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Open password protected files in Update 1

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Microsoft Store allegedly coming to New York City


China launches anti-monopoly probe of Microsoft

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New Microsoft Store locations revealead

General News

Microsoft to keep adding retail store locations even with restructuring


Destiny beta event to be held at Microsoft's San Diego store Wednesday


All Office 365 users now have 1TB of free OneDrive storage space


Box reveals Office 365 integration plans and ends storage limits for business users

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Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 now available from the Microsoft Store, supports LTE on T-Mobile


Microsoft wants you to beta test upcoming Office products and services

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Microsoft will open its 100th retail store Saturday ... sort of

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Microsoft won't charge people who pre-ordered Lumia 635 from its store site


Microsoft will give you $650 to trade your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3

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Los Angeles County moving over 100,000 employees to Office 365


Surface Pro 3 128 GB ship date pushed back by 10 days for new orders


Microsoft US cuts pricing of its Surface Pro 2 range of tablets by up to $200

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Microsoft to finally remove custom domain management on


Surface Pro 3 launch events to be held June 20 at Microsoft Store locations

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New Office 365 ads help you choose between Personal and Home subscriptions

Microsoft News

Touch-friendly version of Office reportedly headed to Android before Windows 8


Deal alert: First 50 people who bring an iPad to Microsoft Store on Friday get Office 365 free for one year

Microsoft Store

Be one of the first 50 people to bring an iPad to your local Microsoft Store starting Friday, March 28th, and you get Office 365 Home Premium free for 1 year. This is a $99.99 value, so it may be worthwhile to head to your store early.

Top features of Office 365:

  • 1-year subscription includes the latest full Microsoft Office applications
  • Share your subscription with up to four members of your household
  • Office on 5 PCs or Macs plus five iPads or Windows tablets
  • Easily access your docs with Office Mobile apps for iPhones, Android, and Windows phones
  • 20 GB OneDrive storage per user, for up to 5 users
  • Call phones in over 60 countries with 60 minutes of Skype calls per month

First 50 Office 365

The Office 365 subscription includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, and 21 GB of OneDrive storage. You can install the suite of apps on 5 PCs or Macs, plus 5 tablets. Microsoft just recently announced Office for the Apple iPad, specifically Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You can download them now from the App Store.

The free Office 365 offer is only available at Microsoft stores in the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. Microsoft has over 83 full-line and specialty stores across North America. We love going to the stores because we can play with the latest products in person. They are also home to some really good deals.

Don’t live near a Microsoft Store? Microsoft plans to open new stores while also transitioning some of the specialty stores into permanent full-line stores. Unfortunately, no plans have been shared about Microsoft brick-and-mortar stores outside North America.

The offer expires on Sunday, March 30th, but we think 50 people will take advantage of this deal by Friday morning. If you luck out and happen to be the 51st person on line, you can also head over to Amazon to grab the Office 365 subscription for $67.15.

Are you heading to a Microsoft Store to take advantage of the deal? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Microsoft (Twitter); Thanks for the tip, Yodani Q.!



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ThePKReddy says:

Yeah man. This is retarded. Nothing comes close to Office. They don't need to give it away to make people aware. It'll sell itself.

realemotionx says:

Way to go with the ableism. Really classy.

vkelkar says:

Microsoft is hardware and software but it is software kings from years and that shudnt have monopoly like apple and google... U shud be proud... That the company which u like is important to its competitors... And h/w and s/w divisions work independently... So nothing depends on each other.... MS will still exists without h/w but without s/w it wud be just cripping.... So stop complaining... And be happy that people slowly will be relying on Microsoft services... And in future it wud be hard to switch ecosystems.... Mark it....

They come in to the store and Microsoft tries to cross sell another product (The Surface Pro 2). Its actually pretty smart since they aren't really giving anything away and gaining a bigger share.

It's all about exposure. You can't get all of em of course, but even if just 5 of those 50 in each store ended up getting a Surface or another Windows tablet, that's a huge step in the right direction.

swizzlerz says:

What about my surface oh is it faster??


afgzee says:

seems like you're typing faster

deloa84 says:

Whoa easy there... I sense you are raging faster now...


You typed that faster than the speed of light!

Impossible. Nothing is that fast... However he does seem faster. (and the "speed of light" doesn't type, how would that be possible?)

swizzlerz says:

Well its kinda slow on my surface rt. Its a valid question. Don't rage be faster.

What Microsoft says:

"Bring in your Surface Pro to get free Office?"
"Nah, we'll slap our customers in the face and give the competitors this offer."

Surface RTs come with Office by default, don't they? That's hardly slapping your customers across the face...

