

When the moliplayer will become free like these app for limited period

kimlo91 says:

Hopefully never for you. Seriously, if an app is great, stop being a tight ass and buy it.

Joost Meij says:

These are sweet apps! HNY!

Clodderes says:

Sweet, happy new year

JNeail says:

Happy new year.. And just downloaded these apps as they turned freeeeee..yey!

It is nice to get a freebie but also nice to support decent app development by purchasing apps or features as well.

Anant Anand says:

Today Samsung rolled ad in India... "I always keep latest"... This is only company in world that makes its loyalist FEEL OUTDATED every six months and suck their hard earned money again....