Deal alert: Pick up the Lumia 1520 for $79.99 at your local Fry’s Electronics (US only)

Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a beast of a phone. Its six-inch display packs a gorgeous full HD display at 1080p. Daniel’s been using it as his daily driver and really likes it. If Santa didn’t bring you one for Christmas, you might want to treat yourself with this deal from Fry’s Electronics.

What’s the deal? How about picking up the Lumia 1520 for just $79 for on-contract pricing. That’s not too bad, considering the same on-contract pricing is $199.99 through AT&T. You’ll need to go to a physical Fry’s Electronics location to take advantage of this deal. Try on the website and they’ll redirect you to their physical stores to grab the Lumia 1520 for just $79.99.

Lumia 1520 Fry's

Fry’s has locations in various parts of the United States. California has the biggest number of Fry’s stores with ample locations on both sides of the state. Texas also has a handful of stores for you to check out in major metropolitan areas. Others will want to check the Fry’s website for a full list of locations.

Anyone thinking of picking up the Lumia 1520 for just $79.99? Sound off below.

Source: Fry’s

Thanks for the tip Rodney! 



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maxnicks says:

No, no. Want the VZW 929

ahmadcrofton says:

Not 929 but the MSFT Lumia Icon

rodneyej says:

No, it'll still be a Nokia.. That would violate a lot of rules, and the buyout would never go forward... Any device released before everything is finally has to be a Nokia for legal reasons..

There was a rumor that Verizon is delaying release until after the Microsoft/Nokia acquisition, so that they can deal directly with Microsoft.

rodneyej says:

Think about that.. Does that sound like reality❔... We can't be sure, but I would bet otherwise..

Rishicash says:

Reality. What a concept!

joanzen says:

THIS! Whatever it's called, I want it. I've been out of contract with AT&T for over a year and am still holding my 7.5 Titan, just waiting for a phone with these reported specs. Come on! Announce it already!

eddieDOTexe says:

>on contract
Then.. What "deal" are we reporting on?
Do people really think they pay $79 for their phones on contract still?

edjr07 says:

I see it as a deal where I don't have to pay an extra 120 over the company store price. So sweet there's a frys down my street.

rodneyej says:

Where do you live❔

In the US you pay the same amount on or off contract, and you also pay the same price whether you pay full retail for the device or if you take the subsidy.

So this saves folks $120 on the normal contract price and about $470 off the retail price (depending on location).

So yes it is a deal. Quit pretending it is not.

spectre51 says:

Nit anymore with AT&T. They now offer a discount on your plan if you buy the device outright off contract.

They do? I've asked and they told me $0 discount.

Rishicash says:

Ah..so you admit there is a discount! :)

A discount of more than $470 over 24 months?

rahul.sharma says:

all new att plans are now mobile share plans. You choose data share and voice/text is unlimitted. If you go with contract, per line is charged $40 else $25.

scdkad says:

Thanks. Fine print a little confusing. $15 a month cheaper not really cheaper when those shared data plans are more expensive. And what does "bring your own" mean? If I use my 6 year old Moto 9Qh I get $15 off? I gotta read more into it..

dkp23 says:

Oh god. Do people still say this? If there is a discount in the the u.s. On con tract goes without saying. If its 199.99 on contract and the phone has a promo price for 79, its a deal! Because you are getting the phone cheaper than normal price.

When Ms had free 1520s as doorbusters, do people think they will wait in line for a free 1520 for just waiting in line and doing nothing with no catch? That is just stupid. Common sense folks, its possible from anyone.

I don't get it why are smartphones priced the same as tablets?

Reflexx says:

It's harder to fit all that tech into a tiny package.

rodneyej says:

I know, why❔

paulomalley says:

Don't you think maybe your question should be the other way around given that phones do more than tablets?

Lumia 8x says:

Because smartphones blends easier than tablets. So they don't want you to blend your smartphones into your blender.

Rishicash says:

Because that is what the market will bear. Businesses will always charge as much as they can get away with. Same reason why people pay the "Apple tax".

Jack Janik says:

I was really excited when I read the the header, then I read the article. State that it's an on-contract price.

Lee Juhan says:

You really thought $79 as off contract price?

Jack Janik says:

I thought it would be a sneaky mail in rebate or something. I'm sorry. :/

ho0lee0h says:

This isn't slickdeals ;)

In the US (where this deal is happening) you pay the same monthly price on or off contract, and whether you pay this price or full retail doesn't affect your monthly plan price either so it is still a deal.