You read that I said Surface Pro 2, right?

Jealy666 says:

The Pro 2 isn't a competitor to the iPad, it demolishes it. It's in a whole other league.

The Surface 2 on the other hand is a competitor which comes with the full applications and is a (in my opinion) better alternative.

I know it's a different category of devices, as I own both an iPad and a Surface Pro 2. I'm saying it would be NICE for Microsoft to do this for Surface Pro customers...


iLike iPads iBecause iNo ILack iOf iApps.

Cross sell opportunities. Forces iPad users to try out the surface. Its actually a smart idea... They have to go to the store... (50 seems like a small number compared to how many iPad users there are)

I've never really used the free skype calls that I get when I bought sp2 because no one uses their landline these days.. free calls to mobile phones are limited to US and couple other countries.

theefman says:

Its always about apple for Microsoft, never their own products..

dnmartin98 says:

That's silly. Office is a Microsoft product. This is about selling Office and competing with iWork and Google Docs. It's totally about Microsoft products.

PureView says:

Get over it and move on. The reign of Ballmer is over. All that guy did was poison the minds of Microsoft fans against the competitor. That is not what S.Nadella is about.

Residing says:

But didn't Steve Ballmer green light this effort? 

2tomtom says:

Think of my Surface RT and smile.

cannon#WP says:

What's the point of posting this here since no one here has an iPad, right? Right???

aitt says:

I see what you did there

TechAbstract says:

I will buy an iPad first then go to Microsoft Store. Sounds like a plan. There will be more iPads than Surface at Microsoft Store :)

Sam Sabri says:

I have an iPad

Sam can you go to the Microsoft store and see if they cross sell you a surface or another Microsoft product?

willied says:

I find they work great as doormats.

The_Lord23 says:

They're great chopping boards, too

Jas00555 says:

I wonder if the iPads will melt when they detect a Microsoft scent.

*minions inside the iPad that make it work* "ah, it burns! It burns!"

I think I know Microsoft's plan. They wait until all iPads have Office, and then press the remote detonate button.

willied says:

Maybe they're luring them into the store so they can see what they're missing. :P

mrvhin1216 says:

^This! It's a subtle marketing strategy. Great idea IMO.

I just like that there's a picture of my mall whenever the Microsoft Store is mentioned now! 

Guytronic says:


Never heard of it.

Rockartisten says:

It's for quitting smoking, I believe. Or something to cover up cellulite, I'm not sure.

DJCBS says:

That's a terrible deal...

Jas00555 says:

How so? Be the first 50 in line and they'll save you $100. The ones that don't get it will still have exposure to the store and may buy it anyways. Those people might even buy some hardware, or at least get a little interested.

DJCBS says:

Well, if you sell your iPad yourself you'll get more than $100 for

Jas00555 says:

Wait, I thought this just meant you show up with an iPad and they give it to you? I don't think this offer is actually taking the iPad from someone.

willied says:

You're not trading your iPad for're supposed to bring your iPad into the store and they give you Office.

DarwinPurol says:

And what if i bring surface on apple store, what will i get?

RvpLui1 says:

An Ipad... Lol!!

DarwinPurol says:

Sweet! Then i could bring that ipad to get this office365

Corvodin says:

Why goddamnit, why

Obviously they want to get people to Microsoft stores.....

The deal could have been better if they offered $150 off a Surface/Pro + One Year Free Office 365 Subscription. 

Forc3 says:

Haha funny :) Microsoft did a better job on Office for iPad then on any other app they released on WP.
Xbox Music: Srsly, its just bad.
Xbox Video: No HD video and ugly half-assed design.
Bing Rewards: Available on iPhone and Android but not on WP. Awesome!
Office on WP: lackluster. Basic. Not useful.
Skype: Videomessaging, released how many months after Android/iOS release? 3? And still not able to send files. Wtf?
Facebook: Glad I deleted my account.
BETA is the word here, most apps they released were betas. Infact they were not. They knew those apps were halfassed so they titled them BETA to prevent a shitstorm. I dont thing this behaviour will change after 8.1. Thats pretty sad.

Jas00555 says:

Have you used a single Bing app like Bing News and Bing Weather? They're some of the best apps on the store. Plus, a lot of these problems will be fixed in a couple of weeks with 8.1 (which you know it will, so idk why you're trying to troll). I think you're completely out of your mind, and that's pretty sad.

Neo Nuke says:

They know what they're doing. Just like a drug dealer - first one's always free. The proverbial can of worms will be opened and once you've had the blue stuff - err... - I mean office 365 - there's no going back.

Jack Larson1 says:

once you've had the blue stuff -8.1!

