DEAL ALERT: T-Mobile showing Dad some love with free Windows Phones

T-Mobile is having a 2-day Fathers Day blowout

T-Mobile is running a an awesome 2-day Fathers Day sale that includes a couple Windows Phones.

Today and tomorrow, you can snag a slew of 4G phones, tablets and hotspots for free with a new 2-year contract. Amongst the myriad devices is HTC's Radar 4G and Nokia's Lumia 710, which is available in both black and white. All devices are free after rebate and are available both online and in brick and mortar stores.

So if you're looking to avoid one of those "Cats in the Cradle" situations, head over to T-Mobile June 15-16 and get the old man some 4G goodness.

Source: T-Mobile; Via: WindowsPhoneDaily



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alexplayer says:

News or obvious advertising , its kinda the same these days :(

ZX9 says:

That's hard to avoid if you're a follower of a specific product. (in case you forgot--Microsoft Windows Phone)

WP7_Genius says:

That's nice at least one carrier showing some love for us po folk

DavidinCT says:

It's a nice promotion but, AT&T's commitment to the Lumia 900 is way beyond this. I can't turn on the radio with out hearing one of the ads and watching a baseball game ? Yea, at least a few ads....

Jnbs says:

Great!! Now I can get a "FREE" WP for my father... (Given the fact that I forgot fathers day this is a saver for me)

Micfur says:

I was went in for an upgrade but didn't know it was new lines only.

pressstart says:

According the link's fine print, it looks like it's eligible for upgrades, but with the $18 upgrade fee. It's about in line with what I recall reading in regards to this deal on other websites

sholokov says:

People are waiting in lines...good for T-Mobil.

As much as I love WP, I would rather get the One S for free than the 710 or radar.

Im_On_One says:

You aren't a true WP fan then.

tbonenga says:

The Lumia 710 and Radar are basic entry level phones. You could get a top of the line android (one s). Sell that sucker and buy a Lumia 710 & Radar and probably have 100•200 cash left.

Dorknight says:

Or sell it and wait for a WP8 phone

cdbstl76 says:

Hilarious "cats in the cradle" reference!!!!

GonzoMcGee says:

I do not find the title of this article very accurate. They are not only giving away WP phones but 4G phones in general. And have a look where the WP phone is in the advertisement... In the last row. Not impressed.

Mystictrust says:

Calm down. The first time I saw their list of phones, the Radar was on the 2nd to last row. Went to look it up after reading your comment, and Radar is on 2nd row, Lumia on 1st.
The title of this article *is* accurate - notice how the Windows Phones on offer for T-Mobile are part of the free sale? That is exactly what the title said - free windows phones. Relax.
I guess you do have a point though - if the ad for the grocery store mentions a sale on Breyer's ice cream and I go to find they also have every brand of their ice cream on sale, I get angry because of how inaccurate their ad was *rolleyes*

Im_On_One says:

Your post is plain stupid! T-mobile had both the 710 and radar front and center in retail stores from November to March toting "4G amazing, Windows Simple" the fact that it's last on this specific graphic means nothing.

MediaCastleX says:

Typical, Gonzo...you're SUCH a weirdo, torpedo-nose! =P

myjota says:

My t-mobile lumia is best :)

tbonenga says:

How old are you 10? The 710? Be for real man. No front facing camera, crappy camera, no gyroscope, small screen and lousy memory. I'm on TMO myself. We don't have a great wp7 phone. HD7, Radar, Dell Venue Pro and lumia 710 are all good but not great. Titan 2, Lumia 900 and the Focus 2 are great phones.

I have the hd7 myself which is a decent phone, better than the blackberry storm i used unlocked in tmo. I am just waiting to see if tmo gets the 900 or this rumored 910 i read about.

lippidp says:

Dad already snagged himself a Lumia 900. I think for Father's Day I'll install Zune for him, sync some music, and update that bad boy. How's that for a good, if not cheap, son?

timwp12 says:

Hahaha.at least you install for him music. Compare to Facebook mark zuckerberg who dont give a tip when eating out hahaha

710 and Radar should be free with a 2 year anyways...

hashimamlar says:

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Sentosa Daya says:

The Lumia 710 and Radar are basic entry level phones. You could get a top of the line android (one s). Sell that sucker and buy a Lumia 710 & Radar and probably have 100•200 cash left. jual jilbab murah dan cantik