In the US if you are planning to stick with a carrier you are literally wasting money if you don't take these deals.

spectre51 says:

Check my comment above, AT&T gives a discount now if you buy the device in full off contract.

snowmutt says:

Yes, no and kinda.

Are you Grandfathered in on an "per line" data package instead of the "shared family" data?  Then you are incorrect.  I am, I get no discount for not being on contract.  So, 79.00 is indeed a deal for me over 199.00.  By the way- my Grandfathered data plan is more data for less money anyways over 2 years, so there is zero incentive for me not to be on contract.

Are you sticking with one device for longer then 2 years?  If so, and you are on the new "shared family" data pool, then yes you are right. You will get a discount from AT&T, and this is not a "deal" except you are paying less down.

The "kinda" part is that no one who cruises WPC is likely to want a phone longer then 2 years.  We are mobile geeks, and will want new toys.  So, sure, you can get the discount from AT&T, but it ain't that likely in this crowd.

PeadarWagon says:

Does that mean when your 2 year contract is up you get a discount?

Fritzly says:

Not on T Mobile.

wpguy says:

Except with TMobile, once the phone is paid off, whether paid up-front or over 2 yrs, they stop charging you for the phone. Are any of the other three carriers doing that now?

ho0lee0h says:

That's only on Verizon now. AT&T gives a discount now if you're off contract.

Interesting. I called and they said nope, my price will remain the same after my contract is up. $0 discount. I talked to 3 people including 2 supervisors.

So either their call centers are unaware or someone gave folks bad info.

rahul.sharma says:

You need to move to new mobile share plans in order to get this.

jsnod25 says:

This is true, just found out about it last week by a at&t vendor. Was pretty surprised, as this turns the tables on subsidies slightly.

snowmutt says:

Again, please everyone:


Do not assume these new plans are cheaper simply due to "off contract" pricing.

Depending on your situation, they just may be cheaper.  But remember to look at:

-The amount of an off contract phone added in over 2 years.

-The amount per line.

-The amount the "shared data" averages out for the number of devices VS. on contract prices especially if you are grandfathered in on a older plan.

As I did the math, staying on contract for myself and my family (4 total lines) was much much cheaper over 2 years as opposed to buying phones off contract on any new data plan, including T-Mobile's offering. Just be sure to spend time with a calculator.


AT&T wants people off the old contracts due to not making as much money off the phones as they can:




I'm on a mobile share plan. I moved to one the day they started.

I'm also on a Next device and my plan hasn't dropped by $15 per month. In fact the price is $27 more per month...exactly the price of the monthly installments to be on Next...no discount added on for being on Next, even though it says there should technically be one in the stuff being sent out.

I asked and they said nope, not entirely true.

lcw731 says:

Except for the minor derail that you can't touch this phone anywhere ( including fry's) for $79 off contract. Its not a deal, just a delusion. There's nothing to we here, please move along.

NIST says:

I sent this tip in this morning to ya guys. The ad said it was running Windows 8.1. Must be a special edition. Lol

rodneyej says:

Yeah,, but look who got credit for it... Ya snooze,, ya loose, NIST❕❕❕

NIST says:

But, I was snoozin with yo mama.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, but I made the first movies on my 1520 with your sister.. ;-)

NIST says:

Um, ya, about that. I don't have a sister. That was your buddy Leonard. He had a little something something done. That low light lens works great on the Nokia. Almost too good in your case. Nice moves though bro.

rodneyej says:

Oh well... He was tight.

NIST says:

On the bright side, you two are much closer friends now.

ninjaap says:

Amazon for $49 (new line only).

Cheaper than the 5C, technically. :)

cayano says:

Why they do not offer deal on off contract phones as well? I got this is a deal for some people, but there are a lot of people on contract, I would say the majority.

Fritzly says:

Because in the US the carriera are a racket.....

rahul.sharma says:

Yeah, would like to see aggressive off contract pricing from Nokia that can match with Nexus/Moto line.

jsnod25 says:

Read up on comments, they do offer a deal now off contract.

wetworker says:

No Canadian love as usual :(

Rogers and/or TELUS will probably get it in...4 months?

wetworker says:

Hopefully when they do it's the 32GB version in multiple colours.

Hahaha...im on T-Mobil, not sure why I'm laughing.

elderjlward says:

I got a free 1520, by being one of the first 20 people at the Microsoft store during. Microsoft's 12 days of deals.