Forc3 says:

Notice how I didnt metion the Bing Apps. They are infact awesome, I love them. The bing team is the only Team inside Microsoft doing an awesome job on releasing quality apps for WP. Still , how do you know all of those problems I listed will be gone with 8.1? You cannot deny that those problem exist right now. I dont care about build srsly Microsoft should have done a great job from the beginning! Why do we always have to wait?

Jas00555 says:

Well, I know Xbox music and Xbox video will be fixed because WPC said so when the individual apps came out to replace the hub. Even if they're not great now, they're definitely going to get solid updates since they're not part of the OS anymore. Facebook integration was confirmed as to be changed and made better when 8.1 comes out. Skype has undergone radical changes to the backend, so they're now ready to add new features. I'll admit I don't know about Bing rewards, but I'm assuming that they'll add it (maybe even add them to Cortana).

Forc3 says:

They certainly will improve those apps, at least I hope so. Still I think you didnt quite get my rant. Problem is Microsoft throws half assed Apps at us and promises to make them better and add features over time. Funny thing is those apps get updated once every 2 Months. And the only real update to those apps is when the next major version of WP gets released. I mean there are people out there who rely on those apps on a daily basis.

eg: Xbox Music on WP got its last update 4 months ago, Xbox Music on Android just last week. That doesnt sound right

Jas00555 says:

Well, this Office is "full featured" since the iPad came out two years before Windows 8 even existed, so of course they've had 4 years to perfect this. Windows Phone 8 is only a little over a year old, so it's not like they can just port stuff to an entirely different OS on completely different architectures.
On your Xbox music example, the last update was precisely two weeks ago, and all it had was "bug fixes", so it's not like it got any new features or anything. Actually, it was only recently that it got offline playback, which has existed on Windows Phone since it came out.

spazzmeister says:

The fanboi faithful just don't get it. Buildievers*

andy21andy says:

Lol Microsoft is too late in my opinion. Apple offering iWork for all new iDevices for free will keep them loyal to apple.

bbqrooster says:

Not if your iWork does not work with Microsoft Office documents.

Lame Microsoft give more love to apple lame very lame I got office and paid for it

WixosTrix says:

I got a 1 year of Xbox Music for $30. I got 12 months of Xbox Live Gold for free with my Office 365 subscription. I got 200 GB of OneDrive and unlimited Skype calling and WiFi with my Surface 2. I also have a bunch more OneDrive storage for free. You can get stuff if you try.

spazzmeister says:

Outside the US too? Like in Southern Africa? Tired of this crap.

terrokkinit says:

Exactly, WixosTrix! I've gotten SOOO much free and discounted stuff from Microsoft. I love it!!

Jack Neill says:

Maybe I'll trade my broken surface for a iPad and get free office...

Fadikun says:

Go to Apple store across the hall to buy an iPad, then turn around and go to MS store for free Office

TechAbstract says:

Then return the iPad to Apple Store.

Jack Larson1 says:

Sell it for a Sp2

souljasin says:

wait isn't office 365 only $99 a year?

xankazo says:

I'm not liking the sound of this little game, not one bit!

I'm happy they keep using my Microsoft Store/mall for the article pictures :D

ScubaNitrox says:

What! And give up my cutting board? But it cleans up good in the dishwasher.

JaxJaguar says:

I can't tell if this is a Microsoft promo... or an Apple one.

exkerZ says:

I'm sorry but this is a terrible deal. Office is a great program. Maybe the best program ever created. But it isn't nowhere the value of an iPad. Even an iPad 1! And for 100 dollars? Trade in your 400 dollar (relatively speaking) hardware for 100 dollars worth of software.. Yeah that is very smart.

Edit: no need to yell at me anyone who does. It doesn't imply that you have to sell it. Good deal!

zacman says:

If you buy office 365 from within the iPad office app Apple gets a 30% subscription share.

pr0phecy says:

Wow, first time I find an ipad actually usefull.

rculver9056 says:

U.S only. Again. I'm getting sick of this shit as well. International company my ass.

frenzydude says:

Got to go buy an iPad air soon.

birgs says:

Its good Microsoft services will become popular .

robertre says:

I think it would make a good picture for an ad...a line of Apple users waiting to get into a Microsoft store with a caption, why are all of these Ipad users lined up to get into a Microsoft store?

suresh419 says:

Wooot I just got mine!!! Here in Puerto Rico. #banditech

hink3000 says:

Trying to borrow someone's iPad. My 365 subscription runs out next month.

Fadikun says:

Had my wife do this for me today. She said it went smooth and she was one of the last of the 50 at MN store. It helped I had the app already loaded. Thanks for the heads up, I needed this!