Deal of the Week: 30% off the OtterBox Defender Case for Nokia Lumia 900

Deal of the WeekThis week: Buy the OtterBox Defender Series Case for Nokia Lumia 900 and save $15.00!

This three-layer case offers rugged protection for your Lumia 900, keeping it safe from drops, bumps, dust and shock. A high quality silicone core is combined with a hi-impact polycarbonate shell for ultimate protection.  The screen is covered with a thermal formed clear membrane. Comes in black and grey/yellow.

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List Price: $49.95     This Week: $34.95

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Munkeyphyst says:

Wow. The phone is unrecognizable in that case.

Apoc says:

Glad they made one for the phone, but I prefer my Cyan L900 naked, to admire it's beauty.

Ton77 says:

Protection over looks everyday

Nakazul says:

Looks pretty cool.

Assuming I get my video camera back today--it's currently with my luggage, aka lost--I'll do a review, hands on with this case for everyone.

ThePulse777 says:

Looks pretty bad.

stevethenerd says:

In my experience all the case look awful...

ni_ck85 says:

When I had the otterbox defender on my lumia 900 everyone complained of an echo, took it off and echo is gone.

Gemini Ace says:

Glad Otterbox finally did this.  Why no white offering?  My iFrogs case has been great, and it's white and cyan.  I wouldn't wrap my cyan phone in that ugly yellow and black kind of defeats the purpose of having a colored phone, imo.  But, you can't beat Otterbox protection.

stevethenerd says:

I have one, it makes my L900 overheat. Once it overheats the phone starts to behave badly...