Deal alert: Unlocked HTC 8X with 16GB for just $179


Nothing to get you through the middle of the week like a solid deal on a solid smartphone. While Nokia may dominate the Windows Phone marketshare with nearly 90%, other OEMs like Samsung and HTC still have good handsets available for consumers. So here’s a deal on HTC’s best Windows Phone yet.

We’ve always been fans of the smaller profile the HTC 8X had compared to our Lumia 920. This deal gets you one for a low price. And if you’re still on Windows Phone 7.x, but wanted a cheaper way into a high-end Windows Phone 8 device this deal might be perfect for you.

Over at Dealfisher, they’re giving away an unlocked Verizon edition of the HTC 8X. It comes with 16GB of storage and should work on many GSM-based carriers. And since this is the Verizon version of the 8X, you’ll be getting wireless charging built-in compared to the 8X from other carriers. All for the price $179.99. That’s not bad when you consider the hardware.

Anybody thinking of picking up an extra Windows Phone 8 device for international travels should check this phone out. But you better hurry, the deal goes for another 6 hours.

Source: Dealfisher Via: slickdeals

Thanks for the tip Ehidiamen A!



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tbonenga says:


mjfadaway says:

Might be a good deal for someone still rocking a Samsung Focus, or HTC Trophy

Or rocking an HTC HD7 like me!

TJWINS says:

Why do you yawn? The HTC 8X is a solid phone with solid specs and beautiful styling.

it's a solid phone no doubt, but without the nokia apps it's just not worth it.

TJWINS says:

I really see nothing special about the Nokia apps other than the here location based apps which are available for the 8X. You guys have to remember that when this phone launched in November it was a flagship phone which sold for $199 with 2 year contract. It still has the snapdragon soc, it still has an HD screen, it still has Gorilla Glass 2, it still has the Beats Audio amplifier, it still has a 2.1 MP front facing camera which does 1080p video which even in todays releases very few phones can do, and IMO it is still the most beautiful Windows Phone to date in appearance. Plus this one is the 16GB version with wireless charging. One would be an idiot not to buy this deal at this price IMO.

TechAbstract says:

I would buy this for the sound quality. SQ through headphones on Lumia 920 is only average.

AngryNil says:

What Nokia apps are worth so much? If you live in the US, Drive+ isn't even that expensive. Not to mention the 720 doesn't even come with Drive+, carries the same low end internals as the 520, yet still costs $150 more than this, which is as flagship as a 925.

TJWINS says:

Couldn't agree more

JoRdaNeK says:

The 720 is an amazing device, the cam quality and battery life are epic, they are similar in looks and build, but the 720 never claimed to be high end, the HTC however...did

AngryNil says:

HTC claimed so because it is. The 8X has a better camera, audio, screen, processor, what's left... and here, for half the price. The 720 is a rip-off compared to this, and really, in general. Predictably, it hasn't taken off anywhere.

Because it just costs too much everywhere. It's price is almost like 820 but no 1080p video, no cool cpu, no gig of ram, no Drive+

Doesn't really matter anymore; you can install any WP8 app on any WP8 phone now through a proxy without jailbreaking.

AngryNil says:

That's obscure, is a potential privacy breach, makes it a pain to update, and won't work for apps that specifically check for region on launch.

True, but it works plenty well and simple for me, and it's enough to shut up any Nokia fanboys bragging about their precious apps.

doomtuba says:

It's a good phone for that price. Especially once Nokia's exclusives head to everybody.

apocacrux says:

Should probably take a nap if you're tired bro.

Beacio_mo says:

Not a bad deal. I know when I was thinking of getting a used Lumia 822, people on AT&T were having issues with MMS due to APN setting problems. I wonder if GDR2 on the 8X will give full access to APN settings for MMS?

juanitoriv says:

T-Mo 8X always has allowed it

MSFTisMIA says:

I have one and the answer is still no.

peterfares says:

VZW WP8 phones do not support MMS when used on a different carrier.

JamesDax3 says:

Great deal for a fine phone.

blackhawk556 says:

But does the 4G lte data work with it?

xmarklive says:

Will lte work on tmobile

MSFTisMIA says:

Runs well except for no mms.

armandolara says:

I have the 8x on TMobile and MMS works. When receiving videos the quality seems to he somewhat downgraded though.

MSFTisMIA says:

How did you get the mms to work?

armandolara says:

Well I think it just automatically worked upon inserting sim card. I just checked my MMS APN settings to see if I had any special settings set up or something but all boxes are pretty much empty. Nothing special. What do you have set on yours?

MSFTisMIA says:

Hmmm. I have the Verizon model on t-mo and I have never gotten mms to work. I cannot edit the apn for mms at all. I even just sent a test mms to myself and it says I cannot send it. I've left the apn stuff blank, as Verizon doesn't give you the option to edit apns for mms. Love the wireless charging in this but since mms is getting important I may stick with my 810 or buy the international 8X.

peterfares says:

The guy probably has a TMO 8X not a VZW 8X

ricardios says:

Does it have Verizon branding on it?

black_lion says:

How well will this work on T-Mobile?

armandolara says:

I have the purple 8x (T-Mo edition) and it works perfectly/normal. I can't comment on the LTE as I don't have it available in my area yet but 4G and MMS works, even tho someone else posted here they were having trouble with the mms.

x I'm tc says:

How will it work on AT&T?

rmichael75 says:

refurbished?. Not a good deal.

astroXP says:

Why not? For one it went through HTC again for inspection.

armandolara says:

I got mine refurbished off eBay and it looked and worked like new. Everything alright, no issues.

kaynachtsman says:

That's the one with wireless charging isn't it?

ravi.tandon says:

Sweet, thanks. I was looking for something to take to India for my mother, blue color, sleekness, wireless charging and CDMA are all great. $180 is not that bad, its same price for Lumia 520 there, and even if this is refurb, I feel its a much better deal.

