Deal Alert: Save $100 off a Windows 8 tablet at Staples through this weekend

100 Off at Staples

Things that make us happy at Windows Phone Central include cool new apps, updated apps, leaked handsets and deals. Here’s a deal that should appeal to a number of you looking to get into the Windows 8 game or complement your current devices. Get $100 off a Windows 8 tablet at Staples. More details below.

Save 100 at Staples

Let’s just get the catch out of the way. You can’t use this coupon on the following SKUs at Staples: 130406, 130407, 130427, or 130418. That means no Surface RT for you. Not in 32 or 64 GB. Not with or without a Touch Cover. Just everything but a Surface RT. It’s still an awesome deal and honestly there are some tablets on Staples running Windows 8 that we would recommend over the Surface RT if you wanted to use this coupon. Like the Samsung Ativ 500T tablet. Psst. Don't forget you could save on a Surface in your local Staples. 

Hit up Staples to take advantage of the deal, it only lasts until Monday, May 27th. You can only use it online or by phone. So it might be worth physically visiting your local electronics store to see if any of the tablets online appeal to you.

For you in-store types, check out our earlier post on the 32GB Surface RT with a $100 discount!

Thanks for the tip George P! :)



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erzhik says:

Might get the Acer. Still debating whether I really need a tablet or not.

hysonmb says:

Apparently they already have $100 off Surface RT in stores so no coupon needed.

FinancialP says:

Darn restrictions. This coupon plus 399 sale = 299 would mean WIN!

Oh well I can dream.

MacDaMachine says:

Damn they sold out of the ATIV 500. Ugh

joshingyou says:

Is it worth waiting for the new Haswell processors??

trivor says:


onysi says:

whats the battery life improvement on those?  50% or more?

erzhik says:

Better battery life, better graphics..at least that's what they are saying.

eddieDOTexe says:

A bargain is something you don't need at a price you can't resist.

Memristor says:

Hopefully this sale means that we will soon see a faster version with a Snapdragon 800 in it.

skaggsb says:

Just bought me the Samsung Ativ 500t and love it.