Cheap Lumia 521

Get T-Mobile Lumia 521 for just $49.99

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Deal Alert: Save even more on the T-Mobile Lumia 521 Windows Phone

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521

Yesterday we shared that was having a weekend sale on the Nokia Lumia 521 from T-Mobile. The price has been reduced from $149 to $99.95 through this Saturday, July 30th at midnight EST.

If you're on the fence about the Lumia 521, has a coupon code for this deal knocking down the price to $79.95 (new T-Mobile customers only). Just enter the coupon code 135235 at check out and you'll save another $20.




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squidgyimp says:

That's s bargain to be had for a pressie or a backup !!!

neogodless says:

I bought one. I don't know why or what I'll do with it. Gift? Fancy MP3 player? Doesn't matter. :-)

theroyboy44 says:

yea it sure doesnt matter that is a steal for any kind of phone. They have basic phones (or as T-Mobile calls them 'feature phones') that cost that much.

Jaco Ra says:

Fancy mp3 player? Not with Xbox music lol. My LG Quantum is a fancy mp3 player

Oakdale Dude says:

Don't need to use Xbox music to listen to music on the 521.

I listen to my own tunes as well as Pandora and some internet radio stations that I like

Works fantabulous as a mp3/music player.

Paola1993 says:

That's cheap!

Microsoft Store retails Lumia 521 for $499.00

WP7_Genius says:

Isn't a Lumia 920 $449.00 @ATT? Would rather grab a 920

That can't be right. They made a mistake.

theroyboy44 says:

you are most assuredly incorrect I just now checked it and it says 149.99 in orange so you know!

blzr409 says:

Not sure where you're seeing that.  Was it listed in the store?  My store had them at $149 and the website does as well:

Viipottaja says:

Perhaps the fully unlocked version?

KDoubleU says:

No they don't!
I was at a Microsoft Store yesterday and it was $149.99

Well, a competitor offering the 521 for far less. I'll switch the price too. That price was on the Lumia 1020 pre-order day.

Nobody sells it for that much.

Fndlumia says:

Get halo now, I'm in Australia and just downloaded it, change region to Australia and enjoy...haha f u Verizon

evilrobot says:

I picked up one of these for my wife to use without service as a music player.

Silver Arrow says:

Question: How easy is it to get this phone unlocked. Might pick one up for my mom to use here in Canada but watn to know how easy it is to get unlocked. Also how long is this deal running?

cyber_k9 says:

I picked one up at Walmart a couple of weeks ago on a trip to PA.  It's easy to unlock - just put a non-T-Mobile SIM in there and the phone will prompt you for the (rather long) unlock code at boot-up.  I'm using it on WINDmobile now - seems to work well.

  • the unlock code was $40, and took about 1.5 weeks for the site to deliver it to me. You might be able to find a better deal/outfit though.
  • HERE Drive is only licensed for the US - if you want to use it for navigation in Canada, you'll have to pay for the worldwide license (even if you unlock the phone).  This isn't a big deal for me - I don't drive - but it's worth noting.  However, Maps and Transit work fine.
  • I've had some issues with MMS, but I'm not sure if it's my APN settings or who I'm trying to send it to.  However, again, this isn't something I use often anyway - I'd just email stuff. Texting is fine.

Hope that helps. :)

ssapre says:

Did Wi-Fi calling work for you?

cyber_k9 says:

Honestly, I didn't try. I suspect it would have worked while I was in the US and using a T-mobile SIM card.  Don't think it would work in Canada with a Wind SIM card... I can't really test it, I'd need to re-install it somehow.  (maybe I need to put the T-mobile SIM in to see those apps in the Store again?).  I don't really use my phone for talking, sorry... 8)

peterfares says:

Did you activate Drive while you were using the T-Mobile SIM? I believe I read that Drive locks to the region of the SIM in the phone when it was activated. So that means it should lock to Canada if a Canadian SIM was in when you activated it. 

cyber_k9 says:

Yes, I tried Here Drive while still in the US with T-mobile. You think if I reset the phone with the WIND SIM in, HERE Drive will work in Canada (and not the US)...?