TJWINS says:

This phone runs circles around the 520

Micah Dawson says:

But lacks Nokia support. Not the apps but the actual backing since HTC OS notoriously slow for supporting their products. Both android and windows phone.

TJWINS says:

My AT&T HTC 8X has had GDR2 for almost 1 1/2 months now while the Lumia 920 owners are still waiting for their update.

Micah Dawson says:

Blame att not Nokia since other 920 owners have gdr2

Capsloc says:

xD I just sold my new 8X for $175 on ebay lol, from T-Mo.  

gevabar says:

For 50-60 more then 520 worth it

rmichael75 says:

520 is 80 dollars.

Zugne says:

Sold my htx 8x. Got myself a lumia 925, best phone change evar

armandolara says:

Is the slightly lower ppi noticeable to you? I like the really high ppi on the 8x (as compared to iPhone) but the 925's larger screen is tempting, but has lower ppi so I'm on the edge..

Micah Dawson says:

Went from the 8x to the 920 and didn't notice much difference in the screens tbh. Not sure what the difference in quality is between the 925 and the 8x but I know the amoled screen of the 925 pops moreso than the 8x screen.

Zugne says:

No, i don't notice the difference in ppi. But on the 925 i can feel the buttons(can't on 8x) and the placement of the power button is easier to reach. The screen format is also much better i think. The camera is also a lot better. But the best thing about the 925 compared to the 8x is the sunlight readability, makes a huge difference for me.

rorrr says:

anyone using the Verizon branded HTC 8X on Straight Talk?
I have voice and sms working, but can't get data working. the phone indicates that I'm connected to an HSPA network. curiously, "mode selection" is greyed out in the settings. I'm also unable to run HTC's Connection Setup app without errors.

gfiz says:

If it worked with tmo LTE, it might give me reason to upgrade from my 810

Graven Pshya says:

What about the 925?

I thought the lime green one was cool HTC is slacking and there was another one that started with an S well oh well I guess Nokia is all that matters :P

Kadcidxa says:

I would have rather gotten the Samsung deal few days ago. But still not Nokia, I feel like the phone would get forgotten.

You think you might forget your phone ?!

armandolara says:

Well the gdr3 and 8.1 update as pretty much "secured" according to rumor sites to arrive to the 8x. I got the gdr2 a while ago. Anything beyond that I wouldn't know.

HeavyHanded says:

I just got my HTC 8X last week. Lovin it! Great deal!

Thanks for the news, I just picked one up as a gift for a friend currently using a Trophy.

Capsloc says:

Hi, where can I get an application to be your friend?

livejazz says:

Is it both CDMA and GSM? How is a Verizon branded device compatible with GSM networks?

titoyees says:

good question! Any answer?
UPDATE: Its GSM!!!!! Go for it!

livejazz says:

Correct. Sam let me know that it is, in fact, a world phone with both, CDMA and GSM, radios and accepting a SIM card. I did not know this about the Verizon version.

titoyees says:

it will work on any GSM, but check for the 4G LTE

trivor says:

IT would be nice if it was mentioned that it is REFURBISHED - a big deal to some people.

lebobbi says:

Do you know f this will work in México? For telcel or movistar

peterfares says:

Yeah but no MMS

Micah Dawson says:

Having had both the red and not purple but purple versions, it looks amazing but it lacks the actual backing of a great OEM who puts effort into their phone support.

Not to mention that camera is not that great at all. Nice phone but could have been better....moved to Nokia devices and didn't look back :)

apocacrux says:

That's an amazing price. I'd grab one if I had the money.

slap0rama says:

Great price for a great phone

bseball8 says:

Ordered mine, time to retire the trophy

raj varma says:

Nice deal, but I'm happy with my 920

peterfares says:

No one ever says this! The VZW version while unlocked and will connect to AT&T and TMO will NOT SUPPORT MMS. Verizon has weird MMS configuration and has disabled any way of entering MMS APNs in! The original ROM had an "Add MMS APN" button in cellular settings but would not save any settings. Later ROM updates removed this button. The HTC Connection Setup utility does not work on the VZW version. So do not buy if you want MMS on other carriers! Buy your own carriers version, ALL 8X can be found for this price on eBay! Your own carriers version will work better, too. The VZW version doesn't support AT&T LTE or TMO AWS 3G.

brooklynguy1 says:

I went to the site was all excited and after further reading I saw "factory refurbished"... So I agree YAWWWWN

chimom79 says:

While my 8X (that I love) is not refurbished, I have had fantastic luck with refurbished electronics in the past. Too many people let buying an item at a good deal go to waste just because it's refurbished. Refurbished items have been fixed and double checked and really are as good as buying new. JMHO.

No international shipping - deal breaker

dixonjr79 says:

Does it have the 1700 AWS frequency?

koffey says:

No.  You'd be better off getting a L920 pentaband.  I picked one up last week for $300, using on Mobilicity.

I almost purchased this phone used on eBay for about the same price. After reading about the horrible battery life I opted to upgrade my Lumia 710 7.8 phone to a yellow Nokia Lumia 920, which I got on eBay for $230. Not a bad deal and I love this phone...just need gdr2 now att...come on

Helpdsk says:

Hmmm... ITS REFURBISHED!!! Not a great deal so much anymore.