Deal Alert: Phototastic now half-priced to bring in the New Year


Phototastic is a feature rich Windows Phone photography app that is part photo editor and part photo-collage builder.  For those who like working from a larger screen, Phototastic is also available for Windows 8 devices as well.

To celebrate the New Year, the developer has slashed the price of the Windows Phone version in half.  It also appears that the in-app purchases on the Windows 8 version has been bundled and discounted.   Through January 1, 2014, the Window Phone version will be discounted to $1.49 (regular price $2.99).

While the Windows 8 version is a freebie already, the add-on packs have been bundled and discounted.  You can pick up all the extra backgrounds, HD pack, shapes, and templates for $1.99.

Phototastic is a nice app to have in your Windows Phone photo app library.  The Windows 8 version can also be a handy app to have installed on your Windows 8 tablet to give you a little photo-editing abilities without taking up much storage space.

You can find your copy of Phototastic through the following links.

  • Phototastic Free (ad-supported, left QR Code) available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x
  • Phototastic (trial, $1.49, right QR Code) available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x
  • Phototastic (free) available for Windows 8

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pierrerv says:

I'll get it when I upgrade from my 521 to something more powerful.

prestonmcole says:

Shouldn't it be RUNtastic that's half off for the new year?

kurtd says:

Getting it now. Had free version.

Mohd Saif says:

I love fantasia painter

Agent-P says:

Fantasia painter is another good option. To be honest, I've downloaded way too many photo editing apps on my 920 because there are just so many good options.

caesar500 says:

Ditto. I need help to weed some my photo editors out.

mpt15 says:

Awesome. I bought it for my laptop. Totally worth it. One payment to unlock all features, for just under $2.

Nimdock says:

Does anybody know at what resolution does this app save the collages and/or edited pictures?


I think it was covered in a WPCentral article but I don't remember.

romancos says:

It was my favorite only for a fraction of time. I found PicsArt being far more creative and has its own network and presets store to download and constantly update the selection of tools and touches you have.

ssjmec says:

I just wish we can purchase apps through phone bills.. Like on my N9

TheContact says:

That's up to your carrier. I can on mine..

Same here. I have my Vodafone account in my Wallet.