Deal Alert Tip: Price Matching and $100 off the Microsoft Surface RT

Surface RT Sale

Yesterday we mentioned the Microsoft Surface RT being on sale at Staples for $399. Just in case you don't have a Staples near you, it might be worth a trip to your local Best Buy.

We were tipped by Windows Phone Central reader Austin that he showed the sale priced pictured above and Best Buy matched the $399 price for the 32GB Surface RT. No guarantees but it's worth trying to save a few bucks through the marvels of price matching.

Thanks, Austin, for the tip!



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patiua says:

Just checked out the Acer iconia w510 today. In the store I had a hard time figuring out why I might get the surface instead. Any opinions on that? The Acer runs a full windows 8 for less than the surface....

Jrexxx says:

For me it would be build quality and design. Plus on the long run, I think the Surface will get more support from MS.
That is without debating RT vs Win8 =)

pankaj981 says:

I would get the w510 in a heartbeat if compared to surface rt

jjmurphy says:

Had a Surface RT. I sold it on Amazon after picking up an Atom tablet. (Samsung 500). Same battery life but many more apps and far superior performance.

jodybiz says:

my nephew have the surface, I got w510. go with surface for looks and slightly better screen, for everything else w510 rules. smaller, lighter, faster, louder, true windows.

Visual360 says:

I have to agree. Got myself an Asus Win8 tablet, and I can't get my hands off it.

stephen_az says:

If you want a plastic tablet with an underwhelming Atom processor and no digitizer support, it might compare quite favorably.  You really do get what you pay for on this one.  If it meets your needs, and you do not expect to be running stuff like Photoshop, it is an acceptable option.  Personally though, I do not see the point of buying an Atom powered tablet that "can run Windows 7 and 8 applications" but barely runs Metro/Modern apps faster than RT and lacks the horsepower and RAM to run robust Windows 7/8 applications anything other than badly. One could run a smart car, or even a bicycle, around an auto race track but that doesn't mean it was designed for such use. BTW, anyone who chimes in and says you can run Photoshop CS6 on an Atom processor must otherwise run it on a seriously under spec'd machine and not understand how it is supposed to perform. If you just need what RT offers when you are mobiile, it is a solid option.  If you need Windows 8 when mobile, pay close attention to the the strengths and limitations of Atom based processors before assuming they are in any way comparable to iX based tablets.       

onysi says:

surface rt comes with the full office version.  store is growing for more apps.
good option for school.

jodybiz says:

@stephen, do you have a win8 atom tablet?

Rann Xeroxx says:

The better question is, why would anyone buy a iPad?  You could have the whole power of a full PC in your hands in the same form factor of a tablet with a Windows 8 tab.  

jodybiz says:

it has candy crush.

tacofiend says:

So does the Nexus 7 I replaced my Kindle with. Half the price of an iPad Mini, better screen resolution, overall just more useful. I still wish there was a Surface/Win8 tablet within that same price/size range. I'd jump in a heartbeat as long as it isn't RT.

Because you have apps that are actually optimized for touch and work well, instead of desktop apps and super slow metro apps

inteller says:

slow metro apps?  what drugs are you on?

Dr Widdleguy says:

It's for the Surface 32GB RT alone. Not the combo pack I'm afraid. 

BlobDude says:

The deal is also in-store only, so the price probably wouldn't show online if it is active in Canada.

Shinyeye says:

As I mentioned on the Microsoft clearance thread, Microsoft (physical) Stores are price matching Staples as well! Get it from MS directly!

Apoc says:

Walked into a Staples location in Charlotte, NC, RT was still regular price. Are there any signs stating this inside any of the locations or do you have to ask about the deal?

rich4A1 says:

Talk about BestBuy, I went to a local store wanted to take a look at the Acer R7, and they told me they don't have that yet. How great the support this exclusivity provides....

My local Staples in WA had the 100 bucks off. Grabbed one for my parents so they don't do something silly like buy an iPad...

rahul.sharma says:

Ok, I know everybody know this but still want to mention that you also get 10% back on all surface purchases by 6/1 as rewards. So its basically $360 for Surface Rt...very sweet.

Staples in Avondale AZ has it up with the $100 off through the first week of June. I'd throw my money there, they're genuinely happy to see you and easy tech there know what they're doing. Or you can wander helpless through best buy.

Staples in Avondale AZ has it up with the $100 off through the first week of June. I'd throw my money there, they're genuinely happy to see you and easy tech there know what they're doing. Or you can wander helpless through best buy.

Chris 6 says:

According to the Staples insert in Sunday's paper the $100 off excludes the Surface RT.