What?! Can I buy it off you for $250 or less? I'm dead serious!!!

PeadarWagon says:

Probably "free" on a new contract. Don't think it's for sale.

Nice! :) I got three 1020s the same way :D the people I got them for couldn't be happier and will be fine with these phones until the next apocalypse lol

Rishicash says:

Next Apocalypse? I must have slept through the first one.

Guys. This not good

mingo3000 says:

I purchased mine during the Microsoft twelve days of Christmas for $425.00 off contract. Now that's a deal . It also came with a $50 Microsoft gift card.

Yeah, that was a sweet deal, too bad The Wife wouldn't fall for it after me getting the Xbox One.

mingo3000 says:

Yeah I feel ya. I wasn't quite ready to get the the 1520. But it was a great price.

TashiJLE says:

I still got the best deal! 1 Lumia 1020 for $99, 1 Lumia 1520 for $99, then a $100 credit to my AT&T account! Of course the credit came after being on the phone for over 3 hours with AT&T trying to correct an error on my account, but it was worth it!

Chef316 says:

If only it wasn't on AT&T

kalo88 says:

American phone contracts seem to be way more expensive than ours in the UK, about the only thing that's cheaper!!

Possibly because of coverage & speed.

slamx3 says:

That's a great deal! As for me I am waiting to see what devices come with 8.1. If the 1520 is still the best device I will pick it up then and it may be cheaper since it will be older. Hoping for a 8.1 device with high end specs in a cyan color

Sean Burns1 says:

Lumia 925 is also now down to £279 @ Phones4U

omegadony says:

Bought one its a Great device! My nièce dropped it on the floor and the screen cracked called Nokia and the wont help me because im in canada, authorized repair shops for Nokia wont help me too even if i pay. This was my last Nokia phone, Nokia wont sell their products in canada except through lousy carrires like telus that i barely get signal in downtown Montréal so buying Factory unlocked phones from ebay is my only option. Also There Is no way to get the décent modèle they Just dont sell then hère why cant they sell them through Nokia.ca l'île Google or Apple does? Anyways last Nokia phone ever bought a Nexus 5 ill miss WP!

fbendotti says:

No 32 GB. No buy

DamianSL says:

Omega replace the screen yourself. Buy one from ebay and watch youtube video of how..

1520 with 32 or 64GB, wireless charging and the camera specs of a 1020, that's about the only reason I'd switch from my current 1020...

omegadony says:

Too late was so mad at Nokia i went to the dark side (Google) ill try to fix it and sell it, im official y boycotting Nokia This Is my fourth lumia and im not impressed with the lack of service or Just toi cheap (lumia 800 glass detached without being dropped, lumia 620 screen stops responding, lumia 920 dropped it and screen shattered, now Nokia wont fix This one)

Makxi says:

I would but its US only..

I think it was $49 on Amazon.

Hna says:

This makes me sad.
I'm going to show you, how much it costs to own a Lumia 925 or any other high end phone here in Portugal, on Vodafone on the BEST contract out of 3, available. The one that offers more.

So the base price of the Lumia 925 is 519€.

When you pick the contract option, out of the 3, the best one is Red Top.
Here are the conditions:

309,9€ that you have to pay for the Phone on the spot, and then 69,9€ per month over 24 months.
0€ per call/text however I'm pretty sure there is a hidden limit.
5GB of Internet traffic per month.
You get 15 days per year of free roaming on Europe. So "unlimited" calls and texts on Europe every year for 15 days.

Now tell me how does this compare to the rest of Europe and the USA. Isn't it terrible?
And bear in mind the Lumia 925 isn't even the most expensive phone for sale here, there are worst cases.

I know these plans aren't supposed to attract everyone but people that make shitloads of calls and texts and need Internet everywhere but it's still not even close to what the rest of the world does. Even a salesperson at Vodafone the other day was telling me that like 1 out of 1000 clients buy a phone on contract the rest don't even care. 

I'm on Vodafone and the service I'm using costs like 15€/month with free calls for people on the same service and free texts for everyone on Vodafone. Plus, I get like 1GB / month of Internet. Doesn't bother me much since everyone is Vodafone and I have WiFi everywhere. Now doing the math, you can clearly see that, since the price for the Phone is still so expensive even on the "best contract" it doesn't comepensate to buy a high end phone on contract. It's stupid. Fucking 3rd world country.


MikeySoft says:

Yea, but still no Verizon support