Deal Flux gets bumped to version 1.2, adds social integration

Deal Flux updated to v1.2

Deal Flux is a popular deal finder app for your Windows Phone. It was recently updated to version 1.2 that adds social integration and a few new deal sites to the app.

Dailysteals.com, Tech.Woot and Sport.Woot has been added as deal sources. This brings the total number of sources/categories that Deal Flux taps into up to seventeen.  All of which should bring you more deals to choose from.

Deal Flux

In addition to expanding the deals that Deal Flux can find, you now can share these deals through your Twitter or Facebook accounts. See something that you think your friends can't live without, just hit the share button on the deal listing and you're in business.

The update also bring a few cosmetic changes and performance enhancements to the table. All in all, the update hopes to make finding that daily deal a little more easier.

Deal Flux is a free app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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jhoff80 says:

Hmm, I might have to check this out; Wootcher has been absolute garbage lately.

revisionzero says:

Hey jhoff80, hope you enjoy Deal Flux; if you have any suggestions once you try it out, let me know here or by emailing me support@quixby.com, Ill be sure to respond personally =)

chadwick611 says:

Looks interesting will have to check it out

revisionzero says:

Let us know what you think once you give a whirl; either a comment here or an email to support@quixby.com!

dakranii says:

Good looking app, thanks! I'll be checking it daily. Love the live tile options. If you feel like adding steepandcheap.com, you'd be my hero! ;-)

revisionzero says:

Thanks Dakranii, got your email, be sure to throw anymore suggestions our way!

astroXP says:

The first pic totally looks like The Verge static tiles.

revisionzero says:

Is that a good or bad thing? =)

dalydose says:

Awesome. I had kind of stopped following the daily deal sites because there are too many. Thus might get me looking...and saving, again.

revisionzero says:

Hopefully it helps you out in your quest for awesome deals!
Let us know if we can improve it in any way by dropping a comment here or an email at support@quixby.com

RawrrSavior says:

Super Spiffy, I Digg it!

revisionzero says:

Thanks RawrrSavior!