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Deal alert: Free T-Mobile prepaid SIM Card Activation Kit and shipping with coupon

If you have an unlocked Windows Phone device that you want to bring over to T-Mobile’s network in the U.S., you can get a SIM card for free with a coupon. That’s with free shipping, too. Just wait for the SIM card in the mail, choose a plan, and put the SIM card in your phone.

T-Mobile’s SIM cards are usually sold for $10. Head over to their online store and enter coupon code: NOVSIM. There appears to be a limit of two cards per customer.

tmobile free sim checkout

There are three types of SIM cards so check your phone. For example, the Nokia Lumia 925 and Nokia Lumia 1020 use the micro SIM. Interestingly enough, the Nokia Lumia 1520 uses the nano SIM. Here are the listings for the three types of SIM cards on T-Mobile:

You may have problems at checkout with the error:

Sorry. We're having some problems with your order. It looks like our Payment Processor couldn't be reached or might be down. Please try again or contact us so we may assist you with this order.

If you see this error, Slickdeals users recommend to keep trying. Others suggest calling the telephone number provided at checkout.

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Tobbe says:

Well, when I give it a go it states $10 but I guess that is close to free anyway...

hysonmb says:

You have to get to the checkout page and enter the coupon code to get the price taken off. I just ordered 2, been considering a switch to T-Mobile from AT&T anyway.

spectre51 says:

Went through just fine for me.  Though it said the micro sim was backordered.  Not sure what the difference is between phone and mobile internet micro sim, would think it would just be configured different on their side not a different card.  Ordered one of each.

sachin564 says:

Apple released Iphone6 image.Did you see it? if not see here

sehwar says:

Definitely Apple released a Monster phone which would kick all the samdung phones


teoami says:

Yes, because Apple always puts their own logo backwards on their products. /s

cybermoose89 says:

Get giffgaff cards free already no coupons needed

pepsijosh says:

Yeah, in the UK all SIM cards are free online; only when you go to a shop that you have to pay.

cybermoose89 says:

Not so lucky in the us for sim cards then ? Well depends iv scene Vodafone Sims and o2 Sims online and they still charge for the thing

pepsijosh says:

In the US you have to pay for a SIM & it must be registered in order to be used.

I've always got UK SIM's for free, I have an unlocked phone & I got an O2 SIM to get Priority Moments =P

cybermoose89 says:

Must know where to look where did you get your o2 card? that's a bit of a swizz for the us then

cybermoose89 says:

That's awesome thanks dude keep it in mind for when the 2520 is out

Guzzler3 says:

What's weird, is I have several T-Mo SIM cards, all of them were just given to me when I went into the T-Mo stores here in the USA.I just asked nicely and they just handed them to me. I have one of each size, non of them are activated (except the one in my Lumia 810).

The only one's I don't have, is their "Secure SIM" cards.Mainly because the clerks don't know much about them. Secure SIM cards are the cards needed for NFC payment, which hasn't been rolled out, except to locations that are testing them.

pepsijosh says:

Lucky you, I have never had that luxury; although to be fair I have never just asked a member of staff & my USA SIM is a now expired AT&T SIM.

mister2d says:

Hmmm you must be pointing a weapon at them and asking nicely.

I personally went to 5 different T-Mo stores and they all charged for it and insist on activating it in-store.

In a Walmart, however, they just charge you for it and you can walk out of the store.

wvanellis says:

Since when is the 1520 available on TMO?

enzom09 says:

It's not but in T-Mobile refarmed areas, such as where I live in Boston, you can pick up 4g and such on an unlocked at&T device. I'm not entirely sure about lte but id have to check the unlocked 900 I gave my mom.

Bruno H says:

Standard sims are actually full-size, like credit cards (I'm old enough to remember GSM phones with these big cards)!
What's called standard SIM here is actually a mini-SIM :-)

teoami says:

Yep, had a satellite phone that used a regular credit card sized sim card. The old small ones are mini sim, then micro, and now nano. Can't wait for the pico sim cards to come out. That way, when you swap phones, you have to use tweezers.

jacob114489 says:

I don't know why I just ordered 2. But 2 free sims why not?

dkp23 says:

Att Sims are free and they still charge. Lulz.

DieNadel says:

Cool. Just got 2

paulheu says:

Been with Tmo in the US for years, have used the SIM I have with my 800, 620 and now the 1020.. Works like a charm. When I am in the US I use the $3/day plan which gives you 200MB on Max speed available on your phone and region and falls back to 2G after that.

crazycolaist says:

wow $10! in the uk sim cards are like 99p lol!


gamo62 says:

Will this work on the Ipad air? I hear you get 200mb free data per month, but need to buy a Sim.

Ok everybody get ready for a dumb question, and feel free to,make fun of me. What is the difference between Phone and mobile internet? Does mobile internet means tablets and such, no phone service? Sorry, I feel like an idiot now

adrian1338 says:

Well both work via the air but they have different ways of registering at the service i think. one is used for pure data network connection and the other one is connecting as a voice service. so one for tablets and one for smartphones. phablets would need voice sims. i think the sim ports are not compatible with each other

I see, thanks for explaining, since I wasn't sure I got one of each. We shall test it out once it gets here. Thanks again

Buying 100 and flipping

gamo62 says:

You're the one who ruins it for everyone else. Well done.

mister2d says:

2 max per customer for free. Explain how you're going to "buy" 100 of them.

stiggs says:

I have a "dumb" question too. If I order a SIM card using this offer will the SIM be tied to the account information that I entered during the purchase phase? I placed an order for a micro SIM card using my personal information. The intenion is to use the SIM in my wife's new phone. Will she encounter any isssues with setting up her account and using the SIM on her phone as it was ordered under my name?


Aaron M says:

The answer is no, its not tied to your purchasing information.  The SIM comes with its own number by default and requires setting up an account.  But you can call T-Mo to get associated with a current number and current account.

stiggs says:

Thanks for the reply Aaron. You too thinkdan.

thinkdan says:

I don't think she will, because you still need to go through the activation process. If I remember correctly, it's at that point when you enter the account details.

thinkdan says:

Is there a way to check which areas have been refarmed? I live in the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas. I know there's LTE now, but not sure about refarmed 3G.

Got two free SIMs! (one Micro and one regular SIM) I can't complain for the price of FREE!

Mikael Amar says:

I created an account on WPCentral just to post this comment (though I have been a fan of this site since purchasing a Lumia 920 the week it debuted in the US):

1) Purchasing this "free" SIM card WILL STILL initiate a credit check

2) These SIMs CANNOT be activated after 60 days of inactivity (meaning they would be useless as back-up SIMs--the main reason I wanted to take advantage of this coupon code)

The above two facts were told to me by a T-Mobile rep moments before I hit the "submit my order" button. Having back-up SIMs that expire after 60 days and are "free" but cost a decline in my credit score is not worth it. Good luck to everyone else though!

Diego Rico says:

That's too bad if true. Was hoping to switch to T-Mobile when my contract runs out but that won't happen in the next 60 days...

John20212 says:

After they wanted my credit card info even though the order total is $0 I decided I'll stay away. Just wated the sim as back up as well.



PF Stock says:

I also had trouble with the "Payment Processor".  A good deal, but does anybody know if the free SIM card also applies to Mobile Internet SIM cards, or just phone SIM cards?  Thanks.


Mishaal Khan says:

The sim is not free. The coupon code doesn't work. It's $10

i found this this deal on another forum but, Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile SIM cards (Micro, Nano, Regular) are free with free shipping at