I could try, but it'd be nice to know for sure before resetting everything on this device! ;)

Oakdale Dude says:

"price has been reduced from $149 to $99.95 through this Saturday, July 30th at midnight EST"

Either WPC or HSN is using a bitchin' new calendar or the pictures on my bikini model calendar are so mesmerizing I can't read the dates right, cause I swear mine says this Saturday is July 20

ikissfutebol says:

Interesting...mine says the 21st of July is Sunday. And it better be becasue I start my new job on Monday, July 22nd! Considering today is Friday, July 19th, I think we have two confused people here...

Oakdale Dude says:

I stand corrected, Sat is the 2Oth.

My typo there. But I just knew it was not the 30th! Cause had it been, it would have meant that I missed my flight to San Diego by about a week lol

Its just £79 at Phones 4 U in the UK. It kills all the budget Android phones they just need to advertise it more.

sdreamer says:

For Windows Phone 8 to compete in this price range, Nokia cannot do this alone. We need Samsung and HTC to throw some budget phones this cheap as well so we can get a better wall for our phones at carrier stores.

Oakdale Dude says:

I don't think its just for Windows 8 to compete in the price range, but also for HTC, Sammy and other comers to compete against Nokia in the price range of Windows Devices.

Don't know if that is a very high placed priority for them though as they are too wrapped up in Android.

In the budget market, the market has been kind to Sammy, ZTE, Huawei etc...for cheap Android Devices on carriers like Metro, Cricket etc...I doubt they will want to upset the apple cart at this point unless they see Nokia start doing "real" gangbusters sales and actually making some $$ on their budget WP's.

IamDefiler says:

Just ordered one for my son's B'day. Got it for $64. Use the code then apply for the HSN CC to get an additional $20 off.

Rubenidas says:

How come the code wont work for me? Im a first time  customer. code 135235 right?

mikeGraziano says:

Just chated with HSN:

Chloe: Hi Michael!

Chloe: Please send me your inquiry thus far so I can begin to assist you.

MichaelG: I was trying to use coupon code 135235. I am a first time customer, but the code does not work.

Chloe: I am so sorry to hear that!

Chloe: What is the item number you are purchasing?

MichaelG: 286-858

Chloe: I apologize but as this item is on a Today's Special Presale, the coupon will not work on it.

Chloe: Did you have any more questions regarding this coupon?

MichaelG: Will the code work tomorrow and what will the price of that item be tomorrow?

Chloe: Sadly, no, as tomorrow it will be the Today's Special.

I am an international user. Is this unlocked or can it be unlocked?

cyber_k9 says:

It comes locked to T-mobile, but can be unlocked. Of course, bear in mind the frequencies it uses, see if it's compatible with your local carrier before you get it (Band IV - 1700/2100 AWS, Band V - 850, Band II - 1900, and 4x GSM).

omullins says:

Is it worth upgrading from a Lumia 710?

Clavitox says:

It is, the only thing you might miss is the screen, its better on the 710 forsure. Maybe flash, but its not that big of a deal tbh. And for 149.99 or especially 99.99 you can't beat that. Get it.

cyber_k9 says:

At the price, I'd say yes.  The only knocks against it vs. the 710 would be the 512MB RAM (becoming less of an issue as more apps are written to work on it, even ones that originally needed 1GB), and the lack of a flash on the camera.
(The other complaint I might have is the lack of physical buttons for Back/Start/Search that the 710 has, and I personally liked.  However, Nokia seems to want the flat, capacitive buttons on all their devices now... :(   )
However, the buttons on the 521 don't light up, which I actually kinda like in some cases - like watching a video in a dark room while it's charging, for example. 8)

Depending on ambient light and the settings used, this thing can take some pretty good pictures. Some are better than my hd7 with its dual flash.

poddie says:

So no news on the 520 coming to AT&T? I know evleaks posted something on it...

Gunbust3r says:

"(new T-Mobile customers only)" I think you mean new HSN customers only.

Still got mine for a dollar at WalMart in FL.

Rubenidas says:

was anyone able to use the code? I tried but i wouldnt let me.. any idea why?? first time customer here also...

St_Deborah says:

Worth upgrading from a Lumia 900? I'd gotten to hold for a little bit and observe my Aunt's 521 and it seemed a bit cheap. The only thing being better seemed to be the full Windows 8 experience. Am I wrong? Would you dump your 900 for the 521?