Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 520 (AT&T) for $49.99 at Amazon and Best Buy

Nokia Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 is so popular that a deal alert is necessary whenever it goes down in price. Is your wallet ready? The best-selling Windows Phone device is now only $49.99 at Amazon and Best Buy without any contract. Go grab it now before it everyone else buys it as his or her holiday gift.

The Nokia Lumia 520 features a 4-inch IPS LCD display, 5 megapixel camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, expandable storage with microSD card slot, and runs Windows Phone 8. Perhaps the most intriguing feature is its price. You can read our Nokia Lumia 520 review for more details.

Are you buying a Nokia Lumia 520 at this even lower price? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Sean!



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lbugnion says:

Are GoPhone devices unlocked? i.e. can they be used with other SIM cards?

mjrtoo says:

They can be used with a regular ATT sim though, so if you have another att device it works just fine swapping between.

Ordeith says:

What about on AIO?


kitelessd says:

I just switched to Aio from Verizon. Before I got the EU Spec Lumia 925 I was hoping I could use a Go Phone but Aio says the phone must be completely unlocked. They say that a Go Phone won't work. Will it actually work though? I dunno.

If you are going to use straight talk you just need the at&t straight talk sim and it will work without it being unlocked.

Baljit Kaur says:

Yes it can be, I have a att gophone and i use it with a carrier of my choice, and who knows better than someone who actually tried it.

mbooks says:

I got one for my wife to replace At&t normal (not prepaid) and works great. Doesn't have gdr3 and no update. But great phone and can't beat the price.

mixxxk says:

U can put gdr3 on this with the dev program :)

VernonEL says:

Remember, it doesn't support AT&T's LTE frequencies. Still, an awesome device. I got one when it first came to Go Phone, and use it on AT&T proper.

ho0lee0h says:

Isn't it just the international version that doesn't work with ATT? I'm pretty sure the gophone version has support for ATT LTE

VernonEL says:

Go Phone (and Aio Wireless) does support AT&T's full LTE, but not all the devices have that frequency supported. The 620 on Aio is just HSPA+. So is the 520 that I have. My 920 and 1520 get LTE, but my 520 still shows just "4G".
Now, I got it awhile ago, so maybe a newer generation 520 is out there, but I'm not aware of it.

Kormiko says:

I was thinking of upgrading my Mom's flip phone to this, but only have her use Wi-Fi for data.  Would AT&T know she switched to a smartphone and charge her for data anyway even if she doesn't need it? 

You know, since they tend to do un-customer friendly things like that.

EDIT: And I understand why they require a data plan if you bought a phone through them on a contract, but she's been off contract for awhile now... and I'd have data set to off.

Micah Dawson says:

I was able to get away with it. I think they will only be able to tell if you are using an excessive amount of data that is not expected for a flip phone.

sunnybyday says:

I would consider att MVNOs like H2O or Airvoice. They have good plans and don't force data

ladydias says:

What sunny says. H2O is pretty good and you don't have to unlock any att phone you use with them.

VernonEL says:

You should be able to get away with it. I've gotten by, and they haven't said anything.

teoami says:

A data plan is not required for non contract smartphones because it defaults to the pay as you go data. However, if you try to add the feature phone data plan to the account and then swap the sim into the 520, they will automatically change it to a smartphone data plan.

VernonEL says:

Yes, technically they can see which device you are using, and can charge you accordingly, but so far, AT&T hasn't noticed. I'm just paying $9.99 for my daughter's line with the 520. She doesn't have any data at all, though, and picture messages don't work. I'll likely add data for her as a birthday gift.

jaethos says:

I've been waiting for this price. These will be able to replace my daughters' kins, which, while pretty much perfect for them, have a nasty habit of self destructing. With two of these they should be safely set for a couple years.

swizzlerz says:

You had a kin?

myrandex says:

Weren't those CDMA / Vzn only?

ho0lee0h says:

This only works for ATT. Will not work with Verizon.

jaethos says:

They don't have service on their kins, they are used as music players/cameras/calendars, and work great for 9 year olds. I got them during a sale earlier this year for $25 each. These will be a nice upgrade.

Micah Dawson says:

I wonder will we see this phone drop any lower lol. This is the warrior of windows phone.

walter1832 says:

Great deal! I got the 521 @ target for $60 the other day.

Same here, I had to drive over 30 miles & 3 different stores before I found my 521. I bought the last one on the shelf & someone came to buy one as I was paying for mine. The sales associate told me that they were selling those phones like hotcakes.

Roach26 says:

Just ordered one on Amazon to use as back up, until I get the screen on my 920 fix. Can't beat the price.

GroundLoop says:

Can you  use this without activating it?  similar to an iPod touch?

