Deal Alert: Unlocked Dell Venue Pro at Buy.com for $269

Get the DVP for $268.99 at Buy.com

Looks like Buy.com merchants are starting to get a little WP7-happy.  First, we saw the Samsung Focus on sale for a cool $215, and now you can find the unlocked Dell Venue Pro for a low $269.  This is nearly 30% less than its usual $379 and $30 less than Dell's own website.  The DVP is the only Windows Phone with a vertical-sliding QWERTY keyboard.   And...Dell just released the 8107 OS update, so what's stopping you?!

Source: Buy.com; Thanks for the tip, santacruz20000!



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PhilR8 says:

Huh.  This is a little tempting, to be honest.

Residing says:

It really is :)  The DVP is the only 1st gen device that I considered getting, but I just really didn't need the physical QWERTY keyboard.  I still don't, but....
Isn't the compass or something missing from the DVP?  I wonder what the downside is of this missing feature, with regards to practical use?

hal7eight says:

Go for it PhilR8!!.. Great phone. I have one. :-)

Indeed, beautiful screen, well built device. In my view, way better than lumia 710.
The things I like:
Screen, with its curved gorilla glass makes the images look as if they are liquid underneath it.

Weight, for some its a drawback, for me it gives the device solidity (looking at you lumia 710)

Curved sides, which make the unit fit snugly in palm

Capacitive buttons, sensitive and responsive

Silver trimming on both sides make the screen content distinguished

Finally, power button, which if you get to know how operate is a real joy to use (although could be a nuisance until you get it)

I skipped physical keyboard on purpose as I rarely use it thanks to great on screen one

toddpart says:

I've been looking to get a WP and this one always appealed to me because of the keyboard.  I've not kept up to date on what all the various point releases of the OS are though.  Can this phone run 'Mango,' is that what upate 8107 actually is?  TIA!

aubreyq says:

@Todd: Mango is 7720. 8107 is Mango plus some extra fixes that were released very recently.

mccasive says:

I love this beast of a phone and Iam enjoying every piece it. I have personally purchased 13 of them for my friends and co-workers from Dell.com and so far only one person had some few issues with his. You can also get both the AT&T and Tmobile unlocked version with one year warranty for $269 when you call dell mobility direct.

Dave Blake says:

I want one bad guess it's time to start saving nickels

I would love to purchase this (it was always an attractive device to me, though the defects were a drawback; out seems those have been sorted out) but I'm prepping to buy for the lumia 900 off contract...it's a shame that dell doesn't have a successor to this in the pipeline

greg2k says:

Wow, I thought the key selling point of the DVP was the physical keyboard, but most of you don't want it. I personally think no on-screen keyboard can beat real keys...

catipps says:

I have one and the only thing I don't like is the camera. But other than that I love it!

molomolo says:

The unlocked version has been on dell.com foe 299 for ages: