Deal Alert: Verizon Trophy for a penny plus $50 Amazon Gift Card

For those looking for a sweet deal, you may want to to take a look at Amazon Wireless. They're running their special sale again where upon purchase of certain phones, you can get a $50 Gift Card, good towards accessories or anything else.

Seeing as the Verizon HTC Trophy (review) is going for $0.01 (2 year new contract), if you throw in this gift card, you're actually making $50 which ain't half bad. Don't forget, you can also unofficially throw on the final version of Mango on this phone right now, making this a killer combo. Head here to Amazon Wireless for more info.



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Drewidian says:

Hopefully this is a clearance to get ready for new Mango devices. Nokia please???

pfletcher7 says:

Good deal! Love my Trophy!

Dark_Halmut says:

Unless you're looking for a free phone, you'd be a dope to get this with the new hardware coming in days/weeks.

KeegdnaB42 says:

Got excited for a minute there. My mom's contract is up and I've ben trying to convince her to switch from BB but the offer is for new contracts only, not upgrades