Yes you may use it on WiFi alone. Not likely to include data sense, so you won't be able to find local WiFi hotspots like the 521 can. But yes.

Yes you can, and you can set your wifi to automatically detect WiFi hotspots. Plus if you download your maps, you have an incredible GPS for $50 too.

kc77 says:

This is what I plan on doing to replace my iPod Nano. You can't beat the price when compared to an iPod and it also has micro SD support. It's a win win.

Well lets ask: Does the 520 include datasense?

Chris_Kez says:

AFAIK Datasense is not enabled on any AT&T devices. It is certainly not enabled on my 920.

VernonEL says:

Nope. DataSense is carrier specific, and AT&T hasn't pushed it to Windows Phone devices yet.

mjrtoo says:

Have one as a backup to my 925 when I'm working in rough conditions. Pop in my SIM and bam, ready to go. Great little phone!

mvierling says:

Title is misleading.  When I click on the link provided, the price is $82.50, not $49.

wpnokia920 says:

You are correct

mvierling says:

Amazon link shows $82.50.  Best buy link shows $49.99.

cdbstl76 says:

Yeah, Amazon isn't showing $49

GroundLoop says:

It was at $49 this morning when they were available through Amazon directly.  What you are seeing now are the marketplace sellers.  The Amazon 520s went fast.  I got mine through Best Buy this morning.

Roach26 says:

I used the amazon app on my phone to purchase mine an hour ago. Got it for $49.99 + $3 tax, free 2 day shipping... So happy right now...

Jack Janik says:

I love that phone.

Chris Coyle says:

No excuse now for att Windows Phone 7 users.

Roach26 says:

Got to agree with you on this...

myrandex says:

Still stinks when thinking about a Lumia 900, which has a FFC and LTE support and all which would be given up switching to this, but it is a heck of a deal.

vansiv says:

Can be unlocked? I want buy this, and unlock them if is posible.

kevdogg3291 says:

If you have a GoPhone account for 6 months or more ATT will unlock the phone.  Or call in and ask nicely and they may unlock it for you.  I got mine unlocked to work on Lycamobile US.    Currently using it on ATT postpaid. 

RafRol says:

Got one for my mother 2 weeks ago on Amazon for $69.99. This will be her Christmas gift. No regrets paying $20 more.

kle0 says:

Amazon is a no-go for that price. I tried everything. Bummer. :/

Roach26 says:

Guess the deal is over. Got mine for $49.99 couple hours ago. The deal is still on best buy though.

purevibz says:

I just got one at Target for $64.99, I'm gonna get another one.

larrynj says:

Yes I'm going to get one today just to use as a back up. It's way better than the $10 a month AT&T insurance with a $200 deductible.

illidanx says:

Got one from best buy for $50. Will be useful to help me debug my program for a low memory device.

Amazon shows it for $82.50 not $49.99 and the best buy link doesn't work.

diplomat696 says:

I got one from best buy first thing this morning for 49.99 but amazon did not have it for that price. If you go direct to best buy and search you can find it (I did anyway)

dante501 says:

It is intriguing. I am a first of all android power user but I do like windows phone. And this price really is intriguing to just have it as a back up device to try and use windows phone.

dammit. Best Buy website now shows the price @ $59.99. went up $10.


should've bought it at home this morning rather than waiting until i got to work.

mvierling says:

$49.99 back on again at Amazon.  Just ordered one.

dante501 says:

Yeah I folded as well. Couldn't resist getting it. I am weak.

link68759 says:

I literally just bought one for my dad on amazon for $88.


But amazon is saying it's out of stock so I guess I don't have to do the hasle of returns to save $30

mvierling says:

The $85 ones aren't sold by Amazon, they're sold through Amazon, by lengendary juny.  The $49.99 ones are sold by Amazon, but they are gone within minutes of them being available.

jangula_99 says:

Yay. I am part of WP8 now! Thanks Nokia!

VernonEL says:

Welcome to the Windows Phone community!

jangula_99 says:

Oh and fuuuuuuccckkkk Samsung!

tallgeese says:

Should've held off. Bought two for $69.95 from Amazon weeks ago.

spaulagain says:

Bought one from Best Buy this morning. Had a $25 gift card. Nothing like buying a brand new smartphone for $28!!

Will be nice to have this as a backup. Just to clarify, even though its a GoPhone, this will work as a back up phone on regular ATT service correct? Just swap the SIM cards?

dante501 says:

Will also work with a ATT straightalk card. Short answer is yes.

spaulagain says:

Awesome, thanks.

Margarita Ku says:

can i use this with my prepaid ATT sim card?

Saajan Bedi says:

is this offer available in India